2021 Metaverse Annual Report: Can you carry the banner of the Internet and recreate a 10 trillion market?

Looking back at 2021, when Metaverse is out of reach in 10 minutes, what kind of development will be ushered in in the new year?



Top ten keywords of the year

  • Roblox, Fortnite, NFT, Nvidia, “Out of Control Player”
  • AR glasses, Meta, virtual person, virtual land, Metaverse

Current status of the Metaverse industry

  • Technology companies are deploying Metaverse one after another
  • Investment institutions actively enter the market
  • AR/VR ushered in its second spring
  • Metaverse is transitioning to the growth stage of the industry

Metaverse Annual View

2022 Outlook/Forecast



From the authoritative activity of “Chinese Inventory 2021”, we can intuitively see the fashion trend of the past year. “Metaverse” should be the only vocabulary that is not only the word of 2021, but also the top ten online terms of 2021. Through this Activities, we can already see how popular the Metaverse will be in 2021.

At the end of the year, after experiencing the ups and downs of this year, Metaverse has not fallen in popularity. Instead, it has continued to advance with the annual summary of major industries. After all, many technology companies or industry leaders are inseparable from discussing technological development. Discussing the Metaverse, so every assembly of the Metaverse is like a new year, because the gathering has become more lively.

Of course, with the popularity of Metaverse, all kinds of voices flood the industry. There are persistently optimistic views, there are also theories that Metaverse is full of bubbles, and there are hesitations to stop and wait and see, but these can’t prevent the arrival of Metaverse. And development, after all, we are all the dust of history, but to shine in history is our mission day after day.

As the early observers and forerunners of the metaverse industry, we have deeply experienced the expression of the “Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet”. From the few people in the first half of the year to the hot outing of the second half of the year, we experienced a round of ” “Standing in the wind” feels, but these are the mighty times of the times.Looking back at the development of the industry this year, we need to look at the development of this emerging industry more objectively and calmly. Therefore, we have joined forces with OE Research. The Academy compiled this summary of the 2021 Metaverse year-end report .

In this report, we disassemble the triumphant progress of Metaverse in 2021 from the perspectives of practitioners and observers. At the same time, we will make some of our prospects and predictions based on the development context of the industry, and jointly welcome Metaverse in 2022. Coming, the following is the detailed content of the report. We will divide it into four major sections: the top ten keywords of the year, the current status of the metauniverse industry, the annual view of metauniverse, and the outlook for 2022.

Top ten keywords of the year


◉ Roblox

In March of this year, Roblox, one of the world’s largest interactive communities and a massively multiplayer game creation platform, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Metaverse mentioned in its prospectus quickly set off a boom.Therefore, Roblox is also called “the first unit of the Metaverse”.

Roblox’s listing with the Metaverse concept not only detonated the technology industry, but also attracted capital and Internet giants one after another. In April, the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia announced the layout of the Metaverse business; in the same month, the US game company Epic Games also expressed its concern for the Metaverse field. This craze has not only swept overseas, but domestic manufacturers such as Tencent, Byte, and Baidu have also joined it.

Roblox is currently the world’s most influential game creation platform company. In Roblox, everyone has their own digital identity to socialize, and the Robux currency obtained by players on the platform can even be converted with real currency.Unlike most platforms, the economic system built by Roblox connects content creators and consumers. It is not separate. It is precisely this kind of business model reform that makes Roblox a Metaverse feature. Creative platform .

In fact, Roblox is not only a gaming platform, but also an education platform. It goes deep into the education field to create a digital classroom and break the shackles of traditional education models. Perhaps in the future, Roblox is likely to become a standardized learning tool in the Metaverse.


◉ Fort night

In April this year, its developer Epic Games announced the completion of a new round of $1 billion in financing and plans to use it to develop Metaverse. In the same month, the famous American rapper Travis Scott held a virtual concert watched by 27.7 million people on “Fortnite”. The immersive experience left a deep impression on all players.

“Fortnite” has a huge influence. Unlike ordinary shooting games, it has the freedom of content creation and the ability to monetize. Users enter the virtual world to create everything they want . This is also Epic Games can enter the yuan One of the great advantages of the universe.

And Epic Games is not only the trump card of “Fortnite”, it provides game services to players through “Fortnite” on the one hand, and on the other hand, it develops Unreal Engine. It is one of the most high-quality game engines indispensable for high-quality games nowadays. First, it provides realistic visual effects and immersive experience, and it has even been used in some film and television dramas.

Unreal Engine will also serve the digital space that Epic Games is building. In the future, the company will work with content creators to build a new ecosystem that includes games, social interactions, and life.


On March 11, the digital painting “Every Day: First 5000 Days” created by artist Beeple, composed of 5,000 smaller images, was sold at the first NFT auction at Christie’s for more than $69 million. And three years ago, the value of the entire NFT market did not exceed US$4,200. This auction of Beeple opened up a new era of NFT.

As a non-homogeneous token, NFT is inseparable and unique. NFT has become a digital certificate that can anchor various assets. With the rapid expansion of the NFT market, according to relevant data, the scale of NFT transactions in 2021 will reach at least US$26.9 billion .

The reason is that NFT enables users to truly and permanently own the ownership of digital content. At the same time, for art creators, it not only helps copyright protection but also guarantees their royalty income.

Take the Ouyi NFT market as an example. It has access to more than 15,000 popular projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Sandbox, and supports more than 12.58 million NFT transactions.

Plan and launch 25 first-level events, including the world’s first high-level 3D feature-length animated series “Spirit Cage” NFT, antique enamel golden pheasant amphorae NFT and legendary mixed martial artist Anderson Silva’s NFT, etc. The number of users reached more than 18,000, and the sales reached 3.6 million US dollars. This is only the data of an NFT platform, which can be seen.

Of course, the value of NFT is not limited to art. With the popularity of the Metaverse concept, many companies have deployed NFT . At this time, Axie Infinity, a decentralized turn-based strategy game, once again pushed NFT to a climax. The play to earn mode of this game opened another direction to explore the value of NFT.

2021 is the year of NFT. This technology is creating a new partnership, and the emergence of Metaverse also provides new application scenarios for NFT. It is expected that there will be more use cases for NFT in 2022. With the development and maturity of the ecosystem, the scale of NFT may continue to expand in the future.



On December 26, Baidu’s first Metaverse “Greetings” selected Nvidia as a partner, and the two sides jointly built the “AI Metaverse”. This is not the first time Nvidia has involved Metaverse. As early as April this year, Nvidia received attention because of its virtual image “scam”.

At the Nvidia GTC 2021 conference, Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun simulated Huang Renxun himself in a virtual environment through its three-dimensional collaboration platform Omniverse. No one has noticed any abnormalities in the past few months.

Huang Renxun’s speech at Nvidia’s GTC 2021 conference used Megatron 530B, the largest pre-trained natural language processing model in the industry, so his avatar was fluent in conversations with people.

In addition, all actions are generated in real-time, which is completely different from pre-rendering, which means that implementing this technology requires a lot of computing power . Compared with Meta and Microsoft’s Metaverse, which tends to be entertainment and office, Nvidia has shown a more hard-core strength.

Whether it is VR, AR or artificial intelligence, computing power should be a major difficulty in Metaverse technology, and this is also the strength of NVIDIA. At present, it is obvious that they are well prepared. Although Metaverse has a long way to go, Nvidia with the Omniverse platform as the core makes us look forward to Metaverse a little bit more.

◉ Out of control players

On August 27th, the annual sci-fi action comedy “Free Guy” officially landed in mainland China theaters. The movie tells the story of an NPC (that is, a non-player character) in the game “Free City” because of its artificial intelligence engine. Coincidentally, there is a story of self-consciousness after awakening. “Hollywood Reporter” praised the film as “the best game movie so far.”

This is another movie that has been clearly labeled as “Metaverse” after “Number One Player”. Whether it is the “Oasis” of “Number One Player” or the “Free City” of “Out of Control Player”, the bizarre virtual worlds built in it are all It can be called the “Metaverse”.

From the perspective of a game NPC, it breaks the boundary between reality and the game, and presents the audience with an immersive experience of the game world. It can be said that this work in 2021 has completely brought the “Metaverse” to the public’s field of vision.

Games are the best way to express in the virtual world. “Out of Control Players” is a prototype for companies in reality. Metaverse needs to provide users with a full-scale immersive experience from the senses . And VR, which has just emerged from the bottom of the valley, has become the gateway to the virtual world because of the rise of the Metaverse, and it has also brought a turning point for the development of VR.


◉ AR glasses

In September, the smart glasses jointly developed by Facebook and Ray-Ban were officially released, and the product was named “Stories”. As a new smart and fashionable AR device, Stories displays operable information such as text messages, biometrics, calls or turns to users through a head-up display, while allowing the wearer to record video from the first perspective.

This move caused a huge wave of thousand layers for a while. After the fall of Google Glass, Ray-Ban Stories can be said to have attracted much attention.

The material captured by the first-person camera is usually only visible in the movie, but now we can do it through a small pair of glasses, which means that users can record the beautiful fragments of life at any time. At the same time, this AR glasses paved the way for public AR and provided corresponding information for testing key data such as battery, heat, and storage requirements .

Soon after, Xiaomi official Weibo released the exploration version of Xiaomi smart glasses, which uses advanced MicroLED optical waveguide imaging technology and has an independent new smart terminal that looks like ordinary glasses. At the same time, Huawei announced the patent authorization of “Augmented Reality AR Glasses” ; Tencent has disclosed patents for VR devices equipped with eye tracking technology; Nreal Light and Lingxi Glimmer “Aladdin Zero” thin and light AR glasses have been released one after another; OPPO Air Glass and Apple Glass will also go on sale next year.

AR glasses are iterating in the direction of light weight and intelligence. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, Ray-Ban Stories is “an important step towards a future where mobile phones are no longer a core part of our lives.” We believe that it is not just Ray-Ban Stories. All AR glasses are part of this important step.

◉ Meta

On October 29, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated at his developer conference “Connect 2021” that the company will officially change its name to Meta to meet the new growth opportunities that Metaverse (metaverse) brings.

This event can be called an annual major news event in the field of science and technology, because as a global social giant with more than 3 billion users and a technology company with a market value of nearly one trillion dollars, Facebook’s every move will be followed by global media and investors.

Therefore, when it announced that it was renamed “Meta”, it caused great volatility in the technology industry, and even became the fuse of the new upsurge of the Metaverse in the past two months, setting off the climax of the Metaverse.

We expect that the impact of Facebook’s name change event will continue to ferment even in 2022. At present, we have seen its efforts in the field of VR hardware products, and have successively launched many new hardware products on VR/AR . At the same time, it owns Oculus VR. Products account for nearly half of the global personal VR market share. Therefore, the combination of software + hardware may allow Meta to usher in a new growth point in 2022, which deserves our continued attention.


(Oculus App downloads soared during the Christmas season)

◉ Virtual human

On October 31, the Douyin account named “Liu Yexi” released the first video content on Douyin. Because of the excellent production of the video, there was a discussion about “Who is Liu Yexi” in the content industry. The craze, and the two subsequent videos released at the same time attracted nearly 8 million fans’ attention and became a veritable overnight fame.

And what Liu Yexi represents is the “virtual person” product that is currently more popularly known as Metaverse. Of course, this is not the first time a virtual person has been on the hot search this year. Earlier there was the first login like Ling Ling. CCTV’s national style virtual person, and the subsequent virtual idol (which can be attributed to a type of virtual person) AYAYI, which became the spokesperson of Tmall, and the appearance of the virtual person seems to coincide with the time of many star rollovers this year. After all, the virtual person does not There will be scandals or car rollovers.

Then we saw Tencent Cloud, Xiaohongshu, OPPO, B Station and many other well-known brands have launched virtual human-related activities, which immediately detonated the virtual human craze in November , and perhaps the craze will follow the arrival of the new year. Further fermentation, it is not ruled out that more brands will launch their own virtual people/virtual idols next year, we will wait and see.

◉ Virtual land

Virtual land is also popular with virtual people, and even on CCTV news because of its popularity, it has become a hot news titled “House speculation craze into the Metaverse, 27.4 million yuan to buy a piece of virtual land”; At the same time, the news of well-known singer Lin Junjie’s entry into Metaverse to buy virtual land made the headlines of gossip, and it can be said that the popularity is getting higher and higher.

As mentioned by CCTV News, a piece of virtual land on the virtual game platform Sandbox was sold for US$4.3 million (approximately 27.4 million yuan), setting a new record for the real estate transaction price of “Metaverse”and breaking the earlier one. A piece of virtual land on the former Decentraland platform set a record of US$2.43 million (approximately 15.48 million yuan), and even because it was only 5 square centimeters in size on a computer, it became the veritable “most expensive land” in the world.

The total amount of virtual land transactions on The Sandbox, Decentraland, CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space even reached more than 6,000 in the last week of November, with a total transaction value of 105.8 million US dollars.

And comprehensive NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible, Ouyi NFT, etc. have become the darlings of the times.


Of course, on the one hand, the virtual land of Metaverse is hype, and on the other hand, it has inspired some traditional brands. They have built their own virtual stores in Metaverse land, hoping to complete the layout of the future Metaverse industry. , Such giants as Nike, Adidas, and luxury brands LV, Gucci, and Burberry have all deployed in virtual plots.

Perhaps, as the big names get together, marketing through virtual land in the Metaverse will become another “necessity of the times” in the future .

As Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Group, who has always opposed Metaverse’s virtual land, said at his 360 Group’s strategic conference, “Metroverse real estate should not be hyped, nor is it worth investing. However, Metaverse has just started and can compare It’s worth trying to occupy a place first in the remarkable Metaverse dimension.”

◉ Metaverse

Finally, we still have to settle down on the biggest keyword of the metaverse year. Naturally, it is Metaverse itself. As the hottest vocabulary in the technology circle, investment circle and even the marketing circle this year, metaverse itself has deservedly become the most popular vocabulary. As we described at the beginning of the article, the Metaverse, which holds “Words of 2021” and “Top Ten Internet Terms of 2021”, will inevitably become the first wave of 2022.

However, from a global perspective, it seems that Metaverse’s search performance on Google still hasn’t competed with its important NFT. Therefore, compared with Metaverse’s grandeur, perhaps it will eventually settle on some concretizable concepts. NFT visualization seems to have more advantages, but it also indicates that the universe itself is not just the concept of yuan, but there are technical elements and constitute real

So, what key words will be ushered in the metauniverse industry in the upcoming 2022, we have more expectations, but before that we seem to need to review the current industry status of metauniverse and see the ups and downs that have gone through a year. After the ups and downs, what is left of the Metaverse for us.

Current status of the Metaverse industry

It seems most appropriate to describe the current status of the Metaverse industry by “accumulating thickly and thinly.”The popularity of the Metaverse industry is the product of the development of technology and social civilization reaching a certain level. Let’s briefly review the current situation of the Metaverse industry in 2021, in order to welcome the arrival of 2022 with a more rational vision. 

◉ Technology companies are deploying Metaverse

As we mentioned above, in 2021, Metaverse was officially proposed by a technology company for the first time in March 2021. Roblox was listed on the New York Stock Exchange through DPO, and Metaverse was included in the prospectus, and Roblox was listed on the stock exchange. The huge success ignited the fire of global attention to the Metaverse. 

In April, Epic Games, in which Tencent holds a 40% stake, announced a round of $1 billion in financing for the development of its Metaverse, which once again detonated the global enthusiasm for Metaverse. 

Epic Games stated, “We would like to thank new and existing investors for supporting our vision for Epic Games and Metaverse. We will empower game developers and creators through Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services and Epic Games Store . ” 

In this financing, there is a detail that is easy to be missed by everyone, that is, the Sony Group has provided a strategic investment of 200 million US dollars and publicly affirmed the Metaverse. 

After that, many technology companies have laid out one after another, and finally formed a state of blossoming. As of the writing of this report, in 2021, 1368 domestic companies have registered the Metaverse trademark, and the number of trademark applications has exceeded 8,534. It is difficult for us to disassemble them one by one in a short year-end summary. Therefore, we only take a few more important companies as examples to take a look at the love of technology companies for the Metaverse field. 

When it comes to technology companies that are deploying Metaverse, the first to bear the brunt is Facebook, which has been renamed “Meta”. Related news in September indicated that Facebook is independently developing a new machine learning chip, or will reshape the social virtual reality platform “Horizon Worlds”. 

In October, Facebook officially changed its name to show its determination to focus on the development of the Metaverse. And quickly disclosed its Euro 10,000 recruitment plan for Metaverse and an incentive fund totaling 10 million U.S. dollars. Not long ago, it opened up its VR social platform Horizon Worlds, which sparked global heated debate. VR and AR are Facebook’s important development strategies. As a pioneer in the Metaverse field, Facebook is almost desperate to “all in” Metaverse

The technology giant Tencent has a low-key layout. Both Epic Games and Roblox have their shares. Tencent has also invested in VR game developers Wei Mo Era, Yunnan Box Monster, and plans to establish a new game studio. 

In terms of hard power, Tencent has disclosed its VR equipment patents, or will deploy Metaverse related hardware; Tencent Cloud escorts the live broadcast of the League of Legends S11 finals, boosting the mature application of cutting-edge audio and video technology, and has made outstanding achievements in network transmission; Tencent magic core is more It is the leading digital collection platform in China. At this time, Tencent is like the Xuzhu who just left the Xixia Palace. It is the “No. 1 in the world” in the true sense of “Tianlong Ba Bu”. 

The current Tencent has registered more than 20 Metaverse-related trademarks, such as “Magic Cube Metaverse”, “Peace Metaverse”, “Elite Metaverse” and “King Metaverse”. We look forward to more surprises from Tencent in 2022. Stunning performance. 

In addition, the originator of Microsoft’s virtual idol, Microsoft Xiaoice, has been updated to the ninth generation. XiaoIce announced the new digital twin virtual person technology, and in conjunction with the Daily Economic News, officially launched the first batch of virtual hosts that applied the technology together with “Every Jing AI TV”. Compared with other technologies, the Xiaoice framework not only enhances the overall naturalness of virtual people to a level that is indistinguishable from real people, but also realizes the unmanned operation of the entire process of video acquisition, editing and broadcasting for the first time

Microsoft CEO also put forward the concept of “enterprise Metaverse” and launched Microsoft Mesh. Perhaps in the near future, we can work and live more efficiently with the help of Microsoft Mesh. 


If we think that Microsoft, as a technology giant, only makes a difference in software, we would be very wrong. Microsoft has cooperated with South Korean fabless manufacturer LX Semicon to develop accurate 3D sensing solutions for VR and AR. Its exploration in hardware is also worth looking forward to. 

And Google’s Owlchemy laboratory launched a new game “Cosmonious High”, in an attempt to push the boundaries of VR, to achieve interactive inclusive and barrier-free communication, and open naked-eye 3D holographic video chat technology, realizing the first true naked-eye 3D The presentation has become an important milestone in the history of the Metaverse. 

The high-profile Apple exposed the details of the first MR headset chip, and will create professional AR glasses for B-end customers, and plans to release a new AR headset in 2022 to lead a new generation of trends. 

As a veteran technology company, HTC is currently developing a Metaverse platform called “Viveport Verse”. It is no longer satisfied with the achievements of the HTC Vive Flow headset, but is doing more attempts. 

South Korean mobile games giant network game stone set up a “Metaverse,” the company, through the VR content development department Metaverse Entertainment, and VR content production and related services, including the game, and indicate its strategic plan is to grow into a global entertainment company yuan universe

In addition, in the field of blockchain, OEC, which is positioned as an open source high-performance decentralized transaction public chain, also launched the “Ten Million Dollar Fund to Boost Metaverse Project” in August, through special investment funds, GameFi thematic Hackathon and A series of measures such as GameFi project incubator have helped to accelerate the growth of outstanding projects in Metaverse, GameFi and other fields. 

The Sony Group we mentioned above is also frequent. Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the acquisition of Firesprite Studios, becoming the 14th game studio under Sony PlayStation. Sony PlayStation has acquired Nixxes Studio and Housemarque Studio this year, and Sony Music announced a collaboration with Bilibili to create a virtual idol. Sony lays out in the dark, like a bamboo that has just taken root, quietly accumulating strength. 

In the photography circle, there has always been an interesting claim of “Sony Dafa”. It can be seen that the high-quality picture experience brought by Sony hardware equipment has been recognized globally. In terms of metaverse, Sony has launched a new headset Xperia that focuses on film and television entertainment. View is also worth looking forward to. 

In addition, the veteran hardware company NVIDIA is actively deploying Metaverse, using its chips to help render the metaverse world, creating a software platform for creating virtual spaces, Omniverse, and announcing the launch of Omniverse Avatar, a platform for creating AI avatars. 

NVIDIA is also promoting the Universal Scene Description Standard (USD) developed by the animation company Pixar to unify the physical rules of the virtual world and realize the compatibility of equipment and software. Nvidia’s vision is to build an “engineer Metaverse”, to build a virtual world that is comparable to the real world

Samsung announced the Dreamground Metaverse platform, which combines physical structure and AR technology to create a next-generation playground, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a unique digital environment. You can get the extraordinary experience of the Metaverse by using your smart phone. 

We have introduced many technology giants in the previous article, but how could the world of Metaverse be missing Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu, NetEase and ByteDance. 

As early as September this year, Zhiji Auto invested by Alibaba Group entered the “Metaverse” and planned to give away “NFT cars” to car owners. After Double Eleven, its Tmall brand launched the Metaverse Art Exhibition, bringing Metaverse into the shopping carnival for the first time. In December, Ali responded to the establishment of a subsidiary of “Yuanjing Shengsheng” with 10 million yuan, formally indicating that the future business is related to Metaverse. 


Huawei has been consistently low-key and pragmatic. It first announced the official entry of the first virtual digital person “Yun Sheng” and opened Weibo, and then launched the VR Glass 6DoF game set, a low-key but stable layout in the Metaverse. 

Baidu, on the other hand, has released the negative 6.0 version of the Metaverse product “Hiron” in a high-profile manner. Although Baidu vice president Ma Jie has to admit that “Hiron” is an immature semi-finished product, the Metaverse will eventually reach its ideal state. Baidu will focus on eight key technologies including autonomous driving, machine translation, biological computing, deep learning frameworks, digital city operations, knowledge management, AI chips, and personal intelligent assistants to cultivate 5 million AI talents for the society. 

NetEase is focusing on virtual people. After applying for the Metaverse trademark, it recruits virtual scene builders, face pinchers and other positions in order to become the first domestic virtual idol company

Bytedance focuses on the immersive virtual social platform. While stepping up the development of hardware Pico, it also develops the social application Pixsoul, and has an in-depth layout in the field of Metaverse. 

As Microsoft President Brad Smith said in an interview with Reuters at the European Web Summit: All technology giants will enter the Metaverse, and companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple may develop their own versions. 

“I think the Metaverse will be very big and very important. It must protect privacy and digital security, and prevent false information and manipulation. We are all talking about the Metaverse as if we are going to enter a new dimension. But it’s not Like the paradise we are going to go to after death. We will still live with others in the real world.” 

The layout of technology companies has brought continuous technical support and creativity to the vigorous development of Metaverse. Let us look forward to the performance of these companies in 2022. 

◉ Investment institutions actively enter the market

For a new industry, if technology and creativity are the chemical raw materials for development, then capital is undoubtedly a catalyst to promote its development. In addition to Roblox, which received 520 million financing and a valuation of nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars in March this year, and Epic Games, which received 1 billion U.S. dollars in financing, there have been many investment and financing events in the Metaverse field in 2021. We only carry out a big inventory based on the data of the Metaverse Heart website, and take a look at what happened in the related investment and financing markets of Metaverse from March 2021 to the present. 

First of all, we need to be clear that the related companies in the metaverse field mainly include blockchain startups related to NFT and chain games, VR/AR companies, metaverse-related game companies, technology companies, and so on. For the convenience of statistical data, we simply divide it into three categories: NFT and chain game related, VR/AR companies, and other companies

In terms of NFT and chain games, in addition to the incidents where the amount of investment and financing was not disclosed, more than 250 investment and financing incidents occurred within 10 months. Among them, the total amount in November was the highest, about 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, and there were three small peaks in May, July and November.Corresponding to the annual vocabulary of the Metaverse we summarized earlier, it is not difficult to see that the appearance of every small peak is affected by the key events of the Metaverse. 


Brian Burler once wrote in the book “The Barbarian at the Door”, “The ultimate success comes from bold actions and untold opportunities.” Investor actions are often more than market sentiment reactions. Fast

In these investment and financing events, there are several things that deserve our special attention. 

The first thing is that the NFT platform OpenSea received $23 million in financing in March . With the prosperity of the market, OpenSea has become one of the NFT markets with the largest daily activity and trading volume. At the beginning of December, its total trading volume exceeded US$16 billion, becoming the first in the Metaverse field to stand on the wave “Lucky guy”. 

The second thing is that NFT game developer Animoca Brands received more than $130 million in financing in May and June . And its NFT game company Sandbox received $93 million in financing in November, led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. As one of the important Metaverse platforms, The Sandbox has performed well in the previous virtual land craze.With the rapid development of Metaverse construction, The Sandbox may bring us more surprises in 2022. 

The third thing is that the blockchain game platform Forte completed $725 million in Series B financing in October.

Forte’s platform supports game publishers to integrate blockchain technology into their games, enabling seamless embedding of wallets, NFT minting and sales, payment channels, and others built specifically for blockchain token economy and digital and virtual asset management Services and other functions. Provide game publishers with built-in compliance and security products to ensure that they comply with the global framework of regulatory activities, including remittance, anti-money laundering, tax compliance and intellectual property protection, to protect the business and intellectual property rights of players and publishers. 

Forte, BitDAO and Alameda, etc., invested 500 million US dollars to build GameFi incubator Game7 proposal passed. Game7 will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, invest in blockchain game companies, and provide grant programs to develop an open source ecosystem . 

This signifies that chain game publishers, one of the important components of Metaverse, are no longer a single team fighting alone, but have standardized standards, providing a good platform for the development of Metaverse games. 

The fourth thing is that Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis received US$152 million in financing in October . And its financing in May was only 7.5 million U.S. dollars. There is no doubt that Axie Infinity is a good model for play to earn games. Its self-contained economic model shows good practice for Metaverse games. 

In terms of VR/AR, we focused on tracking a total of 22 investment and financing events from August to November. It is also obvious that the attention of C-oriented VR/AR companies is gradually increasing

In September, AR company Liangfengtai announced the completion of a C+ round of 270 million yuan in financing. This company, which focuses on AR core technology and product research and development, has provided AR services for benchmarking companies in multiple sub-sectors such as steel, automobiles, and electricity, and has accumulated more than 1 billion end users. In the future, Liangfengtai will strengthen and upgrade its AR platform HiAR Space to build a super-realistic smart space. 

In October, the popular technology and culture company dedicated to creating the ultimate immersive entertainment experience, integrating content production + IP operation + digital live entertainment, Qitian received hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing, and included Xiaomi and Intel as its shareholders Among. 

Recently, Niantic, the AR company behind Pokémon, announced on Monday that it had obtained a US$300 million financing from hedge fund Coatue at a valuation of US$9 billion. The new funds will be used to expand the recently launched Lightship platform to help developers create AR and build their real-world Metaverse. 

In addition to the tactile simulation technology company, AR glass related technology companies, augmented reality platform support, platform games have attracted investors burning eyes. 

In other respects, with the vigorous development of the Metaverse field, other related fields have also been favored by investors. 


First of all, in July, Magic Labs, a decentralized identity verification platform, received US$27 million in financing to provide corresponding support for identity verification in the Metaverse field. In August, Mighty Jaxx, a collections design and production company in Singapore, received US$10 million in financing and is committed to closely integrating the physical collections with the NFT. In September, Virtuos, a video game content production company, received 150 million yuan in financing and provided content support for the Metaverse field, focusing on game development and 3D art production, and providing massive mobile games. 

And there are three most interesting investment and financing news. 

The first is that next generation culture, a cross-dimensional virtual IP content development and operation company that successfully created the virtual idol Ling Ling in October, completed two consecutive rounds of nearly tens of millions of dollars in financing within three months. And as we mentioned above, at the end of October, Liu Yexi’s first video went viral all over the Internet in just a few days, and the virtual human track received more attention. The virtual concert of “Fortress Night”, the virtual human generation platform Genies, the virtual human community Imvu, and the parent company A8 of Japan’s leading Vtuber Kizuna have successfully made their way out of the circle. The market has greater demand for virtual idols

The second is the Silicon Valley artificial intelligence platform H2O.ai completed US$100 million in Series E financing. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) led the investment, and Pivot Investment Partners, Crane Venture Partners and Celesta Capital participated in the investment. Goldman Sachs led the previous round of $75 million in Series D financing, which also participated in this round of financing. The development of the Metaverse is inseparable from the help of artificial intelligence, which will play an important role of NPC in the future. At present, artificial intelligence can also help existing program integration systems to provide personalized customized services. 

The third is the brain-computer interface technology company Cognixion received 12 million US dollars in financing, whether we recognize Musk himself or not, but there is no doubt that he said not long ago that “no one wants to tie a screen to his face all day.” It has been recognized by some community voices. The brain-computer interface technology can improve this problem very well. Although many experts and scholars worry about the safety of brain-computer interfaces, it is undoubtedly an important development trend. In addition, enterprises in many fields such as identity verification infrastructure, Internet of Things, cloud storage, digital twins, virtual activities, and so on have also received more attention and investment than in previous years. 

It can be seen from the “Gartner 2021 Emerging Technology Maturity Curve” report released not long ago that most of the necessary for the development of the metaverse field are artificial intelligence enhanced design, quantum machine learning, artificial intelligence based on physical information, digital humans, etc. The technology is still in its infancy, and in a sense it is a depression of value. 

With the entry of capital, the Metaverse industry is like encountering the branches of nectar, glowing with a vigorous atmosphere. 

◉ AR/VR ushered in the second spring

When it comes to AR/VR, most people’s minds must be the big whale of Magic Leap. In 2015, Magic Leap gained global attention for the first time with a video. 

A bunch of people were sitting around the gymnasium, and a whale jumped up from the floor in front of them, and then re-photographed it from the other side. At the same time as the waves splashed, the whole gymnasium seemed to become a vast ocean. Following this, Magic Leap raised a total of US$2 billion in 2018


People are looking forward to Magic Leap, but Magic Leap fell into the dust in 2018. Its first generation product, Lightwear, had a lot of thunder and little rain, and it was still unavoidable that the headsets on the market at that time were generally faced with jitter and blurring in the edge area and text display part, small field of view angle, affected by light, unsuitable for outdoor use, etc. problem. 

In 2018, AR/VR hardware devices are still far from the effects in the video. In addition to the fact that Oculus acquired by Facebook is still ups and downs in the AR/VR field with many immersive VR games, after 2018, most ordinary users’ eyes have left this field full of amazing experiences, and AR/VR has fallen for a long time. Four years of silence. 

However, several years have not broken the industry. Many companies in AR/VR have finally ushered in their second spring under the big wave of Metaverse hotspot

First, at the end of August, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced 62 new patents granted to Apple, some of which are related to VR. In addition to hardware patents, it also includes new patents such as “Using comfort measurements to suggest virtual reality content”. Then in the next four months, news about Apple’s MR headset and AR glasses will be put on the market endlessly. There is no doubt about the strength of Apple as a technology giant. We look forward to the brand-new experience and changes it will bring to the entire market in 2022. 

In September, the famous Japanese technology company Diver-X officially announced the world’s first VR headset HalfDive that can be used while lying down or even sleeping, marking the possibility that the advanced sensing devices in “Ready Player One” will become a reality. Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a well-known military training software developer, announced an important update to its global virtual and structural simulation platform VBS4, making it possible to simulate military exercises similar to “Ander’s Game.” 

Tencent has disclosed a patent for a VR device equipped with eye tracking technology. This patent can improve the simulation effect of the VR device on different stereoscopic image environments, thereby greatly improving the screen display effect of the VR device, making everyone look forward to Tencent’s AR/VR hardware. And NASA has officially deployed the use of VR/AR equipment on its International Space Station, which includes the use of HoloLens headsets for astronauts to perform important tasks. 

In October, Canon released the RF5.2mm F2.8 L double fisheye VR lens, which can shoot 3D 180° video when used with the EOS R5 camera, providing a convenient tool for 3D video creators. French start-up company Lynx released an independent AR/VR hybrid headset on the Kickstarter website, and released the Ultraleap gesture tracking function, which accurately recognizes the movement of each finger. 

The US Air Force signed a contract with the XR platform GridRaster to improve aircraft routes and maintenance through AR. HTC launched the VIVE FLOW glasses and developed the “Viveport Verse” Metaverse platform, which is playing its role in the corporate Metaverse platform track

In November, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced that it will launch a new headset, code-named “Cambria”, which is expected to be launched next year. Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion), known for its hand tracking technology, officially released its fifth-generation software, which improves hand-to-hand interaction and responds to changes in the surrounding environment. Virtual reality technology company EM3 (Beijing Yilian Technology) has released a prototype of ultra-thin VR glasses code-named ETHER. The thickness of the whole machine is only 6.8mm and the weight is less than 35g. It is by far the world’s thinnest VR near-eye display solution. Huawei officially launched the Huawei VR Glass 6DoF game set. 

Snapchat worked with Sony to develop new AR music filters, and Magic Leap worked with Geopogo to develop AR solutions for architecture and design. Dyson released Dyson Demo VR, which aims to help consumers experience products through VR technology at home; Nreal Light will be launched in the United States; NOLO has made new breakthroughs in the research of light and small “interactive ring”, which can be controlled by fingers; iqiyi VR company officially It was announced that it was renamed “Dream Blooming Technology Co., Ltd.” and released a new generation of Qiyu Dream VR all-in-one on the spot. 


In December, NIO joined hands with Nreal and NOLO, member companies of NIO Capital, to create a panoramic digital cockpit PanoCinema using AR/VR technology. VictoryXR announced that it will cooperate with Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2022 to open a digital twin campus in a university in the United States. Victory XR will use digital twin technology to rebuild the existing campus with high detail and accuracy, allowing remote students to immerse themselves in an interactive campus environment. 

The OPPO Future Technology Conference will be held in 2021. At the press conference, Liu Chang, the president of OPPO Research Institute, officially released OPPO’s new generation of AR glasses OPPO Air Glass, which will go on sale next spring. Lingxi Slight released the “Aladdin Zero” reference model for thin and light AR glasses. 

Consumer-level AR/VR hardware devices are rushing to release, and applications covering entertainment, military, education, medical care, transportation and many other aspects have appeared in the public eye. In 2022, AR/VR will usher in the second in the history of industry development. Small peak

◉ Metaverse is transitioning to the growth stage of the industry

Although Metaverse is an emerging industry that has only been clarified this year (the concept of Metaverse has been around for a long time, and was not regarded as an industry until this year), some enterprises and technologies related to Metaverse, such as VR/AR software and hardware products and technologies It has been developed for many years and has accumulated to a certain extent. Therefore, the Metaverse industry does not start from scratch. 

According to the industry life cycle theory, Metaverse is currently in a stage of rapid growth in demand, and technically, the mainstream direction has been gradually finalized based on years of precipitation. With the popularization of the concept of Metaverse in 2021, many technology companies have entered the Bureau of Metaverse. These companies have their own technical strength, strong capital, and their own ecology. They also have decisive industry influence and leadership. Big companies take the lead, and other small and medium companies and start-ups are also infected, entering the arena to explore the Metaverse. 

As we said above, capital was not to be outdone and followed closely, and quickly deployed the blue ocean of Metaverse, blossoming in multiple sub-fields in Metaverse, and actively seizing market share. There are not only the AR/VR hardware equipment field and AR/VR related content or application fields that existed before, but also the NFT, chain games, blockchain Metaverse fields with the help of new blockchain technology, as well as virtual idols, etc. A new field derived from the characteristics of the Metaverse. 

As the global epidemic continues to spread, Metaverse is not only a new direction, but also very suitable for people’s various needs under the background of the times. It is a good investment target in itself and naturally attracts many capitals to enter the market. 

In addition, 2016 was once known as the first year of AR/VR. The AR/VR industry ushered in a wave of development in those years. However, the development of that year was still too early, various technologies were still very imperfect, and related content was also Very rare, but a complete commercial system has been formed. 

Therefore, AR/VR quickly turned off in the two or three years after 2016 and became a state of silent development.However, AR/VR, as an important user terminal of Metaverse, will once again receive the key irrigation of capital under the influence of this metaverse upsurge in 2021. With the support of massive amounts of capital, AR/VR-related companies have ushered in their second spring just like a long drought and rain. 

Nowadays, companies, capital and talents are rushing into the industry of Metaverse. The accumulation of technology has achieved initial results after several years of precipitation. Although the relevant content is still not too much, it is enough to support the initial needs of the development of the industry. The universe is in the stage of transition from the naive phase to the growth phase.


Metaverse Annual View

In 2021, the term “Metaverse” has become a new trend. Regarding whether the Metaverse represents a real virtual space or just a concept, there are some differences in existing views, but it does not prevent us from understanding their thoughts. The following are some representative views of the year for reference. 

Analysts at Morgan Stanley said that Metaverse may represent a $8 trillion opportunity, but getting people interested in using it will be a challenge. AR and artificial intelligence experts also said that the metaverse can greatly amplify the political polarization of society. 

Facebook’s COO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced on October 28, 2021 that Facebook was renamed Meta to focus on the Metaverse. Mark said, “The best way to understand the metaverse is to experience it in person, but it is still a bit difficult at the moment because it does not fully exist.” He also said: “You can think of the metaverse as a concrete Internet. There you are more than just viewing the content-you are in it.” 

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) introduced the company’s new Azure service in July, which can help realize computer decentralization, Campbell Soup, L’ORÉAL Companies like SAP and SAP are migrating to its services. “As the digital world and the physical world merge, we are leading a new layer of the infrastructure stack, the’enterprise Metaverse’,” Nadella said. 

NetEase, the domestic technology entertainment company, said that the company is “technically ready” to enter the Metaverse field. Margret Shi, Head of Investor Relations at NetEase , stated on the November earnings call: “Metacosm is indeed a new buzzword around the world today. But on the other hand, I don’t think anyone has personal experience of what Metaverse is. “

Disney CEO Bob Chapek (Bob Chapek) said he is confident in Disney’s ability to use the Metaverse with its broad attributes and cited the company’s history of adopting technologies such as synchronized audio and computer animation.”It can be said that our efforts so far are just a prologue. We will be able to connect the physical world and the digital world more closely, allowing us to tell stories without boundaries in our own Disney metaverse,” Chapek said in November , And hinted that Disney will create its own Metaverse. 

As the depth of industry participants Ou Yi CEO JayHao area said, “If people living in the virtual world Metaverse, its rules and systems will be as important as the real world. Only with a transparent, tamper-proof and other features The blockchain will be the data layer of the metaverse. The blockchain will become the comprehensive pillar of the virtual world’s assets, identity, governance and other systems. “It has to be said that the blockchain is very important to the metaverse. The same point of view has been expressed in the content. 

Warner Music Group discussed their potential for music creation and content creation on large-scale Metaverse platforms such as Roblox and Fortnite in the November earnings call. “When you start to focus on global influence and the number of people who spend meaningful time in these new worlds, I think this provides a lot of opportunities for the development of the metaverse ,” CEO Stephen Cooper (Stephen Cooper) Say.

Chen Rui , CEO of Bilibili, said , “Metaverse is a concept, not a product.” He hinted that many elements of Metaverse have existed for a long time, but many companies have decided to join now. . “I think if someone hears the concept of Metaverse and decides to enter this industry, it may be too late,” Chen Rui said. It can be done, you need to have huge content production capabilities to build another world.” 


Coinbase Chief Operating Officer Emilie Choi said in November that the company has been spending “a lot of time” combining blockchain technology, Crypto and NFT to develop Metaverse. These technologies are used by tens of millions of Americans. “We think there is something in this field. There are many innovation opportunities, and we hope to continue to redouble our grasp of these opportunities,” Choi said. 

Dolby Laboratories said that it sees the potential for the integration of Metaverse and its technology, especially in terms of auditory characteristics. “I think Metaverse can take many forms, but in the final analysis, it is an audiovisual experience,” CEO Kevin Yeman said on Tuesday’s earnings call, noting that he wants to combine it with Dolby (Dolby.io) technology is integrated, “I think some of our developers, they even define themselves as virtual environments, and even extend to the Metaverse.” 

Roblox is frequently cited as an example of a potential Metaverse model. Roblox CEO David Baszucki said in June that the company is committed to “really participating in the invention and guidance of the Metaverse in an innovative way.””When we think about Metaverse and what Roblox is, we really see it as a utility.” Baszucki said. According to chief product officer Manuel Bronstein (Manuel Bronstein) said the company’s goal is to more than 1 billion yuan universe people linked. Its chief commercial officer Craig Donato (Craig Donato) , said Metaverse will also include experience from advertising agencies. 

Vonage Holdings CEO Rory Read said in November that the company expects to see a more substantial version of the Metaverse in the next five to ten years. “We believe that with the expansion and explosion of this 360-degree interactive Metaverse , The development of the Metaverse will only accelerate.” Read said. 

And some people have reservations about the Metaverse. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said: “I don’t know whether it is necessary to believe in the Metaverse.” He also doubts that people are willing. Wearing a VR or AR headset for most of the day is just for strolling in the futuristic virtual world. Musk also added that he can’t imagine someone strapping the screen to his face all day long and never want to leave. He said: “I think we are too early to disappear into the’Metaverse’. At present, it is more like a’buzzword’.” 

2022 Outlook/Forecast

Looking back at the development of Metaverse in 2021, we are still in the period of “little lotus just showing its sharp corners”, but these brewing may usher in an explosion in 2022. Therefore, we have a lot of expectations and prospects for 2022. The following is Our 10 judgments/predictions are for your reference.

◉ More Internet giants launch their own Metaverse

By the end of the year, we saw that Baidu, known as the veteran of BAT, launched the first domestic Metaverse product, “Hiron.” With the computing power of the intelligent cloud, “Xiyang” is the first in China to achieve 100,000 people interacting on the same screen and the real sound effect restoration of “10,000 people concert-level”. 

It is foreseeable that Baidu, as a pioneer in the domestic Internet, has taken the lead in launching Metaverse products.This trend will not weaken in 2022. We expect more technology brands to intervene and establish their own Metaverse , especially those with strong social networking. The genetic Tencent may bring unexpected surprises. Of course, station B, which is the gathering place of the second dimension, has already exerted its efforts on its own Metaverse brand “High Energy Chain”, which will also be an interesting story. 

So, who will become the second Metaverse product that can accommodate 100,000 users? We have more reveries. 

◉ The volume of the VR market is on the rise, and domestic hardware companies are emerging

As we mentioned above, currently in the VR field, the Oculus VR product owned by Meta, which has the largest market share, almost monopolizes most of the products in the personal market. According to the analysis of research organization Omdia, the sales of consumer VR headsets will reach 12.5 million units in 2021. In China, from January to September this year, VR headset shipments increased by 28.9% year-on-year, and the VR industry market scale exceeded 30 billion yuan. 


It is foreseeable that the volume of the VR market will rise to a higher level in 2022, and it is likely to continue to maintain a double-digit growth rate . At the same time, as domestic hardware companies complete large financing this year, we expect them to continue in 2022 Launching their own hardware products will change the current market situation, or will help domestic hardware companies to emerge in the industry. 

◉ AR consumer-grade products may become hot models in 2022

Unlike VR headsets, which are booming in sales, AR devices have not yet gained widespread popularity. At present, the products with relatively high maturity of AR equipment are Hololens launched by Microsoft in 2015 and Hololens2 afterwards, but its price of as high as RMB 20,000 has basically dissuaded most people. Therefore, there has always been a gap in the field of AR hardware devices, that is, consumer-grade AR hardware. However, this year, this gap has been spotted by many companies, and a device called AR glasses has been launched one after another with the intention of occupying This new track. 

Consumer-grade AR products will also be the next smart wearable device after smart watches. At present, many well-known companies have announced the launch of AR glasses, including Meta, Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, etc. It can be foreseen that in 2022, AR The field of glasses will usher in a battle for market share, so we have reason to believe that AR glasses will also become a hot new product in 2022. 

◉ Metaverse derives a new marketing direction and enters the mainstream

This year, many well-known companies entered the Metaverse Universe, which triggered a heated discussion among the people of the Metaverse Universe. After people have gradually gained a deeper understanding of the Metaverse Universe, more and more courageous people have dared to try and explore how the Metaverse Universe interacts with each other. The combination of their own companies has created a series of marketing methods that bring new traffic to brands or products in the Metaverse. 

For example, Nike built a virtual world Nikeland in the Metaverse game platform Roblox, attracting many players to build and play in it. Well-known brands such as LV, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, and Pepsi have tried to issue digital assets such as NFT, and have obtained generous returns. The virtual beauty expert Liu Yexi who can catch demons, the virtual idol girl group launched by A-soul, and the first domestic super-realistic virtual idol AYAYI designed by Ranmai Technology are all over the network and have a sufficient fan base. Later, you can participate in product endorsements, commercial performances and other marketing methods like real idols. Virtual idols have developed a proven and initially mature business path

In 2022, more Metaverse marketing methods will be born, and more companies will try to use Metaverse to empower themselves, and Metaverse marketing will gradually become one of the mainstream publicity methods. 


◉ Preliminary industrialization of Metaverse content production

With the gradual popularization of consumer-level products of AR/VR equipment, AR/VR equipment, as an important next-generation terminal, already has tens of millions of users, enough to carry more business scenarios. The high growth rate of AR/VR equipment also indicates that this is a high-growth market . However, the current content of the metaverse is seriously insufficient, such as AR/VR videos, AR/VR games, virtual space construction, virtual character design, etc., and New business models built around these elements, such as AR/VR video marketing, AR/VR e-sports, virtual idol operations, virtual exhibitions, etc. 

Although the current content of Metaverse is extremely scarce, most of the content-related startups are in the early stage of exploration, but this is mainly due to the fact that before the popularity of Metaverse, such as AR/VR and other industries were not taken seriously, and the market space is not counted. The content is relatively small. 

After the Metaverse explosion in 2021, more and more companies and capitals are aware of the potential of the Metaverse. At the moment when AR/VR equipment is gradually exerting force, this will inspire a large number of professional content practitioners and Companies flooded into Metaverse, produced rich content for Metaverse, and initially formed the industrialization of Metaverse content production. 

◉ The demand for Metaverse related positions has increased sharply

2021 is the first year of the Metaverse, which can also be said to be a year for everyone to awaken. The companies have realized the huge potential of the Metaverse and have increased their investment in the direction of the Metaverse. For new directions, pioneering exploration is also needed. Supported by a large number of talents and technologies, this will greatly increase the demand for Metaverse-related positions. 

On the one hand, the R&D of hardware and software surrounding Metaverse requires a large amount of talent investment, and the network infrastructure supporting Metaverse also needs to be expanded and constructed. Content requirements such as virtual scene construction, virtual item design, virtual character modeling in Metaverse, etc. Will also explode. On the other hand, just as smart phones gave birth to new positions such as live e-commerce that have never been seen before, Metaverse will also derive some new marketing methods and business models, and a number of new positions related to Metaverse will also emerge as the times require. Raw

We predict that 2022 will be a year when Metaverse’s demand for talents will explode. 

◉ Blockchain-based metauniverse applications will be sought after

Blockchain, as an emerging network technology in the past decade, can provide a decentralized and trusted internet network in which data cannot be tampered with and no subject can manipulate at will. Therefore, the metaverse based on blockchain technology also has corresponding attributes. In this way, Metaverse does not have to worry about a centralized entity controlling and tampering at will, and the ownership of the digital assets in it also belongs to the holders of the assets. There is no need to worry about the issuer of this digital asset going bankrupt or being taken back by the issuer. The holders can do whatever they want. Dispose of your own assets. In this way, the virtual assets in Metaverse are extremely valuable. Therefore, blockchain-based Metaverse applications are gradually being accepted by traditional enterprises

For example, Adidas has reached a cooperation with the U.S.-listed Crypto exchange Coinbase and the blockchain Metaverse application The Sandbox to establish the Metaverse brand. PricewaterhouseCoopers also announced its entry into Metaverse, acquiring a virtual plot on The Sandbox, and intends to establish a Web3 consulting center to promote a new generation of professional services. 

Another example is Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest auction houses, built its iconic London New Bond Street Gallery in the blockchain Metaverse application Decentraland; the Barbados government hopes to establish its Metaverse embassy in multiple virtual worlds , Has signed an agreement with Decentraland, and the Yuan Cosmos Embassy will become the center of activity to promote the strengthening of bilateral relations with governments of various countries. 

Nowadays, more and more well-known brands and organizations are aware of the unique advantages of blockchain metauniverse. In 2022, there is likely to be a lively scene of many well-known brands competing to enter the blockchain metauniverse application. 


◉ Metaverse will usher in relevant legislation and supervision

After experiencing the barbaric growth of Metaverse in the past year, the industry has begun to have a certain foundation. We predict that Metaverse is likely to usher in certain regulatory legislation in 2022, especially for the abuse of Metaverse hype by some listed companies. Perhaps it will bring a certain change because of the specific regulations on the Metaverse. After all, most people are still “at a loss” about the Metaverse. 

At the same time, we will also see that some regulators begin to pay attention to the longer-term value of Metaverse, and provide some regulatory industry support, although we have seen a handful of regions that more or less mention Metaverse related issues this year. policy, especially some time ago Shanghai Municipal economic work Conference made it clear guide enterprises to step up research an important platform for future virtual world and the real world interact, timely cut into the layout . Perhaps this will happen more and more in 2022. 

◉ Capital continues to accelerate the layout of the Metaverse

As a newly opened track, Metaverse will attract capital to actively deploy in this blue ocean. But many capitals are basically aware of the great potential of the Metaverse in 2021, so although the Metaverse is a blue ocean, the time for everyone to awaken is relatively close. This also means that capital will fiercely compete for the layout of the Metaverse. This blue ocean will Will be divided up quickly. At this moment, the competition is strength and courage, the slower capital will regretfully miss this race. 

Many more directly related to Metaverse, such as AR/VR hardware manufacturers, or start-up companies that do AR/VR applications, or content platforms/flow portals that focus on the Metaverse field, will be the targets of many capital competitions. However, the Metaverse is a relatively new direction after all. This direction is constantly evolving and iterating. It is very likely that a new subdivision track will be born, and such a subdivision track is also a new opportunity for capital. It is also necessary to test the sense of smell and reaction of capital, and it is necessary to continuously observe the development of the Metaverse ecology. 

◉ Online office has evolved into a Metaverse office

Affected by the epidemic, many companies are now very adaptable to the way of online office, using online meetings, online collaboration software and other tools to carry out their work. However, the existing online office cannot solve all the problems. Some problems that need to be solved face-to-face need to be solved by Metaverse. 

AR/VR virtual meetings and virtual collaboration software can achieve effects similar to face-to-face communication, and with the support of some tools, in some specific scenarios such as discussing model design, you can even achieve more efficient results than face-to-face communication. The former Facebook company, newly renamed Meta, is pushing hard for VR virtual meetings. At present, as a leading company in the AR field, Microsoft has the largest number of office users and is also promoting the virtual office level. 

In fact, some companies are already trying to use VR equipment to help the office. For example, in October this year, Accenture has purchased 60,000 Oculus Quest 2 headsets for training new employees. It is believed that in 2022, when AR/VR devices become more popular, it will become a new fashion for companies to encourage the use of head-mounted display devices for AR/VR office work. 


When we stand at such a historic juncture, the torrent of times is passing by. People no longer admire the transaction volume in the e-commerce field, and no longer smash their heads and drop real money because of a gimmick like O2O. Entrepreneurs, technology companies and investment institutions have all come to an awkward meeting point. They are watching and looking for the next breakthrough… 

I dare not say with 100% certainty that Metaverse will become the leader of the next technological wave, but at least through this annual report we can see one or two that when capital begins to gather, when talents begin to surge, and when policies begin to tilt, The road in the future will at least be much broader . Compared with those tracks like single-plank bridges, Metaverse seems to be a generally optimistic direction next year, and this is our biggest emotion after finishing this report. 

As ordinary people, we probably don’t need to know too much about the story of the Metaverse, but if we are full of all kinds of longings for the future, or even looking forward to finding a new exit or direction, take some time to understand it when the new year arrives. Metaverse may be a good choice. 

Finally, let’s end this report with what Stephen Zweig said in “When the Stars of Mankind Shine”, “Those historical peaks require too much gestation time, and every event with far-reaching impact needs one. The process of development.” 

In 2022, we will eventually meet in the Metaverse. 

Posted by:CoinYuppie,Reprinted with attribution to:https://coinyuppie.com/2021-metaverse-annual-report-can-you-carry-the-banner-of-the-internet-and-recreate-a-10-trillion-market/
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