“2022 Metaverse Industry Map” was released, will “AI + Metaverse” become the next super outlet?

Focus on the development trend of the integration and mutual promotion of artificial intelligence and the Metaverse.

"2022 Metaverse Industry Map" was released, will "AI + Metaverse" become the next super outlet?

Focus on the development trend of the integration and mutual promotion of artificial intelligence and the Metaverse.

On September 1, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Zhilian World Unbounded”. Before the entrance of the opening ceremony, a group of digitizers and virtual idols will serve as the welcome guests. An extraordinary AI feast.

It is worth noting that at the industry development forum of the conference, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology released the “2022 Metaverse Industry Map” (hereinafter referred to as “Industry Map”), which immediately attracted widespread attention in the industry.

At the same time, in the early trading of A-shares today, the concept of the Metaverse was active, and individual stocks rose to varying degrees.

"2022 Metaverse Industry Map" was released, will "AI + Metaverse" become the next super outlet?

Source: China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

For a long time, the concept of the Metaverse has been quite vague, and the understanding of the layout of the industry chain is not the same. The “Industry Map” released this time clearly boils it down to three major sectors: underlying technology, product services, and industry applications, in order to cover the key links in the upstream and downstream of the Metaverse industrial chain.

01AI builds the underlying technology framework of the Metaverse

The concept of the Metaverse has always been considered to build a virtual world that blends with the real society, so it can easily be summed up as a grand application scenario. In fact, the Metaverse also includes a series of cutting-edge underlying technologies.

The “Industry Map” this time divides the underlying technology sectors into four major areas: graphic images, perceptual interaction, digital twins , and trusted data circulation, all of which are more or less related to artificial intelligence. In particular, perceptual interaction, which includes artificial intelligence-related technologies such as computer vision, intelligent speech, natural language processing, and deep learning. At the same time, technologies such as image recognition, pattern recognition, face recognition and expression recognition cannot be avoided in graphic images, which are the branches of computer vision in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is also essential for digital twins. For example, artificial intelligence automatically generated content (AIGC) will subvert the existing content production model, create content with unique value and independent perspective at lower cost and higher efficiency, and will greatly improve the efficiency of digital twins. In addition, the field of trusted data circulation also requires artificial intelligence to label data, and “trustworthiness” has also become one of the important elements of artificial intelligence.

As Yuan Foyu, vice president of Baidu Group, said: “The real Metaverse will be the perfect combination of powerful AI capabilities and virtual space. Without the underlying framework of AI construction, it is impossible to create a captivating Metaverse superstructure.”

Therefore, the underlying technology of the Metaverse is inseparable from artificial intelligence, and even the underlying technology of the Metaverse is constructed by artificial intelligence-related technologies.

02AI enabled the application of Metaverse products

At present, the well-known application scenarios of the Metaverse mainly revolve around the consumption areas of To C-end, such as games and social interaction. In fact, the application scenarios of the Metaverse are very extensive, including cultural tourism, office, shopping, and film and television. At the same time, the Metaverse also has rich application scenarios in the two fields of manufacturing and public services on the To B side. Of course, behind these application scenarios, artificial intelligence is needed as the support of the brain.

For example, in the car scene, AI has a deep collision with the Metaverse. On the one hand, with the development of automobile intelligence, it brings users a new interactive experience, and the interaction is the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the Metaverse, such as face recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition, etc., which are actually typical artificial Intelligent technology; on the other hand, with the deepening of intelligence, the voice that the car will become the next generation of intelligent terminal is getting louder and louder, and the Metaverse needs the entrance, so the smart car is also considered to be the entrance to the Metaverse. At the same time, typical smart car scenarios such as smart cockpit and autonomous driving are inseparable from artificial intelligence.

In the product service sector, the digital human system is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching products in the Metaverse. Like the digital people and virtual idols at this conference, digital people have formed a brand new industry, and their applications have already entered all aspects of our life and work. For example, in cultural tourism, social interaction, entertainment, and public services, digital people can be seen everywhere today.

In fact, the digital human is also an artificial intelligence application scenario. It not only needs vision, hearing, etc. to build a perception system, but also can’t do without deep learning, neural networks, etc. to build an emotional system. It also uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate content technology to achieve a more realistic appearance. Image, these are artificial intelligence related technologies.

In this regard, Robin Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, believes that artificial intelligence is gradually moving from understanding language, understanding text, understanding pictures, and understanding video to generating content.

Still, digital humans are a difficult point for the Metaverse. Pan Yunhe, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Zhejiang University, believes that the Metaverse needs to simulate the physical world on the one hand, and human society on the other, and the difficulty is the digital human. On the surface, a digital human is a virtual human with a digital appearance, which not only expresses the appearance of the human being, the movement of the human being, the cognitive ability of the human being, but also the personalized data of the human being.

Therefore, the development of digital humans still has a long way to go. The key lies in the development of artificial intelligence technology to make digital humans more “realistic”.

03The next super outlet

2021 is considered to be the “first year of the Metaverse”, technology giants and capital rushed in for a while, and the concept of the Metaverse became popular.

Liang Youmei, CEO of Meta Greater China, quoted the Metaverse report released in the first half of 2022, saying that by 2030, the Metaverse economy is expected to contribute more than 3 trillion US dollars to the world GDP, of which the Metaverse GDP in the Asia-Pacific region will exceed 1 trillion US dollars.

Liu Minghua, Deputy CEO and Chief Quality and Transformation Officer of Deloitte China, pointed out that in 2030, the market size of China’s Metaverse will reach 40 trillion yuan, which will be 20% of GDP, and the electronic products and wearable devices in the Metaverse will be worth 1,000 yuan. One hundred million U.S. dollars.

According to iiMedia Research’s consulting report, China’s Metaverse has raised 5.46 billion yuan in financing, 160,000 Chinese virtual human companies, and more than 20 provinces/cities supporting Metaverse.

The above data all show that the Metaverse has formed a brand new trend at home and abroad, and it has also become a recognized new outlet. At the same time, artificial intelligence is already a trillion-dollar market full of opportunities, and the superposition of it and the Metaverse will undoubtedly form a super outlet.

For a long time, the vision of artificial intelligence has been to empower thousands of industries, resulting in new concepts and new models such as AI+manufacturing, AI+transportation, and AI+medical care. Now deeply integrated with the Metaverse, artificial intelligence will be an important underlying technology to participate in the construction of a brand new world.

AI + Metaverse, unlimited imagination.

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