21 truths about the Metaverse

The world does not lack hotspots, nor does it lack hotspots. Hotspots are a possibility of the development of the times, and whenever “possible” is possible, it will be confronted with “impossible forces” and the verification of truth will be completed.

As you can see, “Meta Universe” has become a hot spot in the streets, and heroes from all walks of life have appeared. Different from the great craze of “blockchain” in the past, in this wave of craze, not only the worldwide web2.0 practitioners are involved, but also hardware players who also “take advantage of the fire” and go crazy.

In fact, the meta-universe is an elusive behemoth. To describe it clearly, a grand narrative structure and profound insight logic need to be constructed. But even so, we are destined to find it difficult to outline the whole picture. The world is unpredictable, and the same is true of the meta-universe. In recent years, I have made up for a table of “meta-universe packages” on the market. I have a feeling and thoughtfulness, and I simply think about these fragments, and give you all from the perspective of pursuing the truth of the meta-universe.

Before exploring the meta-universe, let’s first throw a “daring” point of view:

Mankind will also experience a worldwide war, but it is no longer a border dispute based on hot and cold weapons, and it may well evolve into an extraordinary “carbon silicon revolution”!

The First World War lasted 4 years, and the Second World War lasted 6 years. The gap between World War I and World War II is 21 years, but 76 years have passed since the end of World War II. During this period, scientific and technological forces played a great role in promoting the integration of international relations. . Whenever the contradiction of the same latitude becomes irreconcilable, someone will always find the answer in another dimension first, and as the answer sinks and penetrates, the contradiction between the two sides melts. The meta-universe, like the Internet, is the answer to the possibilities in a new dimension. Both are trying to create a new context and resolve the gaps in the “carbon-based world” with “silicon-based means.”

The first truth: Metaverse is a new move for decarbonization

“Three-Body” author Liu Cixin said, “There are two roads in front of mankind: one outward, leading to the sea of ​​stars, and the other inward leading to virtual reality.” The endless desire and involution of mankind has plunged the earth into a “carbon shortage”. Oil may be exhausted in 2050, and coal mining will be completed in 2016. Iron Man Musk chose to take both the inside and the outside, and outside, to create a “Noah’s Ark” through SpaceX, sailing to the sea of ​​stars; inward, through Neuralink to free his hands and eyes, and reach out to virtual reality.

Compared with the vastness and boundlessness of Mars, the squeezing meta-universe has its advantages. Noah’s Ark tickets are very expensive, and the passengers are more of the spires of this world; and the threshold to the meta-universe is very low. An address passes through reality, even if it is illusory, it is enough to hold 7 billion people.

The second truth: Metaverse is a movement of code farmers

Metaverse is a world-view technology that goes beyond the scope of economics and sociology. In this field, code farmers begin to play the role of God, rebuilding a new space and time for mankind to survive, and “farmers” are once again great. In the real world, the people regard food as the sky, and in the meta-universe, the people regard the code as the sky. With the acceleration of “decarbonization into silicon”, code farmers from all over the world will gather quietly, and the decline of web2.0 will also accelerate this process. In the open source environment, code farmers will show their abilities and will work together to complete the meta universe. Jigsaw puzzle, this mighty developer economy may have just begun.

The third truth: the meta universe is a concrete manifestation of civilization

The history of human civilization is a history of development from reality to fiction. The invention of words is an abstraction, and the formation of truth is a sublimation of abstraction. From physical objects to virtual texts, pictures, and videos, to virtual reality piled up by codes today, the carrier of civilization has long been free from the shackles of two-dimensional media, and even through the superposition of physical scenes, the meta-universe and reality are merged into A hybrid universe. Man-made and god-made have become so harmonious that one has to sigh: the boundary between virtual and reality is disappearing, and virtuality and reality are no longer a topic.

The fourth truth: the meta universe redefines “immortality”

In “Dream Travels” it says: The real death is not goodbye, but forgetting. Confucius’ body has long been decayed into ashes, and his soul loaded with Confucianism is still alive as before; the “three immortality” proposed by Shu Sun Bao, which is a kind of greed for “immortality,” is essentially a desire for “immortality”.

In fact, the group forgetting brought about by backward memory tools is “killing” everyone in disguise. People look forward to a hidden original intention of the metaverse precisely because everyone’s data while alive will be stored in the metaverse to achieve “digital immortality” in the form of distributed storage. The clues will no longer be broken and the memory will always be online.

Fifth truth: Metaverse is an infinite game

Where is the boundary between life and game? It is also an FM game. The consortium spends huge sums of money and buys football stars. They are uncomfortable watching on the spot. The dicks start to play wild and enjoy the same. The world is a game, and the leaders are the traders of this large-scale live-action game. The current romantic figures waved Fang Qiu, turning their hands into clouds, and covering their hands as rain. They are the real “number one player”.

The meta universe is a digital version of the reality game, but the “trading right” is distributed to each DID (distributed digital identity), the “number one player” has evolved into a “runaway player”, and everyone has become his own life. The leader is no longer bound by anyone.

The sixth truth: Metaverse is a three-dimensional Internet

There are different opinions on the definition of the meta universe, but there are few explanations that can be familiar to the public, and even put it into action. Of course, the usual prevarication of the definer is that “the meta universe is still in chaos.” In my limited cognition, the essence of the meta universe is five words: the three-dimensional Internet. Expressed in a minimalist formula is –

Meta universe = digital identity + multi-dimensional scene + distributed commerce

One sentence description: You live freely in a three-dimensional virtual space as a digital identity, online in real time. The essence of the “three-dimensional Internet” lies in the word “dimensional”, which is reflected in three aspects: the identity has been upgraded from a centralized account to a decentralized account; the operating space has been upgraded from a two-dimensional mobile phone/PC to a three-dimensional Head-mounted display equipment or brain-computer interface equipment; the business model has been upgraded from the separation of the primary and secondary markets to a high degree of integration in the primary and secondary markets.

The seventh truth: what the meta universe changes is the production environment

There was a popular saying before: artificial intelligence changed productivity, and blockchain changed production relations. Now we add one more statement to this statement: Metaverse changes the production environment. In fact, productivity + production relations = production environment. This formula also explains why the meta-universe has become an all-encompassing “basket” in which everything can be loaded. The same is true of the facts. In terms of the consensus of the meta-universe, each other feels that this kind of cognitive tearing is part of the process of the formation of the meta-universe, and it is too normal.

The eighth truth: the time of the meta universe is collapsing

The real world is three-dimensional, everything is three-dimensional, but time cannot be compressed; the Internet is two-dimensional, and the world is compressed into a plane in front of the screen, but the sense of time disappears.

The meta-universe is a three-dimensional world that lacks the sense of time. The immersive experience makes people ignore the boundary between virtual and reality, and time collapses instantly, because you can travel to any scene at any time, even the so-called “so-called data mirroring”. past”.

The ninth truth: the entrance to the meta universe is identity

In the biological world, the password of the body is DNA, which is widely distributed in every cell; in social reality, the password of a person is a name, which includes ID cards, passports, bank accounts, etc.; in the Internet economy, the password of identity The presentation method is ID, which is specifically represented by mobile phone number, email, etc.

When it comes to Metaverse, the entrance will be DID. Residents will log in with their wallet address. This address can be manifested as an NFT avatar, or even a digital person. The social relations and assets behind it are the same as in any previous world, but become Digital edition.

The tenth truth: Meta universe has changed qualitatively because of P2E

The word “game” faintly reveals a “sense of time consuming”, which is then extended by the inherent social ethics as “playing things to lose one’s ambition” and accepts moral kidnapping. Traditional games indeed exchange individual pleasure emotions through time consumption, and this pleasure emotion does not bring visible benefits to the public, that is, insufficient value presentation. If a “make money” function is added to the “game”, the moral kidnapping system will be disintegrated in an instant, because the pleasure mood becomes a hard currency that can measure value and exchange value, and the “game” has become a profession or even a “lifestyle”. .

In a word, in the meta-universe, once the game has the magic of play to earn, the game becomes life.

The eleventh truth: Metaverse needs to be built on web3.0

Compared with the domestic meta-universe boom, the United States on the other side of the ocean actually has two winds blowing at the same time. Except for meta-universe, the other is web3.0. If meta-universe is hardware-oriented in a narrow sense, web3.0 is software. A new breakthrough in the system. The narrow meta-universe hardware is integrated into the general meta-universe after riding on web3.0. One sentence to explain the difference between web3.0, web2.0 and web1.0 is: web1.0 is “readable”, web2.0 is “writable”, web1.3 is not only readable, writable, but also possible to own. Data ownership is an asset that Metaverse particularly cares about, so I won’t say more about it.

The twelfth truth: the spiritual essence of the meta universe is the free market

In fact, there are obstacles to the development of the generalized meta-universe in strictly controlled regions, because it has entrained a lot of “original sin” from its birth. In the eyes of the creators of the meta-universe, technology is not the primary productive force, but the free market is. . Meta Universe is trying to formulate a set of rules to be established on the code. These rules are similar to the laws in the real world, except that the execution efficiency will become higher due to smart contracts. Of course, this also means that the data assets of Metaverse residents will belong to the wallet address holding the private key, and the circulation of data assets will also break through the shackles of the existing financial market. What role traditional organizations should play in this new collaborative relationship will be a long-term proposition.

The thirteenth truth: the biggest consensus of the meta universe is to make money

Rest assured, on the topic of Metaverse, everyone can’t reach a consensus in the short term. They can’t understand what each other is saying, or even each other can’t understand what each other is saying, but as long as they say that they can make some money together on the Metaverse, consensus. Achieved immediately. In the short term, the question of right and wrong will still give way to the question of gains and losses. The consensus is often not “awareness of common views” but “identification of common interests.” No matter how powerful the meta universe is, it cannot change the human nature written in genes. It is the consensus of human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

The fourteenth truth: the meta universe is a basket that contains everything

With the emergence of meta-universe and web3.0, a bunch of nouns such as NFT, DeFi, DAO, etc. have become popular. If you don’t clarify the relationship between China and China, you will easily get confused. The one-sentence explanation is: DAO distributes NFT through behaviors (game, social, etc.) in the meta-universe to generate spreads, and turns the spreads into asset value through DeFi listing.

An inappropriate analogy: NFT is a digital commodity, like Moutai, DeFi is a digital asset, like Moutai stock, DAO is a distributed autonomous community, like Moutai Group, and Meta Universe is a three-dimensional Internet scene like Moutai Town. In this situation, NFT, DeFi, and DAO have all become a subset of the meta universe.

Fifteenth truth: the meta universe is a psychological phenomenon

The meta universe is not only a technological phenomenon, but also a psychological phenomenon. Whether it is rushing to chase the trend, or taking the opportunity to cut leeks, or denounce it as a spiritual opium, the probability is that the Internet has been stagnant for too long, and even a little boring and suffocating. There is an urgent need for a new technological scene to save the exhausted imagination. The meta universe is cool enough, so choose it. Over the years, O2O, social e-commerce, sharing economy, short video, blockchain, etc., have been lined up. In two years, there will be new concepts covered, but most of them cannot escape this unchanging theorem: inspire imagination and break Boredom is the driving force behind technological development.

Sixteenth truth: the meta universe is the product of action knowledge

The meta universe is neither known nor unknown, because it does not exist, it is “knowing”. Everyone describes it and creates it according to their own understanding, and then puts their “meta universe works” on the market. Some users vote for actions, and the winner becomes the public definition.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about each other’s right and wrong, but should boldly create, use the visible results to seize the consensus, and become the great navigator of the new world.

The seventeenth truth: Metaverse believes in the sovereignty of creators

In Metaverse applications, developers need to please creators. If the application does not meet the creator’s wishes, the creators will sell assets in the application under the name of DAO, destroy the consensus, and then fork (fork) the old ones. Meta-universe, and voted to start parallel development to migrate NFT to the new meta-universe. In addition, for the developers’ future plans, the creators also vote to determine their direction.

At this point, the operation power of Metaverse will be fully entrusted to DAO, and the creator’s sovereignty is supreme.

The eighteenth truth: Cross-element universe will become a new interactive mode

In the crypto world, it is an environmental leap from asset cross-chain to cross-element universe. Imagine that you wore a “League of Legends” skin to break into the night of the fort, bought a piece of land in The Sandbox, and at the same time used the COV gun shot by Borderland to prevent the stolen vegetables from the “Happy Farm”. The “interoperability” of the meta universe will be a great imagination. DAO 2 DAO, Metaverse 2 Metaverse, may become a norm. The data island effect of the web2.0 era will disappear.

The Nineteenth Truth: In the meta universe, “behavior is mining”

In the micro business circle, people call doing business to make money as “moving bricks”, and in Metaverse, residents call doing tasks to earn assets as “mining”. Both are the same in nature and both are the process of value exchange. This kind of thinking can also be extended to various scenarios, such as: working is mining, company is mining pool, market is mining farm; life is mining, country is mining pool, international is mining farm; fighting monsters is mining, guild That is the mining pool, and the meta universe is the mine. In Metaverse, mining is defined as a method of asset distribution, which emphasizes efficiency and fairness.

The twentieth truth: the potential energy of the meta universe comes from the inner scroll of the old world

Most of the increments of the meta universe are the replacement of the backward production capacity in the old world. The epidemic, electronic opium, data tax, privacy leaks, class involution, etc., the more irreconcilable the market contradictions in the old world, the trend of the meta universe The closer.

In the meta-universe economy, the property rights of data assets will be clearly written on the blockchain. Coupled with the full transparency of information, transaction costs will be greatly reduced. According to Coase’s Law, once the property rights are clear, transaction costs will approach Zero, the allocation efficiency of social resources will reach the highest level, and Meta Universe is implementing this law from a technological perspective, and it’s much to be seen!

The twenty-first truth: Metaverse is expanding the scale of property owners

According to the World Bank’s 2017 Finex database, 1.7 billion people worldwide do not have a bank account at all. In addition, 1.1% of the world’s people own 45% of the world’s wealth. The general poverty of the masses, apart from the single income form of labor income, generally lacks asset income allocation, and there is no permanent property, so it is difficult to have perseverance.

In Metaverse, as long as you provide continuous contributions to Metaverse, these contributions will be converted into digital assets and stored in your encrypted account. As the Metaverse community grows, you will receive a premium after asset appreciation. income. As long as you take good care of your private key, no one can take away your assets. At that time, more and more people without bourgeoisie will become bourgeois because they flood into the meta universe.

Meta Universe is still in rapid iteration, from hardware to network transmission, to 3D map surveying and mapping, to the improvement of blockchain performance, and finally to economic system design, and trial and error of new collaboration models. This social experiment covering the world is mighty. swing. The old truth will be covered, and the new truth will surface like surging ripples.

It does not matter what it is, what kind of market mutation it can bring, it may not be a scourge, it may not be a superficial hype and a scam. The important thing is that Metaverse, like other technological combinations, is giving the confused human beings new imagination and using technological possibilities to release human freedom in a sunny manner. Especially in the “carbon-deficient era”, Metaverse, as a symbol of silicon power, is extending a helping hand to the depression of the carbon worldview. How can you and I bear to refuse?

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