25 years later, a group of talk show actors reproduced the truth in the audio

25 years later, a group of talk show actors reproduced the truth in the audio

1. Happy pulse

After graduating from university and working for a month, Zhou Qimo decided to resign.

To devote yourself to art?

No, he is just going to graduate school.

He rented a small house near the school and took in a variety of crude tea and light meals every day with the canteen as the center. After studying diligently for more than half a year, his English vocabulary has increased by 400%.

After so hard work, Zhou Qimo failed the ranking.

After listening to Zhou Qimo’s narration, Hao Yu, who was sitting next to him, said that his experience back then was very similar.

Eighteen years ago, after creating the song “University Student Self-study Room” that was popular on campuses across the country, Hao Yu became the first generation rapper in China.

However, talents were born in the wrong era, and it is more sad than never having talents.

Twenty years ago, the general public in China did not know what a rapper was. Under the pressure of his family, Hao Yu persuaded himself over and over again and starved to death when he became a singer.

“Really, I really understand Qimo. At that time, I also rented a small house in Beijing. I went to a bar at night to earn some money and reviewed during the day. At that time, I was anxious. If I fail to pass the exam, how can I do it? , I’m afraid I won’t pass the exam, and I’m going to starve to death when I become a singer.

“Then I was admitted.”

There was a burst of laughter at the scene.


This conversation comes from a podcast called “Commercial Chat”, and the topic of the current issue is “Disorder and Derailment in Life”.

The three talk show actors from the stand-alone comedy act as the host, leading the topic, and dozens of audiences in the audience can speak and share their experience of derailment and derailment.

Half of the audience made contributions on Weibo around the topic of the current period, and the manuscripts were selected to participate in the recording on the spot. The other half of the audience experienced the “second-space” ticket-grabbing battle.

Most of them are talk show fans, or simply die-hard fans of solo people.

In this recording scene, some people shared the experience of going to work in Africa after graduation; some people told about the retinal detachment during the postgraduate entrance examination, and they could not use the toilet during the treatment; some anthropologists went to the Taoist temple to experience life during the epidemic; some were in the eyelids of their parents after unemployment Under the hood, I pretend to go to work every day and live an unemployed life that is more tiring than going to work.

Everyone who stands up seems to be saying, you see, I have also lived into a joke.

Until a middle-aged lady stood up, “My current situation is advanced gastric cancer.”

“Actually, the audience wanted to show some open outlook on life as much as possible, but at the time I felt that this program was over,” said the host of that show.

The original lively scene, after this speech, there is no more happy atmosphere.

The place is cold.

In the later editing, the program producer Lu Dong thought about it again and again, but cut out this speech.

The original intention of “Commercial Chat” is to find the absurdity of standing opposite the meaning, and use comedy to help everyone remove some of the heavy weight.

But there is always something in life that can’t be done even if it is comedy.

The second half of the “disorder and derailment” that was cold in the scene can only be recorded in the form of actors reading letters from the audience.

Surprisingly, the production team didn’t like the good programs in this episode, but it became one of the top three most listened to in more than 70 episodes, with 800,000 listened to the whole network. This number is rare in the podcasting circle.

The show is as ironic as life, and I don’t know which sentence and which stage of the show has reached the audience’s “happy pulse”.

After being admitted to graduate school that year, Hao Yu was admitted to a civil servant in the system. In his spare time, he can talk about talk shows offline. The time he fell in love with talk shows was earlier than many first-line talk show actors in China, but he can only talk about it occasionally when he is limited to public office.


Without these smooth studies and careers, he might be the top rapper in China, or a more shining talk show actor.

In the opening scene of “Disorder and Derailment”, he said, “Now think about it, if I didn’t pass the entrance examination (graduate) , maybe my life trajectory would have changed, and I would sign a company with Zhang Jie. Really, maybe in the future. All tracks are connected, and there is no way to judge whether it is good or bad.”

2. Tell the truth twenty years ago

This podcast program “Commercial Chat” produced by Shan Liren has been online for more than a year, with a single session of 640,000 listeners and 148,000 program subscriptions. Each update will account for Himalayas, Cosmos, and Dragonfly. The top few podcasts on other platforms.

Several presenters, in addition to Hao Yu and Zhou Qimo, also have six beasts who once worked for Hammer Technology, part-time comedian Mao Dong who is still working at an Internet company, and Boss Shi, the founder of Shan Liren comedy.

The topics to talk about range from childhood food to middle-aged fortune-telling, from education anxiety to retirement planning.


Among those who rushed to the scene were lawyers, civil servants, writers, scientific research workers, Taobao shopkeepers, musicians, artist brokers, and most frequently Internet people from major factories.

In order to be able to come to the scene to participate in the recording, some people wrote thousands of words to participate in the contribution, and some people flew to Beijing for four hours.

Some took their girlfriends, and some found them here.


A retired uncle was a little excited after being brought by his child to participate in a live recording, “I remembered telling the truth more than 20 years ago.”

Unlike a talk show where only actors tell stories on stage, the audience in “Commercial Chat” will also share their own experiences. Under the roof of a comedy, everyone can exchange their laughter and cry in life.


A girl complained about Valentine’s Day here, and her boyfriend gave herself a pack of Xu Fu Ji chocolates in bulk. The boyfriend was at the scene and expressed dissatisfaction on the spot. How different is this from those expensive big-name chocolates? Why should I jump into the fire pit?

A Haidian mother, who had been emotionally out of control for half a year before her child’s exam, bit off a piece of meat from her child’s shoulder, “I don’t know if this will leave a psychological shadow on the child.” The gentle host, Liu Beast, suddenly Shrieked, “What kind of psychological shadow does it leave the child? Let’s take a look at yourself first.”

Some people say that they use the Book of Changes to gossip before the exam, and after watching the oncoming buses for a long time, they can use this method to predict whether they can pass the exam. I was complained by the host, “Why don’t you read two more questions when you have this time.”

The girl who was unemployed, under the eyes of her parents, pretended to go to work, went to the bookstore next to her home to soak every day, “When I was at work, I would pass by this bookstore every day. At that time, I thought, if I could read more books every day. Okay. I have read the book for a week now and realize that I really don’t like reading. “

On the first issue of a show about spitting out straight male consumption, a girl pointed to her boyfriend next to her, “My boyfriend is a programmer, and 996 has consumed all his desires for consumption. When we met two years ago, I gave it to him. Four pairs of underwear, now he has three pairs of underwear, because one had a big hole in the last month.”

In a program about pension plans, a middle-aged elder sister said that when her son went to university at the age of 18, she finally went to travel alone with her husband. “All the energy before was spent on taking care of the children and went to tourist attractions. , I found out why there are so many steps. At that moment, I suddenly felt that I was old.”

3. Big factory

In a program discussing “Slash Youth”, the host asked the 50 audience members to introduce his career. When the 15th person said that his job was “Internet operation”, Hao Yu stood up , “No, why do we Internet companies need so much operation”.

For Dachang people, on Saturday when they were supposed to lie flat, they got out of bed and rushed from Xierqi, Wangjing, and Yizhuang to Dongcheng 77 Cultural and Creative Park. They are lucky, because more people can’t get the tickets, they can only listen to the humorous podcast on the mobile phone and follow the silly music.

Wang Lei will be on time every week at the ticket-grabbing interface of chattering. If he can’t get it, he will continue to watch in the crowd where everyone’s ticket is circulating.

It has been eight years since Wang Lei graduated. He started at a small Internet company, and later as a co-founder, he started a passionate entrepreneurial venture with his former leader. I failed to start a business and became a product manager in Xiaomi.

In Wang Lei’s opinion, the big factory is an atmosphere. Every day there are various rally meetings and blending meetings. Everyone has his own identity. There can be no too many emotions and too much personal touch. You have to dent a workplace. People set up, “There are many people wearing badges on the 13th subway.”

“You don’t have to pretend if you are chatting.”

At the chatting scene, there is a natural rejection of “pretend”. Everyone is equal and all come to share their own experiences. If someone wears a “mask” and poses with a “halo”, it will be easy to recognize Come out, get cold at the scene or get complained.


Some people were forced to take a leave of absence due to tuberculosis, and some were found out of their children when their children were born. Some state-owned enterprises complained about their colleagues, and the only job they were good at was to know the leader’s playlist every time they went to KTV. I got up and said that both myself and my boyfriend are 996, so tired that they have no desire for sex.

Everyone prefers to hear their true temperament, even if this side is a bit hard to tell.

“On one occasion, I suddenly felt like a fart, and then I happily let it go. I didn’t expect this to happen to a 39-year-old woman of mine. I thought it was a fart, and then… this time I My husband suddenly appeared in front of me, I stared at him in a daze and said, “husband, I am Chuasai.” Then his first reaction was to laugh wildly, because there was an old situation in this matter. A few years ago, he got sick and got sick. After trousers, after 7 and a half years of marriage, we became a chua sai family.”


Wang Lei’s girlfriend was acquainted with each other in a chat, and the other party was also working in Dachang. I heard each other’s speech twice during the recording, and then Wang Lei recognized each other’s avatar in the fan group.

“It is a tonal fit to be met in the chatting scene.”

4. Stand on the opposite side of payment for knowledge

At the first planning meeting on “Commercial Chat”, Boss Shi, the founder of Shan Liren comedy, put forward a principle, “There are too many audios that want to teach others something, so let’s make one. A podcast program that allows everyone to have no burden. If you can learn something from us, even if we lose.”


After the show became popular, the sponsors who wanted to cooperate on the content came in droves, hoping to customize the software around their own brand, but the production team rejected them one by one.

Currently, a relatively in-depth commercial cooperation is the twelfth issue of “commercial chat meeting nest mother group exclusive broadcast season” titled by Nestlé. The other party did not limit the goal of cooperation to soft and broad, but expanded the topics discussed in these twelve issues to the current female-related “chicken babies”, “professional discontinuities caused by fertility”, and “how good is it?” Marriage can make people give up being single” and so on.

What the production team did not expect was that the listening rate of these twelve episodes did not drop but rose. The single episode reached 720,000, and the highest episode was 1.01 million.

After recording the topics related to “Chicken Baby” in that issue, Rodin thought for a long time. Is what the adults plan for the children must be what they need in the future? Is it really necessary for adults to plan for themselves?

She is still a single girl, working at ByteDance.

In the past year, the number of employees of this Internet company has rapidly increased from 60,000 to 100,000, because many employees still wear their badges on the subway, and they were ridiculed on the Internet: “Whether they wear a byte badge, can they bring glory to their ancestors?” .

Before going to the comedian chat meeting, Rodin tried several times to make appointments with ByteDance’s internal psychological counseling project, and wanted to talk to a psychologist about his pressure. But the system reminds her every time that the expert’s time has been filled by other colleagues.

In fact, the biggest pressure does not come from busy work, but from starting to think, “Does it really need such a lot of work pressure? Does the work I do really make sense for this company?”

She followed the podcast to the recording scene of the chatty chat, but the joyous scene did not take away these whirlpools, but involved her deeper.

“When you work in a big factory, your social circle will become narrower, and your personal hobbies will become less and less. But when you chat, you suddenly see many people you don’t see in your daily life, and they do other things. Work, without 996, of course, I didn’t make that much money, but everyone is living very well. After returning home, I will ask myself, is the answer for young people’s life only 996 and Dachang?”

996 and Dachang are like a grand curtain set in front of young people of the times, covering all of their lives. Hard to force their cries, onlookers thought they were going to break free, but more people have grown into an organism and curtain –

Before the Bytedance where Rodin worked, the company conducted an internal survey. Only one-third of the employees agreed to cancel the big and small weeks. The reason was stark. “If you cancel the big and small weeks, you will earn 100,000 yuan less in a year. “.

5. Cleansing oil

Li Xiang, who operates at Baidu, has come to the chat scene for the sixth time. As a comedy lover, he would listen to Guo Degang fall asleep before, and now he will open chattering during work, get off work, lunch break, and fragmented time at home. Some programs have been listened to N times repeatedly. It is clear that the joke will appear in the next few seconds. .

Unlike Rodin, he found a sense of novelty brought by strangers in the chat room, breaking through the information cocoon. What Li Xiang enjoys is being surrounded by fellow travelers, like watching “Friends”.

When Li Xiang went to school, his major was botany, and he always felt that dealing with plants would be much less stressful than with humans.

“I have a girl I like, but I can’t get started. I have only talked about love with the world twice. The first time was with plants and the second time was a talk show.”

Chatting is a comfortable distance between him and the crowd. Everyone shares their own experiences and feels safe in the crowd without any social burden.


Many of the listeners who came to chat together came with the feeling of chasing idols.

Some people like Hao Yu, who always wants to give value to comedy, and some are fans of Zhou Qimo.

At a certain scene, when a girl took the microphone, she was a little bit excited, and said to Mao Dong on the stage, “Secretary Mao, I especially like you very much. In order to be able to see you once, I write very long each issue. I submitted a very long manuscript, and I was finally selected for this issue.”

Li Xiang is an iron fan of Boss Shi, who is the founder of Single Liren comedy. He once gave up his financial career to devote himself to the comedy career that had left him impoverished. Since last year, because of the need to perform the duties of a manager, the trend has gradually faded out of performances.

On New Year’s Day special program, each anchor wrote a letter to himself at the beginning of the year and read it out on the spot. After listening to the letter read by Boss Shi, Li Xiang went back and wrote a letter to himself in 2021, hoping to In the new job, I have successfully turned up, I hope I can have a girlfriend, I hope I can have my own house one day, I buy that favorite set of Lego home, I hope the comedian chat will get better and better.

In the last sentence of the letter, Li Xiang wrote, “I will regret that if one day, Boss Shi just becomes a rich man.”

An interesting question is that today, surrounded by texts, movies, short videos, and reality shows, do not spend too much time watching others. Why do people spend three or four hours a week on a live recording of strangers. Why are you still willing to spend an hour or two in front of a podcast and listen to other people chatting?

Twenty-five years ago, a program that organized a group of ordinary people to chat together was popular all over the country due to its novel format and humorous hosting style. The program was called “Tell the Truth”.

In the era of economic opening and social transformation, all the propositions are very grand. Ordinary people need a channel to express their needs and hear the voices of people similar to themselves.

However, when there are various channels to speak out, why do people still need a live version of “tell the truth”.

Probably because everything is not real again.

In this era of excessive editing, everything has a desk book, and a person must be created by someone. This kind of on-site, improvisation, and the voices of the parties themselves provide this era of extremely rich content products, the most scarce luxury—— real.

The perspective of comedy is like a bottle of cleansing oil. In the chatting recording scene where the lighting is not bright, everyone is in the crowd, and everyone can remove the halo of hard work, or just a faint halo.

The chatting creates a field that weaves the lives of strangers together, and then everyone rises up in the sky, looking down at themselves in that life.

In this field, time has no value, value has no meaning, meaning has no weight.

Li Xiang likes to go to the scene. Every time he tries to sit in the first row, watching the host on stage and listening to the story behind him.

He thanked everyone here. They listened to him carefully and responded sincerely, just like sitting among a group of old friends.

But he never looked back to see what the people who were talking looked like. At the end of each recording, he would lower his head, not communicate with anyone, and leave without looking back.

The lights at the recording site went out, and the carriage turned into a pumpkin.

The scene was there a few minutes ago, and after a few minutes, even if you were there, everything was back to reality.

Those two hours were only recording time for talking and listening, as if it was just a derailment in a busy life.

But who can tell whether it was the two hours that went out of order or the recurring life?

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