2022 Zebra China web3.0 forge ahead

Web 3.0 Value Returns to Data Subjects

In Web 2.0, your data is valuable, but it does not belong to you, and the value is not shared with you.

In Web3.0, your value behavior will eventually be rewarded, and the carrier of value is your data, and it also belongs to you.

If you are an old player of Legend 1, it is very difficult for you to prove that you have played or played the magic equipment, because the data is gone after the server is closed. But if Cryptokitties shuts down after a few years, you can still use your Ethereum address to tell everyone that you bought a Christmas cat in late 2017.

On Linkedin, you can package “made a few pages of PPT” as “led a $500 million merger and acquisition case”. On the blockchain, you brag that you are an early player in DeFi. Is it true? Check the address. Just know. For example this resume:


You don’t need too many words, just take a look at Opensea, RSS3, Mirror, and Cyberconnect to know which Dapps this brother has used in the past two years, what he has done, and whether he is a Crypto native. On-chain data is worth a thousand words.

In Web 3.0, the data on the chain belongs to each individual, and is readable by each individual or organization, and everyone can capture the value of this data. The way value is distributed is being reshaped.

In the foreseeable future, when you use any application in Web 3.0, you will not start from scratch, but walk in each application with your address portrait and label. The carrier of value is your data, which also belongs to yourself.

The biggest feature of Web3 is true user ownership, openness and fairness, non-tampering and decentralization, enabling users to play the role of both producers and consumers, which just satisfies the need for consumer-grade copyrighted products to occupy the market in the most effective form. Prepare conditions.

With the transfer of ownership, more novel forms of ecological interaction and contribution will come to the fore with community-centered organizations.

Zebra China’s solid foundation for web3.0

One platform: Zebra China Digital Copyright Industry Service Platform is a national-level blockchain infrastructure “Xinghuo Chain” led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, which is jointly built and shared by China Digital Copyright Industry Alliance (CDCIA) and Tianfu TV. The “Copyright Chain” created by the super node of “Net” takes the “creation, utilization, protection, management and service” of copyright as the main line, connecting the three parties of the government, industry organizations and enterprises, and is the copyright owner, producer, platform and other industrial chains. All parties provide national industry standard support and “one-stop” comprehensive copyright services.

First exhibition: Established the “Chengdu Digital Copyright Trading Expo”, and continued to build a national-level exhibition system for authorized trading.

One Alliance: Set up “China Digital Copyright Industry Alliance” to provide alliance chain services for various digital copyright enterprises, institutions and individuals, forming the prototype of the company’s national customer base, and has developed 65 member units so far.

One base: Helping Chengdu win the “National Copyright Innovation and Development Base”. At the 2021 Digital Expo, the “Inauguration and Inauguration of the National Copyright Innovation and Development Base in Sichuan Tianfu New Area” was held.

A standard: to promote the construction of industry standards. Establish and implement industry standards around digital copyright content review, confirmation of rights and certificates, value assessment, copyright transactions, etc. Requirements (T/CSMPTE 12-2021), etc.

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