2022 The Great Change of Human Civilization

Foreword: More than 2,000 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from thinkers; more than 300 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from scientists; World-shattering cognitions are very likely to come from algorithms, not humans. The large-scale emergence of DAO actually means a major turning point in human civilization. In the future, the entire human race will move towards a decentralized civilization, which can also be said to be an era of algorithmic civilization.

Last year’s most noteworthy record was when a famous person said: “Bitcoin, disgusting human civilization.” Bitcoin does disgust some people, but it’s the future of humanity, and that’s the general trend.

This year is the year of the DAO, and many DAOs will be born. This is an epoch in human history. The significance of DAO is far greater than the previous DeFi and GameFi.

The large-scale emergence of DAO actually means a major turning point in human civilization. In the future, the entire human race will move towards a decentralized civilization, which can also be said to be an era of algorithmic civilization.

The other is that it is very likely that this year will be the L2 boom, which happened in the first half of the year. After this boom, the entire crypto market will enter a bear market. During this period, many L2 projects will emerge. Of course, these projects are actually imitations on Ethereum and smart chains.

Twitter will be associated with the crypto wallet, the official head of Twitter said. I guess it is possible that Twitter will mainly push the wallet developed by itself, and the wallet will be the entrance to the metaverse, just like Google is to the Internet, so this will be a huge market, and the little fox has already seized the opportunity, but Twitter is also not weak. Although it is a latecomer, Twitter is a social place where crypto people gather. Twitter will push SocialFi to a climax and drive other large social networks into the field of encryption, such as facebook, discord, Tiktok and so on. NFT is expected to reach a real “big climax”, and it seems that the current NFT craze is just an appetizer.

In Web3 I understand, the most important thing is the flow of ownership, the flow of assets, not ownership, not assets. From this point of view, the market value of Metamask is really likely to surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that there will be other wallets (such as Twitter wallet), or other models that can master super liquidity.

Some people say that Twitter is Web 2.0, a centralized social network. Actually it doesn’t matter. Even Mirror can’t be called Web3, it’s just a creator economy, similar to GameFi, only the economic part is on the blockchain. This kind of existence is normal and transitional. Even in the future, Web 2.0 will still occupy a large part of the user’s “time”. Web3 does not replace Web2, it is inclusive. Zooming into the social organization structure, decentralized organizations do not replace centralized companies, but include companies. Decentralized organizations are similar to cells, and companies have become functional elements in cells, because centralized organizations also have unique advantages, many of which are more efficient in execution, and companies and DAOs will form a perfect human social structure network.


Today’s total global assets are 1,000 trillion US dollars, the total population is 8 billion, and the blockchain is only 2 trillion US dollars. The blockchain field has huge room for growth in the future. This year is the year of the DAO and airdrops are hot right now. The current airdrop is different from the previous concept. Now it has become a trend, a pattern, a standard pattern formed by a DAO. In the past, it was just a means for project parties to solicit customers, but now it is a model formed by DAO, which has become a trend. I think airdrop tools will emerge later.

OpenSea had competitors before, but it has survived and has now become NO.1 in the NFT trading market. I saw an article saying that they are launching a “king fried” feature in 2020 – Collection Manager, which allows users to make and sell NFTs for free without paying gas fees. This function is similar to the one that Ethereum can launch in the public chain market and Uniswap in the DeFi market, and provides tool support for the subsequent outbreak of the NFT market. I think if you are doing the NFT trading market now, or you want to subvert OpenSea, if you create a function of one-click sending NFT, you can choose the one in the gallery, and you can also import the pictures you designed into the gallery, so that everyone can Send a whole set of NFTs like the boring monkey, this should be good. Sometimes it’s just some seemingly simple features that detonate users.

Satoshi Nakamoto is like Laozi in Chinese history. Although he has a great influence, the Confucianism of Confucius eventually ruled human society for thousands of years. Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum may be like Confucianism. Ethereum is the space-time background of the future metaverse.

More than 2,000 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from thinkers; more than 300 years ago, the cognition that subverted the world came from scientists; today, the cognition that subverted the world is most likely to be generated by people in the field of encryption; It’s very likely that cognition comes from algorithms, not humans.

The renaissance of hundreds of years ago saw a new paradigm of cognition, followed by the first financial revolution, the birth of the world’s first bank, the first stock exchange, and then the scientific revolution, a new cognition The paradigm, the “science”, suddenly exploded, followed by the Industrial Revolution.

It is very likely that the same cognitive paradigm change will occur in the field of encryption today. First, the decentralized financial revolution in the global sense will occur; then there will be a cognitive paradigm revolution, where algorithmic paradigm cognition replaces scientific paradigm cognition; A major change in productivity in the global sense, the productivity of the real world is transferred to the metaverse, and the center of human civilization is transferred from the reality to the virtual world.

In the future, there will be a new cognitive theory developed by pure artificial intelligence, without the participation of real people, and derived purely from algorithms, without experimental and observational data support. At that time, we could not call this new theory “science”, but a new cognitive paradigm, such as algorithmic cognition.

That is, the cognitive paradigm of “science”, which has lasted for hundreds of years, will be replaced by a newer paradigm.

That is a new cognitive paradigm driven by pure algorithms. It will become a new cognitive paradigm for human beings in the future, lasting for hundreds or even thousands of years, just like what we know today as “science”, this cognitive paradigm.

Modern science is actually a collective cognitive paradigm that belongs to human beings. It is the same as the early religions and later philosophies of human beings. It is cognition under a standard paradigm, that is, every scientific theory, every witchcraft. Technical belief, every philosophical theory, is produced by a standard paradigm. Scientific theories are not innate, but are “created” and “invented” by people following standard paradigms.

With the development of human society today, perhaps, even the “science” that we tacitly regard as truth, this cognition generated by the standard paradigm, will be overturned. What is the result of subversion? It is very likely that new cognitions generated by pure algorithms will be a standard paradigm in the future.

Not only will the economic system be driven by algorithms, but even the evolution of cognition and the generation of new cognition will be derived from pure logic, pure mathematics, and algorithms. The result derived from this algorithm is correct.


Existence, perhaps in the future, can be proved purely relying on mathematics and logic, or in other words, existence itself can be proved algorithmically only by a machine. The future Einstein may just be the virtual brain of an algorithmic network.

In fact, science itself is already on this path. Galileo used a telescope to look at distant stars, where the default logic was correct. In the past, the Nobel Prize in Physics was usually awarded to theories that can directly solve experimental problems or predict experimental phenomena, but Penrose’s 2020 award is the first time in the history of the Nobel Prize to award theoretical discoveries without direct experimental or observational verification. This may mark some kind of evolution in human cognition.

Existence is no longer just sensed, but “calculated/reasoned”.

Just imagine that the existence of gravitational waves is only indirect sensing information, just like Galileo indirectly inferred the existence of distant stars through a telescope. We have defaulted to reasoning itself. With the help of physical physical tools and methodological thinking tools (mainly mathematics, plus other tested experiences such as reductionism), human beings have indirectly proved the existence of human bodies that cannot be sensed by the human body. It has been hundreds of years since Galileo began.

In the future, there will be new cognitive theories generated by pure algorithms, without human participation in the whole process, which may be supported by experimental data, or may not be supported by experimental and observational data. At that time, we could not call this brand new theory “science”, but a new cognitive paradigm, such as “algorithmic cognition”.

As long as we acquiesce that mathematics and logic are themselves reliable, then algorithmic cognition is reliable, which will be a whole new paradigm of cognition.

Algorithmic cognition, based on mathematics and logic. Although mathematical concepts are purely abstract, the structure between purely abstract concepts can correspond to the sensing and observation of the real world, which is the basis of scientific cognition. From this, pure mathematics can be considered as “absolute existence”, which is the basis of algorithm recognition. basis of knowledge. This is different from religious cognition and philosophical cognition. It can be said that algorithm cognition is the re-evolution of scientific cognition. Of course, scientific cognition is the re-evolution of philosophical cognition.

Now some top scientists believe that even if there is no scientific observation, the mathematical relationship that has been deduced by mathematics for the first time may already exist in a corner of the universe, but it is just that humans have not yet discovered it.

The essence of truth is group consensus, which can be changed.

Science is the truth within a certain range, and its essence is the consensus of people’s quorum sensing. The religions of ancient times were also considered truths by the people of that time. From the consensus of people’s group concept to the consensus of quorum sensing, it will evolve to the consensus of people’s group logic and algorithm in the future. This trend exists.

If the mainstream “cognitive paradigm” itself is considered to be stagnant and will not evolve in a certain period, it is unscientific, and it becomes that the scientific paradigm itself is subverted by its own cognition.

Are Newton and Einstein insurmountable? It’s like now we look at Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago.

From the perspective of the history of human civilization, science, as a cognitive paradigm, is actually a very short period of time. In different cycles of the long human history, the cognitive paradigms that dominate human civilization are different. In ancient times, there was polytheism worship, and the cognitive leaders at that time were wizards; during the unification of different continents on the earth, monotheistic worship dominated, and the cognitive leaders at that time were monks or Confucian scholars; the development of history, the beginning of human society In the early stage of global unification, science is the dominant cognitive paradigm, and the leaders of cognition are scientists.

In the future, the cognitive leader may be algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The future “grand unified theory” may be completed by machines, not the future “Newton” or “Einstein”.

Only the future can beat the present, not the past.

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