2022 New Year Proverbs from Crypto Prophet

Slap off the thigh in 2021, and continue to work hard in 2022.

2021 is coming to an end and 2022 will start immediately.

In 2021, the Crypto industry will continue to experience violent cycles and turbulent market conditions, with multiple hot spots emerging and various sectors rotating. Everyone who sticks to their beliefs and implements their cognition has gained something and writes a footnote for themselves and the industry for a year.

At the end of 2020, we have assembled a group of senior entrepreneurs and investors in the industry to launch a special project at the end of the year, “Slap Thigh 2020, Slap Face 2021”. They summarized the past and predicted the future. In addition to the value projects of selling fly, the flags set for 2021 such as “Bitcoin Breakthrough 50,000 US Dollars”, “ETF Passed”, and “Top Ten Exchanges by Market Value” have all become a reality. (There are also many cases of face slaps that will not be expanded here, you can click on the original text to review).

So we decided to continue this interesting series to see who is the great predictor of the new year.

We interviewed 20+ practitioners who have been deeply involved in the encryption industry for many years with 4 questions:

1. What is your most proud and satisfied investment/decision in 2021?

2. What is your last regret in 2021 and why?

3. Please set up a Flag for yourself or your company/institution in 2022.

4. Please set a Flag for the industry based on your own judgment.

The answer is here, Enjoy~

Mable Jiang, Partner of Multicoin Capital

1. Stud Project Galaxy, Cyberconnect and Dialect.

2. As the first person to chat with a leading NFT trading platform, blindly pass the seed round and miss the private equity round. I really feel that we should not underestimate the learning and growth speed of outstanding entrepreneurs.

3. The third 1000 x appears. (Odaily: Who are Solana and the first 2?)

4. Five of the top ten are exchanged. (Odaily: The top ten exchanges predicted by Mable last year have been achieved) 

Wang Li, founder of Babel Finance

1. Always hold currency.

2. Exploring DeFi and NFT is not enough.

3. Babel Finance’s customer satisfaction is 100%.

4. At least 10 of the world’s top 50 private companies directly hold Bitcoin, and more than 20 sovereign countries use Bitcoin as one of their legal tenders or as one of their strategic reserve assets.

Brother Tiao Zi, Head of Chainlink China

1. Get out of the air completely.

2. Delay in work to make money. (Odaily: Did the purchase of Tomson first-class product that I said last year come true? Brother Tiaozi: Mysterious smile)

3. Access to all blockchains and decentralized applications.

4. Smart contract technology enters the traditional field.

Vincent Niu, Partner, Sky9 Capital

1. At the beginning of the year, it has become an investor from an early user to invest in Nansen.

2. When the Gamefi sector was launched in the middle of the year, as the founder of DappReview, he started to milk blockchain games in 2018 and has also witnessed the growth of Axie and Sandbox. However, in this wave of Gamefi craze, he was not completely accurate. .

3. I hope I will have more time to play games next year and take a break.

4. There will be no bear market next year. (Odaily: Borrowing the words of the boss)

Chen Yuetian, Partner of Fire Phoenix Capital

1. If it is an equity investment, it is an individual who invested in Wei Lingyun; if it is a blockchain-related investment, it has participated in the investment of Meson Network; if it is a personal life decision, it is an independent investment management. The company, do some exploratory investment attempts.

2. The things I regret most every year are often too credulous. Every year, I have to constantly realize that I am much more reliable than the “social average”, so I need to be more careful when dealing with people. Too many people are not worthy of trust.

3. Safe and normal operation.

4. There is no way out for equity investment. Primary market investment will shift to blockchain on a large scale; or this industry will disappear, and primary market investment will no longer be possible in China.

Jocy, Partner of IOSG

1. DeBank (two consecutive rounds of follow-up investment support)/ Illuvium (the second largest investor)/ Arweave (as the first institutional investor to be discovered during the downturn of the project). Persist in supporting our optimistic projects and teams for a long time, and accompany them to witness their growth is what we are most proud of.

2. Aztec did not give a better offer than Paradigm and missed the opportunity to lead the investment. Axie infinity, we have discussed 3 rounds of investment opportunities with the team in the past two or three years (from valuations of 5m to 50m to 500m), but in the end there was no investment. At that time, the understanding of Gamefi was not in place/the fear of the failure rate of bear market projects, conservative made us miss a unicorn, but it is precisely because of these face-slapped cases and the experience of reflecting on the wrong that the organization can go further and further. /The more you argue, the more you know.

3. The east will become the west. IOSG hopes to grow rapidly with Asian funds, and to export the investment culture and achievements of the Eastern market to the West with everyone, and compare with Western investment institutions!

4. Expanding the large-scale deployment of Layer 2 and Gamefi/SocialFi will rise and fall.

Smrti Labs Bowen

1. I have been working as an LP in the uncrowned king of CRV.

2. Missed some of the early potential energy judgments of the ETH challenger.

3. I hope to make an On-Chain Game that everyone likes 

4. GameFi 1.0 Play to Earn; GameFi 2.0 Fun to Play; GameFi 3.0 Fun to Pay.

Yang, Partner, Spark Digital Capital 

1. Leading Superfarm, investing in 20 years, hodl in 21 years, with a maximum return of 2000 times, looking forward to the performance in 2022.

2. Buying NFT land and buying less land. Everything was expensive at the beginning of the year. Now it seems that the price is reasonable. In addition to resuming the land in the new year, we also plan to set up a decoration team to be a contractor.

3. Continue to bet. As the industry and portfolio grow together, to vote for two truly disruptive projects that can cross the cycle. I believe I will be able to wait until ROYAL FLUSH.

4. From the perspective of industry trends, more outsiders are not only curious and wait-and-see, but truly participate and devote themselves. From all levels, I still believe that the blockchain will definitely become the real mainstream world infrastructure. From a revenue point of view, making money will become more difficult, but don’t leave the table, the blockchain industry is an infinite game.

Su Ye, Partner, ArkStream Capital

1. Invested and added two rounds of the Metaverse project Realy. What they are doing is the blueprint of the cyber city that I envisioned.

2. Watching AXS drive the entire Gamefi to take off, regretting that when I met the Axie team in Vietnam in 18 years, because of prejudice, I did not recognize this future unicorn at all.

3. Become one of the Chinese VCs that output the most content/viewpoints in the English-speaking world.

4. In the Web3 era, the social form will be squashed, and the boundaries between nations and races will gradually fade. In the future, the first sentence we will meet is not I’m Chinese, but I’m from xxx DAO.

Yu Jun, Partner of A&T Capital

1. Established A&T Capital with like-minded partners. At present, I have invested in more than 30 projects. At present, every investment is very satisfied and proud. I believe that they bring not only financial returns, but also to the industry. Promotion of development.

2. Overworked and fattened by 10 kilograms of fat.

3. Lose weight 10 catties.

4. Gamefi2.0 will appear. Some people play to earn and some people play for fun. Many people who really pay for fun will form a positive cycle business model.

Pionex COO Haze

1. Participated in LIV’s investment and PEOPLE’s donation, actively participated in new things, and united knowledge and action.

2. I have been paying attention to AXS. I played it in the earliest stage. I felt that the gameplay was too bad, so I missed it. When I saw CryptoPunk, it only cost 12 ETH, but I didn’t carefully study why it is so valuable. I just thought it was expensive. I didn’t participate, it was biased, so I saw that BAYC also continued to miss it.

3. Help more users to use grid trading robots and trade rationally.

4. The industry is developing too fast, and the imagination is much larger than before, and it is difficult to judge. The only solution: to do a good job in investment allocation, hold it steadily, and grow with the industry.

Amber, Head of Dapper Labs China 

1. Established the Dapper Labs China avengers team, everyone is a good organization of a team.

2. I didn’t spend enough time to exercise, but I started participating in the fitness DAO at the end of 2021, hoping to meet new challenges in the best state at any time.

3. Let ordinary people feel the charm of blockchain, small goal: 10 million users.

4. Interoperable Web 3, more composability, our destination is the sea of ​​stars!

James Wo, founder of DFG

1. Can hold DOT better than almost everyone.

2. SOL was sold as soon as it went online.

3. Basically achieved in 2021, hope for steady growth in 2022

4. Supercycle.

Jsquare Group Co-founder Joanna

1. Heavy storage of Metaverse, NFT, Gaming.

2. Everything is satisfactory, except for a whole year of upside-down work and rest, and you will be more at ease in the coming year.

3. Make more% in 2022.

4. Everyone found out: Ah, it’s so fragrant.

Wayne, founder of Axia8 Ventures

1. The unity of knowledge and action firmly implements the methods and attitudes of participating in the industry.

2. There is no way to give more support to many projects.

3. Continue to expand the internal technical capacity, increase product output, and explore the unknown & gather strength with more entrepreneurs.

4. There are a lot of huge opportunities in the future, whether from cross-border policy differences, diversified business model innovation, web3 native data construction, to non-crypto hard core technology & blockchain links will drive multiplying economic activities.

Yi Lihua, Founder of LD Capital

1. We are satisfied with most of the investment in 2021. In addition to the rate of return, we also emphasize the interaction with the industry, the sense of participation, and the different experiences of cooperation with each project.

2. In the early days, we ignored the rise of new public chains, such as Solana, AVAX, etc. Although we also participated in the layout, it was relatively late. This is why we are now focusing on the smart contract assembly created by the IOTA team.

3. I hope LD can invest in more high-quality projects to advance the organization’s global business and continue to improve post-investment services.

4. Blockchain and encryption applications will expand from the native user base to the entire Internet, realizing a real landing and consumer-level user scale. The industry is ushering in a blowout opportunity, allowing the world’s outstanding people to have no borders and permissionless places. Participate in innovation.

BCA Network Co-founder and CEO Kennnen

1. BCA held the world’s first offline NFT exhibition at UCCA Lab in March this year. It was also the first time that Beeple and CryptoPunk appeared in China. Let the overseas encryption world and the media pay more attention to China’s encryption art world.

2. Regret that I didn’t buy more CryptoPunk at the beginning of the year, and I didn’t have the unity of knowing and doing.

3. MetaOpus will become a new NFT Marketplace in the field of crypto art, which will change the world of art and crypto.

4. In 2022, a number of diversified NFT sub-categories will quickly emerge. For example, music NFT will develop rapidly; the entire industry will also welcome DAO organizations, and DAO will be applied and practiced in a broader sense. To sum up, everyone can have their favorite NFT and join their favorite DAO.

Mask Ecology Manager Natural

1. Mask successfully issued assets, and the mini-program ecology has begun to take shape, adding AGLD and SOS at low prices.

2. OHM played very early but withdrew very early and missed most of it. Completely underestimated the multi-chain ecology.

3. Mask social family bucket (including several social components of investment incubation) can fly together and live a million+ monthly.

4. Maybe there will not be a particularly big bear market? 

Sleepy, co-founder of WeirDAO, crypto artist, and law actor

1. I bought Bored Ape Yacht Club when the floor price was 0.2 ETH.

2. Sold Bored Ape Yacht Club when the floor price was 40 ETH. (Odaily Note: The current floor price is 59 ETH)

3. I hope WeirdAO will become an internationally renowned artist group; I lose weight to 160 catties.

4. NFT has entered thousands of households.

Lurpis, founder of Bifrost

1. The Kusama Parachain was successfully bid in the first round. At present, the first round is the most cost-effective batch of parachains.

2. SALP is one step late to support Polkadot and missed the most active time for Polkadot bidding. The total casting volume (TVM) of vsDOT is about $200M less.

3. In 2022, TVM will reach $5.5B.

4. Web3 is the next hot spot, but not Web3 as VCs said, but Gavin said.

Cosine, founder of SlowMist Technology

1. Attaches great importance to the supervision of various countries, especially China. This is a key sustainable decision for long-term development.

3. In 2022, safety comes first, others are not critical.

4. The blockchain industry in China continues to develop mediocrely, and there will be no big surprises. While cryptocurrencies continue to be magnificent and stimulating overseas, but the risks continue.

Max, Head of Operations, Hash Power 360

1. I have experienced pains most of the time this year: mining was banned in China in May, and it was not easy to move, expand overseas, and finally land in North America.

3. TSE (Top Speed ​​Energy) has become the most friendly North American mining company to Chinese miners.

4. In 2022, the production capacity of overseas mines will be gradually released. A large number of mining machines will be released and flooded into the market. 300 E/s full network computing power is just around the corner. Low-cost energy, new technology (oil/liquid cooling) and embracing the mainstream will become stable in the future The main method of mining and maintaining higher returns.

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