2021 Metaverse Industry Ecological Atlas Released: Overview of the first batch of selected companies in five major fields

Metaverse, often called “Metaverse” in Chinese, its concept encompasses AI, communication networks, digital derivatives, 3D development engines, AR/VR/MR, content communities and other fields. “Roblox” has been included in the prospectus since 2020. After writing “Metaverse”, the topic about this concept and the next Internet era was detonated.

Perhaps when the original iPhone was released, it was difficult for us to predict that P/UGC content communities such as Douyin and Kuaishou would emerge in the mobile Internet era. However, after the changes in the Internet era, we have reason to believe that new technologies, new products, and new content Driven by the form, Metaverse will bring new value and imagination to entrepreneurs, content platform parties and even every user with creative ability.

After nearly a year of in-depth observation and visits, as well as the collection of outstanding projects in the five areas of Metaverse’s new infrastructure, content ecology, XR ecology, AI, and blockchain ecology, 36氪? has tapped the potential of many core competitiveness in the industry Enterprises and innovative products, and today officially released the “Metaverse Industry Ecological Atlas in 2021”.

As version 1.0 of the map, 34 cases of enterprises or projects are included in the five major fields, and the role and development path of 8 cases in the industry are introduced in detail.


“The Ecological Atlas of Metaverse in 2021”-produced by 36 krypton; this map does not constitute any investment advice

Metaverse-New Infrastructure

Seahorse cloud

Relying on the full-stack self-developed core technology, we will deepen the real-time interactive graphics rendering cloud computing service field represented by cloud game computing services, and provide the industry with powerful and cost-effective graphics computing cloud services. Service scenarios include cloud games, cloud mobile phones, and cloud Rendering, cloud coding, etc.

Self-developed high-density ARM array server, deeply customized X86 computing power server; self-developed container-based Android instantiation, distributed container management platform, deeply customized HMRTC real-time interactive streaming media system, full dynamic coding, game pre-pooling technology, etc. Ten patented technologies. Haima Cloud currently has 20,000+ self-developed servers, and has established the largest edge computing network in the cloud gaming field, with more than 30 service nodes, over 35 million independent devices used per month, over 250,000+ concurrent users, and over 10,000 games running on the platform .

With the continuous evolution of game cloudification-cloud native games-Metaverse, real-time visual and graphic computing, real-time interaction of massive users, and digital twins that reference the real world have greatly increased the demand for computing power. Haima Cloud is carrying out research and storage of a new generation of computing architecture. The self-developed fourth-generation server released in July 2021 can achieve high-quality gaming experience of 8K/30FPS and 4K/120FPS, and the instance network speed has been increased from 1Gbps to 2.5Gbps, supports greater concurrent data communication. In addition, the company is carrying out a number of forward-looking technical researches on Metaverse, researching and optimizing Metaverse-oriented computing architecture and software capability architecture, hoping to become the cornerstone of Metaverse’s computing power through technological innovation and infrastructure construction.

Spirit Realm to Dimension

Lingjing Zhiwei is a platform to create a connected and open digital space for brands and artistic activities. Based on the interactive technology of the Web, users can freely enter the virtual world from mobile phones and PCs anytime and anywhere. Each digital space can contain diversified functions such as open world, online live broadcast, high-fidelity 3D experience, interactive video, gamified character image, and social network communication. These digital spaces can be connected to each other to build a connected virtual community and world .

By using capabilities including user experience design, 3D vision, and digital interaction technology to build a customized digital space, Lingjingzhiwei is able to quickly match scenarios such as online virtual meetings, entertainment interactions, and online communities with the needs of the brand. To achieve commercialization, and at the same time allow users to participate in the world of Metaverse at a lower cost.


Image source: official company


Image source: official company

Yuntian Imagine

Yuntian Imagine focuses on the interactive video cloud computing of “Ultra HD, strong interaction, low latency”, and integrates software and hardware in core areas such as GPU hardware architecture, operating system, graphics rendering, video codec, virtualization, and edge cloud. Customized optimization and breakthroughs, to achieve cost-effective interactive video cloud PaaS services, to create a rich solution in the fields of cloud gaming, ultra-high-definition interactive cloud video, video AI, cloud VR, etc. that can be commercialized on a large scale.

Yuntian Imagine is positioned as a new infrastructure builder and PaaS solution service provider in the Metaverse industry. The company builds a 5G cloud-network-integrated real-time computing power network based on self-developed and customized GPU computing architecture, graphics rendering, video encoding and decoding, and edge Computing and other technologies, as well as 5G interactive video cloud PaaS capabilities such as cloud gaming, cloud VR, video AI, ultra-high-definition interactive video cloud video, etc., are the basic technical capabilities of the important infrastructure to realize the Metaverse form. Take cloud games that can break through the limitations of local hardware as an example. The flexible distribution of cloud and local computing power allows you to click and play anytime, anywhere, improve the efficiency of Metaverse’s high-quality content distribution, and optimize game performance and experience. This is the prototype of Metaverse. Important path.


Image source: official company

Metaverse-content ecology

Middle Mobile Games

With IP as the core, the company provides premium IP games for global players through independent research and joint research and development, and builds an IP game ecosystem. Through its own IP operations such as “Legend of Sword and Fairy” and “Monopoly”, we continue to create high-quality content and interactive experience for users, and create high-quality IP. Currently, “The Legend of the Sword and the Fairy: The World” is being researched as one of the forms of the universe of the fairy sword.

At this stage, mobile games have been continuously deployed in games, film and television, content, model play, authorization, offline and other related industry chains that are indispensable for the construction of Metaverse. It is expected that the fairy sword co-creation community will be launched next year, and the opening will be launched in 2023. The world game “Legend of Sword and Fairy: The World”. The Fairy Sword Co-Creation Community will provide an active UGC ecosystem for Fairy Sword IP, as well as the Fairy Sword IP product “Legend of Sword and Fairy: World”, which is a cross-platform open world RPG under research. Both will provide support for the “Sword Universe”, a virtual world and a real world. The world completes the link through the fairy sword IP and the anchor point of “Legend of Sword and Fairy: The World”.

Metaverse-XR ecology

EM3 (Beijing Yilian Technology Co., Ltd.)

Independent research and development of the “HOLA” virtual social system, using virtual reality technology to restore the real communication experience, making it possible to “meet” anytime, anywhere, application scenarios include: remote communication, virtual office, VR live broadcast, etc.

The system is composed of VR/AR headsets and software applications. The hardware provides access and the software provides the platform. Lightweight, cross-platform, and high-fidelity are the core features of the system.

EM3’s head-mounted display is positioned for social and remote communication. Lightweight, high image quality, and light interaction are the most important considerations in product design. Based on different optical solutions to meet the needs of different communication scenarios, AR is suitable for communication around the target, and VR is suitable for immersive communication. The core of the software is cross-platform, so that users of different terminals can communicate in the same system, and different scenarios are set to provide atmosphere and props for different communication modes.

Social interaction plays a key role in the formation of a user network. EM3 hopes to use virtual reality technology to establish communication between people, form a stable social relationship, and then build a complete social system. The formation of business models and economic systems is inseparable from the establishment of a social system, which is a necessary link for the Metaverse ecology to enter a healthy development.


Biao Bei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Biaobei Technology is positioned as an artificial intelligence voice interactive service provider, based on the AI+SaaS open platform, to build data services and industry solutions. In terms of voice technology, Biaobei has developed and launched high-quality general speech synthesis solutions and personalized customization services, including TTS customization, voice reproduction, voice conversion, etc., which can highly restore natural human voices and cooperate with virtual humans for voice interaction in real scenes. .

Speech synthesis is one of the core technologies of Biaobei Technology, and its technological innovation route is as follows:

In the TTS1.0 stage, Biaobei took the lead in introducing the attention mechanism into TTS, and realized commercialization, and launched the sound workshop; in the TTS2.0 stage, the neural network vocoder was introduced to strengthen the ability of personalized voice customization, and expand the types of tones and application scenarios; TTS3 In the .0 stage, the transformer mechanism and GAN’s deep learning technology are introduced, focusing on optimizing the sound experience of audiobook scenes.

Relying on a large amount of high-quality own data, Biao Bei has trained a basic model with excellent performance, so that the data requirements of customers’ timbre customization can be reduced from the traditional tens of thousands of sentences to hundreds of sentences, and new timbres can be quickly generated. Low-cost sound customization. Taking the basic scene game industry of Metaverse as an example, Biaobei Technology’s speech synthesis can customize its own virtual human voice for each NPC and player according to different scenes, creating a more intelligent, personalized and natural and realistic interactive experience.

Zhongke Shenzhi

Zhongke Shenzhi has developed a multi-modal virtual human motion drive engine to realize motion capture sensor drive, AI script drive, voice drive, camera drive and other technologies, and develop and externally output lighthouse-based high-precision large-space positioning technology. In terms of business, Zhongke Shenzhi provides standardized products such as e-commerce smart anchors and virtual live broadcasts to the market, and provides “customized solutions + standard products” SAAS services based on real-time animation images, which are mainly used in four areas: rapid animation production, Motion capture and mixed reality imaging, virtual live broadcast, super large space positioning system.

Through AI technology, motion capture algorithm and real-time rendering engine, Zhongke Shenzhi has built a real-time animation image middle station “MotionVerse” covering the form of pan-content, which can help content developers quickly produce XR image content and solve various businesses in the Metaverse. The virtual content production of the scene provides technical support.

Based on the large space positioning and motion capture technology of Zhongke Shenzhi, users can interact with virtual people and virtual objects. At the same time, Zhongke Shenzhi provides a large space positioning SDK to Metaverse developers to help developers develop industry applications with a lower threshold.

Metaverse-blockchain ecology


OEC is an open source high-performance decentralized transaction public chain, which aims to create a completely open blockchain community. Anyone can use the source code to build their own transaction chain, or build applications on the transaction chain through smart contracts. .

GameFi and NFT are important elements of the Metaverse concept and the focus of OEC’s layout. In August of this year, OEC launched the GameFi Hackathon. In September, OEC was connected to the OEC DeFi Hub product page, and the OEC NFT market has thus become an important part of the OEC ecosystem. A variety of NFT assets are available for users to choose from.

As a participant and builder of the blockchain industry, OEC launched the “Ten Million Dollar Fund to Boost Metaverse Program” in August this year, and helped Metaverse through a series of measures such as special investment funds, GameFi thematic Hackathon, and GameFi project incubator. , GameFi and other fields have accelerated their growth. At the same time, OEC has successively launched several high-quality Metaverse and GameFi projects such as BladeWarrior and CryptoGladiator. It has gathered a large number of excellent Metaverse project developers and players to build a Metaverse ecosystem with GameFi as the main line and numerous sub-applications.


Image source: official company

Write at the end

The 1.0 version of the Metaverse Ecological Atlas is based on the research of the past year. The follow-up 36Kr will continue to update and enrich the content, and continue to bring cutting-edge information to the market, but this is not our only move when the new wind direction arrives.

In November 2021, 36Kr officially announced that it would release a digital collection for the first time, officially kicking off the construction of 36Kr’s meta-cosmos. 36Kr will use the day’s date “1124” as the commemorative node, and Tencent Magic Core will jointly issue a total of 1124 Metaverse identity certifications, and provide a total of 1124 digital collections as souvenirs for on-site and online audiences. The digital collection is issued in limited quantities, cannot be copied, is scarce in quantity, has great collection value, and is unique and exclusive, cannot be transferred or traded, and does not have investment attributes. In addition, 36Kr is discussing cooperation models with more companies in different fields in the Metaverse industry ecology.

2021 may be called the “first year of the Metaverse”, but we don’t want to define it this way. From the perspective of the development progress of enterprises in the five major sectors of the industry, if you want to enter a virtual world with an excellent experience, an orderly environment, a low barrier to entry, and never downtime, the industry and users need to work together for several years or even longer. This does not affect everyone’s joint efforts towards the new goal of digital development.

It is believed that under the layout of Metaverse, 36Kr will jointly explore new growth space with the industry.

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