2022 Q1 GameFi Industry Report: Is GameFi a Bubble or a Bubble?

In 2022, the popularity of the crypto market will decline. As of April, the total TVL of DeFi in 2022 will drop from $237.1 billion to $202.9 billion, a decrease of 14.38%. The GameFi market is attracting the attention of users and the capital market.

Footprint Analytics, a one-stop visual data analysis platform, and DeGame, a Web 3.0 NFT game infrastructure platform, jointly released the “2022 Q1 GameFi Industry Development Report”, which comprehensively interprets the performance of the GameFi industry in the first quarter from a data perspective, and deeply analyzes the reasons. .

This report mainly summarizes and analyzes the overall data of the GameFi track in Q1 2022, including the overall performance of the GameFi market, the related performance of GameFi on various public chains, the liquidity of game tokens, and the investment and financing of GameFi. At the same time, the key data of STEPN, a popular GameFi project in this quarter, will be tracked and displayed.

This article is a shortened version, click the link to download the PDF full Chinese version of the “2022 Q1 GameFi Industry Development Report”.

1. The overall performance of the GameFi market in Q1 2022 is relatively stable

The report pointed out that, affected by the market, the total market value of GameFi Token fell by 15% in the first quarter, which was positively correlated with the change in the market value of BTC. However, GameFi’s total number of users has not been affected by it, and there is no obvious user loss. The overall number of users in the first quarter basically remained around 1.2M.


Footprint Analytics & DeGame – Q1 GameFi Token MC vs BTC MC

From the perspective of each chain, the total transaction volume of Q1 public chain GameFi is $6.322B, and the top three public chains are Harmony, Ronin and BSC. GameFi players focus on WAX, Hive, BSC and Polygon chains, which together account for 82.78% of users in the entire GameFi market. WAX is in the absolute leading position, accounting for 77.7% of the total game transaction volume of each chain.

Q1 GameFi’s transaction volume opened up and down, with the highest daily revenue (January 9, 2022) exceeding $200M. Transaction volumes have continued to decline since then. It can be seen that the appropriate economic model of the GameFi project still needs to be discussed and tried by developers and the community.

2. Q1 Top games on each chain

Judging from the number of game players on each chain, it is very common for GameFi games to dominate. In addition to the relatively evenly developed BSC and Ethereum chains, there are head games on each chain that occupy a considerable proportion of the market share of players.


Footprint Analytics & DeGame – Market Share of Gamers (Q1)

On the Hive chain, the Splinterlands family dominates, accounting for 99.90% of the players on the chain. Upland on the EOS chain concentrates the main players on EOS, accounting for 94.13% of the number of players on EOS and 85.06% of the transaction volume.

It can be seen that the ecology on each chain is uneven. With the popularity of GameFi, game public chains have emerged.

3. Liquidity of game tokens in Q1 in 2022

In Q1 2022, 20-30% of the tokens listed on the centralized exchanges are GameFi project tokens, and the transaction volume of the top game tokens is extremely high, occupying the majority of the market share.


In Q1 of 2022, the chain game with the highest daily transaction volume of tokens is STEPN, and the average daily transaction volume of its token GMT is close to US$100 million, which is currently the chain game with the best performance in terms of token liquidity. Followed by Gala Games, The Sandbox and Decentraland.

4. Q1 GameFi investment and financing in 2022

The overall Q1 financing amount of the GameFi market increased by 194.19% year-on-year and decreased by 40.78% month-on-month. The GameFi category of indie games leads the way in both the number and amount of funding raised.


Footprint Analytics & DeGame – Funding Trends

In terms of financing rounds, the number of seed rounds is the largest, and the amount of strategic rounds is the largest. From the perspective of the public chain, among the independent game financing projects on each chain, Polygon has the largest financing amount and number. Animoca Brands is the most active among investment institutions.

Five, this season’s star STEPN

STEPN is a Move to Earn GameFi app built on Solana. It was officially launched in January this quarter, and in February the daily active users reached 21K and the monthly active users reached 66K.

Through the analysis of STEPN’s economic model, data performance, and future plans, this report explains the reasons for the rise of this season’s rising star STEPN. Taking this as an example, it shows GameFi practitioners and players the analysis and development of popular projects. Click the link to download and view the full Chinese version of the “2022 Q1 GameFi Industry Development Report” PDF.


Footprint Analytics & DeGame – STEPN GMT Price & Trading Vol

At the beginning of 2022, the GameFi track is booming. Numerous data show that 2022 is very likely to be a year of rapid development for GameFi. The era of GameFi is coming, and data is the best proof for it.

I believe that this report is a good source of information for GameFi investors, project operators and even investment institutions. Based on real and scientific on-chain data, it analyzes the performance and development of the industry and provides readers with the most objective basis for judgment. .

About Footprint Analytics:

Footprint Analytics is a one-stop visual blockchain data analysis platform. Footprint assisted in solving the problem of data cleaning and integration on the chain, allowing users to enjoy a zero-threshold blockchain data analysis experience for free. With more than a thousand tabulation templates and a drag-and-drop charting experience, anyone can build their own personalized data charts within 10 seconds, easily gain insight into the data on the chain, and understand the stories behind the data.

About DeGame:

DeGame.com is a Web 3.0 NFT gaming infrastructure platform owned by Singapore-based blockchain company L2Y Research. DeGame.com provides game discovery, query, strategy, download, data tracking and professional analysis and other functions, and is committed to becoming the best one-stop chain game data and information aggregation platform in the Web 3.0 world, helping players and investors to better to discover premium games and Play-to-Earn opportunities.

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