2022 is almost halfway through, will digital music collections take off?

At present, the domestic digital collection market is developing vigorously, various platforms continue to release new ones, and a large number of digital collections continue to emerge in the market. From traditional culture to the second dimension, from sports to fashion, from news to public welfare, digital collections have a wide range of content, and in these various digital collection markets, one type of digital collection seems to be emerging and showing its unique charm, that is music Digital Collection.

Judging from the current sales of mainstream digital collection platforms and the overall digital collection market, music digital collections are definitely not a mainstream digital collection type, and the overall number does not account for much. Nonetheless, music digital collections may be a big part of the domestic music market. The development brings more possibilities and innovations .

In fact, the appearance of digital music collections in China may be earlier than we think.

In May 2021, singer-songwriter A Duo released the first NFT music work “Water Know” in China (mainland region). The song was encrypted by Ant Chain technology, and the cover and digital art of Ali Auction 520 Auction Festival NFT Digital Art Special. The authorship rights of the songs were auctioned for public welfare, and the proceeds from the auction will be used to support the One Foundation One Paradise Music Classroom project.


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At the same time, the name of the final winner will also be included in the song “WATER KNOW” to commemorate the cross-border and cross-dimensional cooperation between the winner and A Duo. Although everyone can enjoy the song, only one person can have the attribution rights to the song.

From the launch of NFT music to the public auction, the whole process was an experimental and innovative attempt, and this attempt actually laid the foundation for a new chapter in the domestic music market.

More than two months after Aduo launched the music NFT, on August 15, 2021, the second day of the Qixi Festival, singer Hu Yanbin’s 20th anniversary vinyl digital collection of the single “Monk” was officially released on the QQ music platform. In 2001 Zhang’s limited-edition digital vinyl was sold out as soon as it went online, and the sale attracted nearly 80,000 people to make an appointment.

Unlike the released song “Monk”, this is “a treasured, unreleased demo version of “The Monk” from 2001″.


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This is not only the first time that Tencent Music has combined music with NFT technology, but also the first time that a domestic mainstream music platform has launched a digital music collection. This sale also marks Tencent Music’s determination to create a digital music collection. Tencent also launched the TME digital collection platform. .

Since then, TME Digital Collection has released music digital collections including Tengger, Zhang Chu, Luo Dayou and many other musicians.


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With the development of the domestic market, although digital music collections are still a “niche” product compared to other types of digital collections, TME is no longer the only platform for selling digital music collections.

Whale Scout, Magic Nucleus, iBox, Mints Thin Box and other small and medium-sized platforms have all launched digital music collections. At the same time, there have also been platforms mainly based on music digital collections. Although there is no background and resource advantages, to a certain extent This is also a positive direction.

Of course, there must be some people who buy digital collections for investment purposes, but there are also people for pure collection purposes. It all depends on the music on which the digital collection is based or the musicians behind it.

As a unique existence, most of the time, for listeners, in addition to being attracted by the music itself, we also often have an “obsession” with the musicians behind the music.

We are eager to “connect” with our favorite singers, so we want to support them as much as possible and participate in every important event related to them as much as possible, and the music digital collection is another way to connect singers with fans way together.

Compared with physical records, digital music collections will also bring some specific “surprises”.

Take Hu Yanbin as an example. For Hu Yanbin’s fans, they can obtain demos of songs that were not released 20 years ago, and the digital collection of demos is not only scarce in quantity, but also marked on the blockchain, with traceability and uniqueness. This not only represents a unique memory between fans and singers, but also a special way of “authentication” for die-hard fans.

In addition, digital music collections are not only limited to bringing the experience to the ears, but buyers can also obtain an “immersive experience” and an exclusive visual experience.

Although the current digital music collection is not in the mainstream position in the domestic market, it is even considered a “niche”, but it is undeniable that the music digital collection is bringing more possibilities to the music industry.

From the phonograph era to the recording era to the streaming media era, digital technology continues to influence and change the development of music, and now digital collections are gradually breaking the limitations and bringing more creativity to the presentation and expression of music.


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