24 hours of a life-saving document

It is very important for the trapped cities to circulate and connect useful information.

In the past 24 hours, various help articles in Moments have been refreshed, hoping to help me a little bit.

In the team that swipes the screen, there is a very special document named — “Information of Rescue Persons”, This is an online form used by civil rescue organizations to collect rescue information on Tencent files.

So far, it has more than 2.5 million visits, setting a record of visits to a single document of the product.

But so far we have not been able to contact the publisher of the document.

The document has been “spontaneously” updated to the 270th edition (as of 21:00 on July 21). From the very beginning a demand form, within 24 hours, it has grown into a “multi-purpose” private flood control resource docking platform.

It is very important for the trapped cities to circulate and connect useful information.

It is racing against time.

We checked the historical version and recorded its evolution:

20:57:12 (the first hour)

Document creation

The author’s nickname is manto, and he created the document.

Type the first line of words: information for rescuers, information for rescuers.


21:04:50 (the first hour)

Start collecting information for help

Two new authors were added, and various help-seeking information was collected from various channels.

The content of the table gradually increased, distinguished by different colors.


21:10:03 (the first hour)

“Metro Line 5”

In the form, help information such as “Metro Line 5” and “Line 5 Tunnel” appeared.


21:21:52 (the first hour)

The person who verified the information appeared

More and more people are trapped, including old people and children.

Volunteers also appeared to help verify the news.


21:56:35 (the first hour)

Pregnant woman about to give birth

One hour later, the 12th version of the form has been updated, and there is a pregnant woman who has broken the water and is about to give birth in urgent need of 120 assistance.


22:57:05 (the second hour)

“The phone is about to run out of power”

Another hour later, the form has been updated to version 23, and more and more help-seeking information has been verified.

There are also many people who are “trapped”, “lost”, “no food or drink”, and “mobile phones are about to run out of power”.


23:12:23 (the 3rd hour)

“Successfully got in the car and went home”

In the document, the first family out of danger appeared, one adult and two children.

The parent updated the note on the form: “I have successfully got in the car and went home.”


23:23:17 (the 3rd hour)

More and more people are trapped

More and more people are trapped.

“I can’t see anything clearly”, “The water has reached the chest”, “There is no place to stand”…


00:00:17 (4th hour)


In another hour, nearly 200 help messages appeared.

A new sheet-“supportable” has been added: there is a library that is open all night, a science and technology museum that provides instant noodles, a club that provides water equipment…


00:10:29 (4th hour)

Newly added “leakage risk area”

The third sheet-“Leakage Risk Area” appeared, reminding everyone to avoid places where there is a risk of leakage.

The table began to use the filter function.


00:59:28 (5th hour)

Demand level: strong, urgent, high, urgent

Four hours later, “individuals” appeared in the safe haven.

There are more and more “strong”, “urgent”, “high” and “urgent” levels of demand waiting for rescue.


01:50:11 (5th hour)

Surrounded by “Come on”

A friend from Zhengzhou deliberately hid at the bottom and wrote a frustrating sentence because of work.

Netizens voluntarily surrounded him with pink “come on”.


This is probably like singing in a song: you know that even if the heavy rain turns the city upside down, I will embrace you.

02:56:07 (6th hour)

The first “successfully rescued”

Six hours later, someone maintained the format of the table again, and the number of requests for help exceeded 300.

The first family to go home by car was verified and was out of danger.

They became the first “successfully rescued” to appear in the form.


03:06:14 (7th hour)

Feel hope is coming

The form has undergone tremendous changes. Two new sheets have been added-“Official Rescue Team Information” and “Civil Rescue Team Information”. I feel hope is coming.


03:56:54 (7th hour)

Spontaneously provide more than 50 safe havens

The second and third “successful rescue” appeared.

A girl with a high fever and an 84-year-old man were successfully rescued.


Individuals and merchants also provided more than 50 safe havens spontaneously. Some users left a message: “Thank you! You are good! Hold on! Hold on! Zhengzhou hold on!”


04:57:19 (8th hour)

Our rescue team is here!

In the eighth hour, a lot of exciting news appeared on the form. They wrote in big letters:
“Our rescue team is here”
“The oxygen
generator is coming” “The generator has news”
“My friend has joined the rescue.” Team, contact her soon”
“The warehouse has ten to twenty thousand sandbags for flood control”


“Successfully rescued” and “the problem is not big anymore” began to appear one by one.


05:23:58 (10th hour)

Don’t mess with files!

Due to the overload of information, responsible netizens warned in big characters: “Don’t mess with files!!!”

At this time, there are more than 500 help messages, involving thousands of people.


05:59:21 (10th hour)

Online consultation group organized by doctors spontaneously

Nine hours passed, and more than 90 private rescue teams registered information. The kayaking, oxygen generator, etc. just now were all pulled into a new sheet “material assistance” by volunteers.

Another new sheet “Medical Information” appeared.

The doctors spontaneously organized an online consultation group and provided professional self-help and self-defense medical knowledge-for example, how to give birth at home under special circumstances.


06:56:49 (10th hour)

A guide for pregnant women to give birth

At the tenth hour, the childbirth guide for expectant mothers was put on the homepage in large letters.


08:05:15 (12th hour)

The baby who hadn’t drunk water or milk for a day was rescued

More people were rescued.

It includes a baby who has been stuck in the car without drinking water for a day.

I hope the baby will grow up safely.


08:10:12 (12th hour)

254 simultaneous online editing

Click into the document, and 254 people filled out information for help online at the same time.

Everyone started to forward this document in Moments.

Across the document, I can feel the same anxiety.


08:19:12 (12th hour)

The number of edits has reached the upper limit

At the beginning of a new day, the number of visitors increased.

Click to open the document, and a reminder pops up: “The number of editable people has reached the upper limit, currently only available for viewing.”

The product team of Tencent Documents understood the situation and immediately expanded the capacity.


08:51:26 (12th hour)

New safe haven

The 12th hour was about to pass, and the Henan warehouse in Hema Market appeared in the safe haven.


08:51:30 (12th hour)

The large print version of the pregnant women’s childbirth guide is updated to version 2.0

The large print version of the pregnant women’s delivery guide has been updated to version 2.0. The texts such as the delivery guide and precautions have been bolded and red to increase the font size.


09:54:49 (13th hour)

Crossed out information, more and more

There is good news again: a pregnant woman who has been trapped for a long time has been rescued! Hope the previous production guides are helpful!

Although it looks ugly to be crossed out, in this table, it means that it was successfully rescued.

Now, more and more help messages are crossed out.


At the end of the form, some people left a message in big letters: “Hold on! The people of the whole country are worried about you!”


10:56:10 (14th hour)

Rescue is accelerating

More and more help messages have been crossed out, and eight of the top ten have been crossed out.

Netizens posted more help channels on other platforms, and the rescue was accelerating.

However, most of the needs in the form are waiting for rescue.


12:25:25 (16th hour)

Rechargeable location

A new service “Zhengzhou Rechargeable Location” has appeared.


12:56:08 (16th hour)

Rechargeable location, power outage

However, half an hour later, some of the rechargeable locations in the table also lost power.


13:57:57 (17th hour)

Friends who ask for help, come on together!

The entire table has become a large-scale information transfer station, and the sub-tables have gradually gained scale.

The form at the beginning carried what the netizens who left the message wanted to say to the person who opened this form-“If you happen to see help messages around you, you might as well extend a helping hand! Friends who ask for help, let’s cheer together!”


14:58:35 (19th hour)

Someone lost contact

The rescue continues.

More form columns were crossed out, but at the same time someone lost contact.

The rescue team members spontaneously called one by one and recorded messages such as: “The call is in progress at 14:03” and “The call cannot be reached at 14:06.”

I hope they just have no power or no signal on their mobile phones, and more rescue forces are already on the way.


15:33:52 (19th hour)

I hope the phone has electricity, and I don’t panic in my heart

The form has a new function: netizens have launched more WeChat and corporate WeChat mutual help groups.

And the little brother of the programmer spontaneously created a small map program that can mark the location for help.


There is an extra sentence in the first line of the rechargeable location table: “It will be another night soon. I hope that the phone will be charged during the night of Zheng’s people, and I will not panic!”


15:59:08 (20th hour)

Update speed, slow down

The speed of table update began to slow down visibly.

Some netizens with obsessive-compulsive disorder are working hard to adjust the format of the table more clearly. For example, the table of relief supplies has partitions, key colors, highlights, and proofreading.

Everyone is doing what they can.


16:59:46 (21st hour)

A little “come on”

A new function has been added to the table: a quick feedback channel for mutual assistance information.

There is a little “come on” next to it.


17:56:41 (21st hour)

Nearly 100 safe havens

Twenty-one hours have passed, and there are nearly 100 safe havens, including supermarkets, university canteens, 4S stores, reasoning clubs, and clothing cities…

It is not easy for everyone in Zhengzhou.


18:13:23 (22nd hour)

Have a homepage

After 21 hours, the form created by netizens spontaneously finally had a formal independent homepage.

From the beginning, a sheet has become a “powerful” tool with an independent home page + 9 functional sheets.


18:59:21 (23rd hour)

More than 1,000 help messages

Twenty-two hours have passed, and more than 1,000 help messages have been posted.


19:20:12 (23rd hour)

The demand side and the supply side are connected

The material support information on the form also connects many demanders with suppliers.


19:57:54 (23rd hour)

Contacted the rescue team

In the 23rd hour, 85 items had been clearly “successful in rescue” and “safe”, and more news of contacting the rescue team appeared.


19:57:57 (23rd hour)

“All Xiaomi homes in Henan” appeared on the risk aversion map

“All Xiaomi homes in Henan” appeared on the hazard map.


21:09:17 (the 24th hour)

Demand for help and rescue information continue to increase

The race against time continues.

The demand for help is still increasing. Some communities are in urgent need of drainage and rescue due to power outages, water and network failures, and even firefighters lack supplies and food…

Rescue information is also increasing, providing portable water bottles, 16-ton truck cranes, women’s articles…


In the past 24 hours, more than one document was circulating.

Last night, after Tencent documents launched the “Rescue Mutual Assistance Information Registration Template”, as of 9 o’clock this afternoon, more than 1,800 template documents have been created.

We cannot count exactly how many people a document has helped, but when we see that the predicament is being crossed out, more and more “successful rescues” are being seen, the disaster situation is getting better, and it is enough to see love and hope being passed on. NS.

Yes, there will be difficulties, but there will also be love and hope.

This is important to Zhengzhou, important to Henan, and vital to anyone in trouble.

Finally, thanks to everyone who contributed to flood fighting and disaster relief!

We contacted the maintainer of the document, but the creator of the document, Manto, has not been able to contact so far.

I hope you just have a dead phone and wait for you to re-enter this document.

Posted by:CoinYuppie,Reprinted with attribution to:https://coinyuppie.com/24-hours-of-a-life-saving-document/
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