2022 in the crypto market: what am I expecting?

We have experienced a magnificent 2021, and we are about to usher in an even more magnificent 2022.

I don’t know what you are looking forward to in 2022. Personally, the biggest difference between me this year and previous years is that my biggest expectations are no longer soaring, because the current market volume is going to double many times. Reality. Stability and slowness are the main theme of the future.

So what am I most looking forward to now? I look forward to more and more innovations in this market. I hope that more interesting new things will come out in 2022. After all, we are already at the forefront of the innovation field of Metaverse. Only when something comes out can we continue to digest the growing bubble.

Let’s talk about a few major trends that everyone is more concerned about:

– The market fluctuates slightly following the mainstream financial market, and on this basis, there are about 2-3 waves of slightly larger quotations.

– The big pancake mainly digests the recent two-year gains sideways. On this basis, the sector continues to rotate.

–All sectors have risen and fallen. There are big bulls and deep bears.

–The market will continue to reward breakthrough innovations, even if there are many shortcomings in the beauty of this innovation

–The very vague concept of the Metaverse needs to be gradually realized. This process will involve a lot of trial and error, and there will be a lot of pits, but there are also opportunities in the pits.

–Product experience will become very important. Whether it’s web3 applications, games, or DeFi projects, it needs to go from rough to use to exquisite and easy to use.

–There will be no big bear market like extreme despair and no waves, you can rest assured

The above is what I think is the main trend in 2022 (the probability of face-slapping is estimated to be high)

Let me talk about the three most optimistic directions, and I am most looking forward to the cool new things in these directions.

“Concretization” of the Metaverse

As the name suggests, this direction is to allow this year’s almost completely “empty” Metaverse concept to have a specific and exploreable direction. It can be a game, it can be a variety of simulators, it can be some kind of virtual space, it can be anything, as long as it is a feature Let people see and think that “this is the Metaverse” is enough, whatever it is.

Of course, at present, metagame (gamefi) has the greatest hope. After all, it is easiest for people to feel the existence of metauniverse in a complete virtual game ecosystem. And because of the current metagame collapse, the first waves have fallen on the beach in large numbers, and the opportunities and space for latecomers are still great.

You can always look forward to new games and new things. This is what I like most about Metaverse, because no one can define it, so everyone can define it. The space is very large and the pattern can be opened at will.

Once the pattern is opened, you will be hungry for nine meals in three days (not

Anyway, it means this. The Metaverse is in a state of chaos, with a lot of noise in the middle. You need to push through the layers of fog to find the really interesting thing, and that will bring you wealth.

Although most of the things that come out are rubbish, we should not stop accepting new things in the name of the Metaverse.

Web3 useful products

The most different point between Web3 and Metaverse is that one requires unconstrained imagination, and the other is a product that needs to be implemented on the ground.

What is web3? Easy to use is web3.

Why do we hate web2? Difficult to use, closed, no privacy, no data, users have no rights and no rights.

So we embrace web3, but you say that you are web3 is useless, you have to take out things, after all, the things that web3 said are all things that everyone has eaten before, and painting a big cake flickers for a while, until the end It still depends on the product landing.

So if you are interested in the web3 track, you don’t need to rush to layout in advance . You should invest in the layout when you see the product, use the product, and feel that the Internet product should be efficient, comfortable and decent.

There is no need to follow the trend to speculate concepts, web3 is not for you to speculate concepts.


Why put these two together, because I think that NFT and DAO are actually very similar. Do you think that people scrambled for that picture when they scrambled for NFT? Obviously not, what people want is the huge community behind this picture.

Why can monkeys flip Punk? The community is running well.

What did you actually buy when you bought an NFT? Is it the picture that can be downloaded by the right button?Obviously not. What you bought is an on-chain certificate, which can enter the DAO behind this NFT. This is what most people want.

So in fact, behind every mature NFT is one DAO after another.

Similarly, I think the NFT trading platform should actually be a DAO, not a centralized product. However, I haven’t seen what is done well. When I see what I think is not bad, I will share it on Twitter. The coming day is long, so don’t worry.

In the past few months, there have been a lot of various DAOs flying all over the sky in a mess. The DAO has been changed, and it seems to be a good thing. In fact, they are all fooling and issuing coins. Most of them can’t be done, but they are still worthy of attention. I personally think that there will always be one. Even those who have not risen, in fact, as long as a consensus has been reached for a short time, they are worthy of attention and study, which is quite interesting.

2022 should be the year of the DAO. Of course, most DAOs will end in the collapse of consensus and the members will retreat, but there will be a few who will come out of the ruins and let people feel the light of decentralized organizations.

**Disclaimer: I do not hold all the above mentioned NFTs (Crying

In addition to these directions, there are of course many other directions worthy of attention, such as the further development of defi, the competition of public chains, infrastructure construction, etc., etc. The track is more and more mature, so good. matter.

Then talk about some slightly more specific investment advice.

1. Regarding long-term investment in this market in the future

It is okay to hold value investment for good projects for a long time, but you must figure out what percentage of positions you can hold for value investment. The most difficult thing is not a bear market where everyone is bearish, but only you are a bear market, and there is a bull market outside.

Just like this year’s meme coin boom, you are full of defi coins. It’s really uncomfortable. It’s like someone else puts piles of shit in front of you to show off, telling you that this is a value coin, and you are a shit. Just as uncomfortable.

Of course it’s funny looking back now, but in the environment at that time, you would really doubt life.

In the future, in addition to long-term holding of a few core coins, if you want to hold other projects for a long time, you must control your position. After all, once the forums rotate, you are not only losing money during the “negative cycle” stage, but also look like a stubborn and unpretentious big SB that can’t keep up with the times, which is very uncomfortable.

People are never afraid of losing money, they are afraid that there is no hope, and they will be ridiculed.

2. About the new public chain

Many people predict that the China-Singapore public chain is a very important part, but instead, I feel that the market value is already very high and it has to be slowed down.

In fact, in addition to ETH, many of the popular ones are Cardano, Solana, and polkadot. They are actually projects four or five years ago. They have technological innovations and have gained enough market value, but the technology and data are nothing further. If we make a breakthrough, I think we still need to settle the ecology.

If you are particularly interested in a certain public chain, if you are particularly optimistic, in fact, instead of buying coins directly, I recommend exploring it in the ecology of the public chain. If the public chain token itself is beta in a public chain ecosystem, then the above token is alpha, and their increase will not be less than that of the public chain token itself, and because of the LP mining bonus, it is even more effective.

In short, it is better to explore new things on the chain than simply holding money and so on. After all, this is not the era of pure storytelling anymore, you have to go play to know if there is something.

I still look forward to a new public chain that can stand up to challenge Ethereum. After all, Ethereum is going to 2.0 and PoW is gone. Everyone is back on a runway.

3. About DeFi

I like DeFi very much. I also made a lot of money on DeFi in 2021. I think this is a very huge innovation, especially for DEX. You can trade cryptocurrency by connecting your wallet. Compared with “register and log in to KYC, then deposit coins” In terms of the experience of CEX, it is very, very decent.

And we can see that the overall iteration speed of DeFi is still quite fast, and the head projects are actually pretty good as an investment. And if you go to LP to collect fees for mining, it is actually much better than simply holding it. There is daily income, no matter how much it is, it can increase your investment confidence.

It is also a great contribution of DeFi to allow each currency to generate revenue.

This track is bound to continue to be paid attention to. Both the Metaverse era and the web3 era are inseparable from these most basic financial tools in the DeFi track.

DeFi is the banking and financial industry in the Metaverse era. It is hoped that in 2022, the overall asset scale and the number of users can be increased by an order of magnitude, and that is it.

Let’s talk about it. If you think about it, post a long tweet. Remember to follow my tweet: @William11Chan

I hope everyone can ride the wind and waves in 2022~~~~~

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