2022 Q2: In the field of “Metaverse”, 37 companies have been invested, and some companies have received more than 800 million yuan

Q2 has passed, and it’s time to summarize.

In the past 3 months, the popularity of “Metaverse” is still unabated. On June 15th, “Yingke”, which started out as a live broadcaster, officially changed its name to ” Yingyu “, thus announcing that the company has fully entered the Metaverse and signed a contract with virtual people. “Yingying” is the brand spokesperson. On June 21, Byte made another move for “Metaverse”, acquiring a virtual social company “Wave Particle Technology” and continuing to deploy VR.

In addition to these hot events, what about the “hotness” of the Metaverse from an investment perspective? Which companies are the entrants investing in? What does capital value? Taking Q2 as a summary, let’s take a look with Leibao [WeChat: leinewspaper + Follow].

39 investments, 37 companies were invested, the highest amount of 110 million US dollars


According to incomplete statistics from Leibao [WeChat: leinewspaper + Follow], in the second quarter of this year, there were 39 investment and financing events in the “Metaverse” field, involving 37 companies, including ” Magic Technology ” and “8.8 Figures” Both have received two investments, and there are two mergers and acquisitions, namely “Dayuan Universe” and “Wave Particles”, in which Wave Particles was acquired by Byte.

In terms of amount, a total of 4 investment events involved an amount exceeding 100 million yuan, the highest amount being “Magic Technology”, which announced on April 6 that it had completed the B rounds and C rounds of financing, with a total amount of 130 million US dollars; followed by ” Cocos “, which completed a $50 million Series B financing, Cocos is one of the world’s leading digital interactive content development platforms; ” BUD ” received a $36.8 million Series B investment from NetEase, Northern LightsVentures, and Kai Ming Investments , Jiyuan Capital, etc., is a Metaverse UGC platform.

In addition, there are 20 investments at the 10 million yuan level and 11 investments at the million yuan level.

From the perspective of time distribution, from April 13th, May 6th, June 20th, there will be new investments almost every few days in June, and most of them are distributed in the late ten-day period; and 17th in the first quarter, Compared with 16 companies (incomplete statistics), the overall number has increased significantly, and the investment of 100 million yuan is comparable.

13 “digital collection” companies have been invested, with over 30 million yuan or the highest amount


In April, 3 companies including Yihuo Difficulty, Unique Art, and Zhongke Cloud Chain were invested.

The investors of “Art and Fire” are Huoluo Technology, Shengshi Fenghuo Culture, and Jiang Jie, the co-founder of Tinder Capital, etc. The amount is at the level of one million yuan; Before, it also received an angel round of investment of 10 million yuan from Dunhong Capital in October last year, and claimed that the company was endorsed by state-owned capital and obtained a number of business qualifications under existing policies. The digital collection platform has published Dunhuang, Feng Zikai, The Forbidden City and other series of digital collections ranked 12th in the latest digital collection platform total list of Xinzhibang, and its digital collections can be traded; Zhongke Cloud Chain received an angel round of investment of 5 million yuan.

In June, the number of digital collection companies that received investment reached 10. Among them, “Photon Art” (Shenzhen Shuke Network Technology Co., Ltd.) received USD 5 million in Series A investment from Moody Technology and Wind Tunnel Fund, or was the company with the highest financing amount in the field of digital collections this quarter. A company engaged in the design, research and development, production and sales of casual fabrics and yarns, Wind Tunnel Fund is a well-known digital collection investment fund.Different from other current digital collection platforms, “Photon Art” also cooperates with well-known enterprises to establish physical industry groups, such as digital VR experience centers, smart hotels, playgrounds and other facilities.

Also received tens of millions of investment are Yuan Continent, DadaGaga, Qihuo Technology, Squirrel Shuizang, and ZhaojingTechnology . It is understood that “Metaland” is a digital art ecological e-commerce platform, and a super-aggregated closed-loop ecosystem that integrates multi-dimensional integration of Metaverse open world applications, virtual human IP creation and operation, and mobile cold wallets for digital collections; “DadaGaga” belongs to Dacheng Digital Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. received tens of millions of financing led by Dongqing Capital on June 2; “Qihuo” is an NFT technology research and development application service provider, which has developed a one-stop NFT building tool—— Rarefy Rarefy has also served many B-end enterprises and business scenarios including Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, AW2022 Shenzhen Fashion Week, Red Star Macalline, World Illustration Competition, etc. It has received tens of millions of angel round investment from Linear Capital and Aoya Design .


“Squirrel Collection” completed a 10 million RMB A round of financing in late June. It is understood that the financing was invested by a cultural and tourism company listed on the main board, and will provide large-scale IP cooperation in digital cultural tourism in the later stage. The funds are mainly used for early team building, technology research and development, and building public chains; Zhaojing Technology was established in 2022. In June, it completed a seed round of financing of tens of millions of yuan from Honghui Capital.

Moment, Gate of Elements , Panda Art, etc. have received millions of investment.

According to official news, Moment was established in March this year, and launched its web version product in mid-to-late April. It gained hundreds of thousands of paying users within a month of its launch. The platform focuses on creators publishing their own fully copyrighted photographic works of characters. Features, the creators of the platform are mainly Internet celebrities, actors, entertainers, athletes, etc.; the digital collection platform “The Gate of Yuanwu” was launched on June 8, and the first digital collection was the famous Peking Opera series “Sanchakou”. Founded in 2020, it received an angel round of investment of millions of yuan in June this year; in June, “Panda Art” also received a seed round of investment of 2 million yuan from Mita Investment. The platform APP was officially launched on May 1 this year. The company (Hainan Ether Technology Co., Ltd.) was established on May 16, 2022.


Moment, Gate of Elements, Panda Art

From the perspective of the “registration time” of the invested companies, 9 companies were established in 2021 or 2022, accounting for 70%, of which 5 companies were registered in 2022, and 3 of them were registered for less than three months.

7 “virtual human” related investments: some companies have completed two rounds of financing, with an amount exceeding 800 million


In early April, “Mofa Technology” completed the B and C rounds of financing of a total of 130 million US dollars (currently about 870 million yuan), of which the B round of financing was invested by Qingxin Capital, Sequoia Fund, Wuyuan Capital, etc.; C The $110 million round of financing was injected by SoftBank Group, Northern Lights Ventures, and Index Capital. Prior to this, “Magic Technology” had completed the angel round and the A round of financing in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Sequoia Fund and Wuyuan Capital have invested in three rounds.

Founded in 2018, Mofa Technology is a technology company with computer graphics and AI technology as its core. It has full-stack end-to-end virtual content intelligent production, virtual human creation and operation technology, and has developed professional-level and Consumer-level virtual live broadcast technology and 3D AI virtual human capability platform have created a full-stack product matrix.

The company is famous for its “virtual human”. It not only created the industry-renowned original virtual IP “Ling”, but also provided services for Alibaba, Tencent, CCTV, L’Oreal, Quduoduo (Kraft), Yili, Mengniu, iFLYTEK, etc. Well-known enterprises have created virtual image spokespersons or virtual content; virtual live broadcast technologies and products have served Ye Xiu (Reading), Linghu (Tencent), Octopus (Alibaba), Saratoga (Bilibili), Xiaobian Virtual IPs including Classmate Ai (Xiaomi), Sister M (L’Oreal), etc.; AI virtual human has served ByteDance, OPPO, Xinhua News Agency, China Mobile, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank , Nanjing Bank , Taiping Insurance, etc. head client. Up to now, it has accumulated more than 200 corporate customers, covering games, entertainment, consumption, e-commerce, finance, technology, education, medical care, cultural tourism and other industries.


Source: Mofa Technology Official Website

“8.8 Figures” also received two investments in this quarter. After receiving nearly 10 million yuan of Pre-A round investment from Baotong Technology in April, it also received millions of yuan from Ralph Ventures in June// Pre-A+ round of investment. It is understood that 8.8 Digits is a virtual human full-link company. It was established in 2014 and began to deploy virtual human business scene services in 2019. In addition to the content of virtual human assets, the company has achieved a high degree of process flow for customized projects , from a period of several months to an average of 7 days / piece, it also incubated the virtual idol “Jiu Li”, and created a “virtual person Gao Yuanyuan” for the Clinique brand.


“Shadow Eye Technology” is a Metaverse 3D hyper-realistic image generation and interaction platform. Based on its technology and assets, users will be able to generate their own 3D virtual images with only a few selfies. It has cooperated with dozens of companies Film and television, game, and marketing companies have cooperated to provide them with different levels of facial assets. This round of financing comes from Sequoia Seed Fund and original shareholder Qiji Chuangtan, with an amount of tens of millions of yuan.

In April, ” Aurora Club “, which announced the completion of an angel round of financing of millions of yuan, is vertical to the virtual entertainment ecological service. It has built a business system for virtual idol operation, virtual IP global creation, virtual image creation, virtual live broadcast, and virtual live broadcast technology R&D and application. , and created a number of high-income virtual UP masters such as “Junai”.

Mind Universe ” is an AI cutting-edge technology company, focusing on Human-level AI virtual human. Different from the traditional dialogue virtual human relying on the artificial intelligence framework based on the large-scale pre-training model, the mental framework will generate an association mechanism when communicating with people. In early June, the company announced the completion of an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by Sequoia China Seed Fund, and jointly invested by Linear Capital and Xianfeng K2VC.

9 investments in platform and content services: there are hundreds of millions of investment, and there are byte mergers and acquisitions


The largest investment came from “BUD” (Shenzhen Zero Point One Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.), which completed the 3680 investment from well-known investment institutions or Internet companies such as Kai Ming Investment, NetEase, Northern Lights Venture Capital, Jiyuan Capital in late May. $10,000 in Series B financing, and $15 million in Series A+ investment in February. Going forward, it has received 3 investments. In 2019, it received a multi-million dollar angel round investment from Yunjiu Capital, and in 2020, it completed a multi-million dollar Pre-A round of financing from Jiyuan Capital and Yunjiu Capital. In January, Source Code Capital made a Series A investment in it. The company was established in 2019.

It is understood that BUD is a new generation of UGC social platform, which allows each user to create personalized 3D interactive content with easy-to-use no-code tools. It meets the creative needs and social needs of users. At present, there are more than 15 million UGC original 3D works on the BUD platform, and the total number of 3D material transactions has exceeded 150 million. Since the global launch of the product in November 2021, BUD has ranked among the top 10 social apps in 38 countries in North America, South America, and Southeast Asia. The official website shows that it plans to launch NFTs.


Screenshot of BUD official website

After receiving investment from Xianfeng Evergreen, Zhichun Capital, Matrix Partners, Source Code Capital, etc., it was reported that “Bo Particle” was acquired by Byte in June this year. According to relevant media reports, the original company team of about 50 people has been integrated as a whole. Pico, the original company founder Ma Jiesi served as the “Pico Social Center Leader”.

Wave Particle is a technology company focusing on the two-dimensional virtual social world. The core technology is a set of two-dimensional virtual character image customization system, as well as virtual character face and body motion drive system. It is worth mentioning that in November 2020, the company launched a two-dimensional virtual social application called “Vyouweiyou”. It has not been a year since the APP was launched, and the number of users has already exceeded one million. When the data is at its best, it ranks second behind the popular game Moore Manor on the relevant list. However, due to improper operation, the status has been sluggish since then, and an announcement was issued in March this year, announcing the cessation of operations.


Super Dimension ” is a comprehensive virtual service operator. Its virtual service matrix is ​​divided into three parts: virtual activities, virtual images/virtual people, and virtual economy. Up to now, it has cooperated with more than 600 IPs, such as “War Double Pamish” “, “Glory of the King”, “Onmyoji”, “Under One Person”, etc. In addition, Super Dimension has also provided technical services for bilibili’s BML-VR for four consecutive years, and has produced 9 Bilibili full 3D virtual performances – Ice and Fire Song Festival. , and provided production services for AcFun, Kugou, Kuaishou, Weishi, Douyin, Taobao and other platforms. Based on this, the company completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing in the quarter. The investors were Tiantu Capital and Agora . Before that, the company had completed two rounds of financing.

“FUNBOX”, which received 15 million yuan of Pre-A round investment, is a Metaverse project. In FUNBOX, users can use the codeless editor to produce UGC content, develop digital IP collections, props, maps, etc., and participate in various Social game interaction in themed world; VS·work is positioned as a virtual space provider, and its services to customers mainly lie in virtual space leasing. The company announced in late April that it had completed tens of millions of RMB in Pre-A round financing.

Love Avatar Technology ” is a Metaverse digital integrated marketing solution service provider. The company focuses on the development and operation of virtual digital human and virtual scene technology. On May 16, it won a ten million RMB angel round led by Zhongke Jincai Investment; “Juyou Universe”, an immersive scripted game developer, received a strategic investment of millions of yuan from Lianzhong World in May; “Prism Hologram” received nearly 100 million yuan of A+ round investment from Geely and Qianhe Capital. Obtained investment from Rongzheng Investment, Geely has invested 50 million yuan in 2019. The company was established in August 2017. It is a cultural technology company with holographic technology and content production. The exclusive holographic copyright of Beyond, and the operation rights of the holographic fantasy music show “Teng Lijun·Legend” authorized by Digital Domain; “Dayou” is a Metaverse digital space service provider, which obtained tens of millions of RMB angels from individual investors in late June round of investment.

10 technology and infrastructure projects: the amount is basically tens of millions of yuan, and some companies have invested hundreds of millions of yuan


In the fields of technology and Metaverse infrastructure, the company with the highest investment amount in the second quarter was Cocos (Xiamen Yaji Software Co., Ltd.), which received US$50 million in Series B investment from CCB Trust, Jiyuan Capital and Agora in April, and the company was established At the end of 2011, it also received investment in 2017 and 2018. Among them, in 2018, it received US$120 million in Series A investment from Jinglin Investment, Elevation Capital, and Tibet Yisu Venture Capital.

Cocos is one of the world’s leading digital interactive content development platforms. The Cocos engine originated in the field of mobile games and is one of the world’s three largest cross-platform game engines alongside Unreal and Unity. According to the data of the China Audio and Digital Association Game Work Committee, the Cocos engine accounts for 40% of the Chinese mobile game market share and 30% of the global mobile game market share. Tencent, NetEase, Nintendo, Ubisoft, etc. have all used the Cocos engine to develop and launch their own game products.


Also committed to the engine is Haisai Future , which received tens of millions of yuan/Pre-A round of investment from Zhonghuijin Capital in the second quarter.

In the field of Web3 and blockchain, companies such as Metaverse Future, Tomorrow Internet, and Mouniverse have received investment, and the latter two companies have received investment of several million yuan and 15 million yuan respectively.

In the field of VR/XR, companies such as Dayuan and Zhou, Da Peng VR , Qi Le Wuxian , and root number three have completed financing or been acquired. Among them, Dayuan and Zhou is a VR hardware solution provider, dedicated to exploring the role of VR in Yuan Dynasty. The interactive and immersive experience in the universe was acquired by Hangzhou Yuan and Zhou in May; “Dapeng VR” is an international leading full-stack XR technology and product company integrating software and hardware. “China’s Top 50 VR Enterprises”, its affiliated company was established in 2015. Before that, there have been 9 investment events. The investors includeYingying Network , Xunlei Network, Xiaoka Capital, Aofei Entertainment, Hongxin Capital, etc. In 2015, its Received RMB 136 million Series B investment from Kaiying Network and Xunlei Network.


Dapeng VR official website

“Qi Le Endless” is a cultural technology company focusing on XR high simulation simulation. It announced in June this year that it has completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by AVIC Trust, followed by Lakala and Blue Cursor . It is worth mentioning that the founding institutional shareholder of Qi Le Infinite is the popular Qitian . The company is called the Disney of the VR industry, and its shareholder is Zhang Yimou; root number three was established in 2014 and is a VR solution provider in the KTV industry. , the company received tens of millions of yuan in Series A investment from Detao Capital in the quarter, and in 2021, it received angel round and Pre-A round investment from Gandao Fund and Xiamen Jianpan Group respectively.

In addition, the Metaverse marketing technology service provider ” Zhou Yu Technology ” has obtained tens of millions of strategic investments from Xianfeng Evergreen, Fanzhuo Capital and Blue Focus. Regarding business, Zhouyu Technology has launched the AI ​​virtual anchor “Zhouyu All-day Broadcasting”. At present, more than 30 brands and 40 stores are using the services of Zhouyu All-day Broadcasting; in addition, it has also designed and developed 618 JD.com home appliance main venue “Chaodianyuan Space” and 411 JD.com Casati Super Product Day. Before this round of financing, the company also received investment from Xinghan Capital, Taib Investment, Qiji Chuangtan, etc. in 2019.

From the perspective of “investment direction”, among the 39 investment events, “digital collections” accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 33%; followed by technology and facility companies, accounting for 26%; “virtual human” and “platform, content”, etc. Type enterprises accounted for 18% and 23% respectively in the statistical category. It is clear at a glance which types of Metaverse-related companies are currently receiving more investment. Although the number is dominant, the “ceiling” of the amount of investment in digital collection companies will be much lower than that of technology companies or companies that are mainly engaged in virtual human business.


Watchmaking: Thunder News

Judging from the establishment time of these companies, 17 companies were registered in 2021-2022, and 19 companies were registered in 2011-2020. To a certain extent, it can be seen that those who are eager to enter the game are stepping on the “Metaverse” outbreak. There are many, many young companies that have successfully captured a piece of this wave.


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