24H single currency pledges over one million, what are the black technologies behind the rapid iteration of CZZ?

As the mainstay of the cross-chain track, CZZ has a firm position relying on product strength.


“ClassZZ, the world’s first public chain that realizes native token cross-chain transactions, has officially launched cross-chain transaction path optimization and insurance. Cross-chain transaction insurance features single currency pledge to distribute rewards based on the currency standard, non-destructive pledge, and comprehensive feedback to CZZ holders. In addition. , ClassZZ will soon fully support the Polygon (formerly Matic) ecology, and provide support for users who want to buy Polygon gas through HECO, BSC, and ETH.”

Coinworld-24H single currency pledges over one million, what are the black technologies behind the rapid iteration of CZZ?

In recent years, the public chain ecology has gradually evolved a new pattern due to the DeFi farming boom. From Ethereum’s “dominant one family” to today’s “one super-many powerful”, major public chains such as BSC, HECO, Solana, Near and others are vying to perform and show their results, showing a prosperous scene.

What follows is another problem that has plagued for many years. The lack of interconnection between the fragmented continents between the chains not only limits the expansion of the DeFi ecosystem, but also brings huge limitations to users. The cross-chain track that realizes “a bridge flying north and south, and the sky becomes a thoroughfare” has become a battleground for the development of blockchain technology. ClassZZ, the world’s first public chain to realize cross-chain transactions of native tokens, explored a new way to decentralize and easily trade multi-chain assets, and solve the problem of liquidity fragmentation in centralized transactions. 

News! Online cross-chain transaction path optimization and insurance, currency-based feedback to CZZ holders without loss and profit

According to news from the technical community, ClassZZ has recently conducted in-depth optimization of the cross-chain path, and officially launched the cross-chain transaction path optimization and insurance at 12:00 on July 1, 2021. From the insurance section of ClassZZ swap, we can see that the cross-chain transaction insurance function is online for 24 hours, and the platform pledges 2056773ECZZ, 1311955BCZZ, 2964466HCZZ, with a total value of more than 300,000 US dollars, and this is just the beginning.

After ClassZZ swap has been optimized through the path, the cross-chain time can be shortened from the original 90 seconds by less than 30 seconds, and the overall cross-chain fee is reduced by about 50%-80% compared to the previous one. Each chain has a direct trading pair Token with CZZ, which successfully minimizes cross-chain costs.

At the same time, the cross-chain transaction insurance function will also reduce cross-chain transaction time and gas fees. The insurance contract also provides CZZ holders with a single currency mining opportunity. The insurance charges a 0.1% handling fee for cross-chain transaction users, which will be evenly divided among the single currency pledged mining users in the insurance contract. ClassZZ cross-chain transaction insurance features a single currency pledge to distribute rewards based on currency, lossless mining, and a full return to the CZZ ecological builders.

Hit new! About to support Polygon (formerly Matic) ecology, CZZ fully enters the Polygon ecology, opening a new cross-chain layout

As a “cross-border ship” in the blockchain world, ClassZZ is committed to building a unified ecology of full circulation of digital assets, bringing more liquidity to the digital asset market, and creating a richer ecology. At present, CZZ cross-chain transactions have supported cross-chain transactions of assets on the ETH, HECO, and BSC chains. OKChain and Gatechain are being docked and deployed, and will continue to support cross-chain transactions on public chains such as Polkadot, Solana, Tron, Polygon, and ETH L2.

Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network, is a second-tier scalability platform that has a long history of cooperation with the Ethereum ecosystem, and both focus on scalability and security. Polygon has successfully deployed more than 90 DApps on it, and has 7 million transactions and 200,000 users, but most users do not know how to buy Polygon gas through HECO, BSC, ETH, which makes many want to enter the Polygon ecosystem Of users are discouraged.

ClassZZ decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol Te Waka protocol, completely decentralized, can be checked on the chain, is the executor of the true blockchain spirit. The Te Waka protocol is completely open source. Through the PoW main network, it realizes asset cross-chain in a completely decentralized manner. It issues CZZ mapping coins on other public chains and also issues cross-chain contracts. The cross-chain contract realizes the transfer of cross-chain assets between different main networks through the relay method of the Class ZZ public chain. The entire cross-chain transaction process is completed within 60 seconds. Low Gas and high speed are the cross-chain nature of Class ZZ. With the deployment of the Te Waka protocol to support Polygon, ClassZZ will fully enter the Polygon ecosystem and provide convenience for Polygon gas purchase users.

Write at the end

As a PoW public chain that can be cross-chain transactions, CZZ’s entire network has built a three-dimensional cross-chain ecology through the main network layer, protocol layer, and product layer. Among them, the main network layer, the Class ZZ main network, is mainly used for decentralized cross-chain; the protocol layer, the Te Waka cross-chain protocol, which can be embedded in any DeFi project and multi-chain wallet; the product layer CzzSwap is the first An application that uses the Te Waka protocol, and the product layer has recently launched cross-chain insurance, which will greatly increase the speed of cross-chain and reduce cross-chain costs. In addition, other black technologies behind the CZZ community can be used by the entire industry, such as Sharding MimbleWimble and post-quantum encryption.

Under the multi-level network structure, the core value that ClassZZ hopes to bring to users is to meet the needs of the lowest level of encrypted users-assets on different blockchains can be exchanged without barriers, and what is linked is the liquidity of the entire network. It is the lowest GAS fee and the fastest transaction speed.

We believe that as the mainstay of the decentralized cross-chain track, the future of ClassZZ has just begun!

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