25 million yuan will be issued for the launch of Shenzhen Happy New Year Shopping

On the evening of December 31, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Luohu District Government held the Shenzhen 2022 New Year Happy Shopping Promotion and Consumption Promotion and the “Ten Thousands of Gifts and New Years in Luohu” New Year Shopping Season in Dongmen Pedestrian Street, marking the 2022 New Year Happy Shopping Festival Promotion activities kicked off.


At the launch ceremony, six large commercial banks, including Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, and Postal Savings, respectively released the content of digital RMB promotion activities during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. The six banks will issue a total of 25 million yuan of digital renminbi to citizens, covering life services, large-scale shopping malls, catering consumption, retail supermarkets, cultural and sports tourism, etc. , while giving play to the multiplier effect of digital renminbi red envelopes, satisfying citizens’ diversity Consumer demand penetrates “benefit” into people’s food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Among them, Bank of China will invest 5 million yuan to hold Meituan’s “Welcome to the Winter Olympics” event, online in-app purchase platform New Year event, “10% discount on public transportation and subway” event, “1 cent purchase of coins Activities such as “Free Cash Discount” and “New Year Food Red Envelope” to create a happy New Year shopping atmosphere with digital RMB;

The Agricultural Bank of China will focus on launching the “Hey Eat Longhua” Food Festival and the “First Guangming Eco-Cultural Tourism Festival” activities. At that time, it will send digital RMB gift packages to the general public in the Douyin live broadcast room and major scenic spots in Guangming District;

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launched the digital RMB “Send to Shenzhen Work in the Spring Festival”, and you can participate when you open a new digital wallet in the store;

China Construction Bank launched the “Weekly “Benefits” for the Year of the Tiger, you can purchase with coins during the New Year”. Various consumption scenarios such as supermarkets, farmer’s markets, hotels, and CCB life platforms;

The Postal Savings Bank of China launched the Ule App digital RMB order to enjoy the “Postal” promotion, and the digital RMB payment can enjoy a discount of 20 yuan off the consumption of 30 yuan.

During the Happy New Year shopping period, the city’s key retail businesses will focus on consumption at the end of the year, premium products for the New Year, catering and entertainment, etc., and carry out a series of activities of “Shenzhen Happy End of the Year-Happy New Year Shopping, Stay Deeper for the New Year”.

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