2021 industry hot words inventory

In the 365 days of this year, the crypto market has ushered in opportunities and challenges, but it has never stopped moving forward. Now that 2021 is coming to an end, let us take stock of the keywords and hot words that belong to the crypto market in 2021.

Former universe

Speaking of the hot words of 2021, Metaverse must be regarded as the most popular one. In March of this year, Roblox, the first stock of Metaverse, landed on the New York Stock Exchange. On the first day of listing, Roblox’s market value broke through 40 billion U.S. dollars, pushing the concept of Metaverse to the capital market and even the world, and a virtual world carnival began.

Not only the blockchain industry, Internet giants have also begun to vigorously deploy the Metaverse field. Facebook changed its name to “Meta”; Bytedance acquired Pico at a high price; NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun used the virtual image Toy-Me to interact with the audience at the GTC 2021 conference; NetEase CEO Ding Lei used his avatar to “knock the gong to market for his products in Metaverse.”

As of December, there have been more than 15,000 applications for registration of “Metaverse” related trademarks across the country; a large number of concept stocks related to Metaverse have also ushered in a different range of rise this year. To this day, the popularity of Metaverse is not at all. reduce.


If NFT in 2020 and even in the first half of 2021 is still a topic of niche groups in the crypto market, then NFT in the second half of 2021 is definitely the focus of the mainstream market.

Digital design artist Beeple made headlines. His “Everydays NFT” set a record for the most expensive artwork at a record price of US$69 million; NBA star Stephen Curry bought 55 ETH (about US$180,000) for his NFT portrait; Gao Jiafeng and A Duo released NFT digital music works; Ali Alipay Dunhuang Feitian payment code; the first Peking Opera NFT appeared; Tencent Magic Core, the NFT craze quickly swept the world and became the new favorite of the fashion circle and the art circle. Only this year, the NFT field Completed more than 23 billion US dollars in transaction volume.

With the gradual clarity of the Metaverse framework, the application scenarios of NFT have been continuously expanded, and the potential of NFT is still sufficient.


In 2021, a blockchain game called “Axie Infinity” had a huge impact in Southeast Asia. Some residents who lost their jobs due to the epidemic began to earn a stable income from this game, which also allowed Gamefi and “paly to The “earn” model has entered the public’s field of vision.

GameFi is defined as a comprehensive concept of Game+NFT+DeFi. Through the distributed structure of the blockchain, games are used to present the value of decentralized finance and NFT (non-homogeneous digital assets). With the help of blockchain and smart contracts, players in Gamefi are no longer a single role. In addition to gaining fun and economic benefits from the game, they can also participate in the governance of the game ecology. This subjectivity is not granted by the game producer, but is guaranteed by blockchain technology.

On the DeFi and NFT tracks with strong financial attributes, capital often has the sharpest sense of smell, and Gamefi is also favored by capital. Public data shows that during the period from October 30th to November 5th this year, a total of 27 investment and financing events occurred in the crypto market, 14 of which occurred in the GamFi field.


As the leader of the crypto market, Bitcoin is already a frequent visitor to the annual hot word list. For Bitcoin in 2021, the new high and the legal tender of El Salvador are the best labels.


Under the influence of the expected blessings of the bull market and the full opening of the gates and water releases in the United States, Bitcoin has set a record for its historical high point again and again this year: on January 8, Bitcoin broke through the $40,000 point; February 16 Successfully broke through the $50,000 mark; on March 13, Bitcoin stood at $60,000 for the first time; on November 10, Bitcoin hit a record high of $69,000.

El Salvador’s legal tender:

At the Bitcoin Conference in June this year, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele announced that he would soon accept Bitcoin as legal tender, which aroused heated discussions in the global market. Then on September 7, the Salvadoran government officially announced the use of Bitcoin as legal tender.

Since its inception more than ten years ago, Bitcoin has been widely regarded as a financial alternative to excessive government intervention and privacy violations by existing financial institutions. However, in El Salvador, Bitcoin has undergone an unprecedented transformation-becoming a country’s legal tender.

El Salvador purchased 200 BTC in early September. Since then, buying Bitcoin has gradually become a way for El Salvador to celebrate different occasions and play with meaningful dates or numbers. On November 26, El Salvador celebrated Black Friday and purchased 100 BTC at a price of approximately US$54,000 per BTC; on December 21, the President of El Salvador purchased 21 bitcoins again to celebrate the “last of the 21st century” A 21st”. So far, El Salvador has bought about 1,250 bitcoins in total.

Ethereum new high / EIP-1559 upgrade

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency whose value has risen. On August 5th, the Ethereum mainnet London hard fork upgrade was officially activated at the blockchain height of 12,965,000, and the Ethereum EIP-1559 proposal became effective. After the upgrade, the price of Ethereum began to rise all the way, and it broke through in November. US$4,800, a record high.

In addition to the market price, this year Ethereum also set a new record on multiple data: on December 26, according to Glassnode data, the realized market value of Ethereum has reached 227,332,402,779.56 US dollars, a record high; on December 28, held The number of addresses with more than 0.1 Ethereum reached 6,453,315, a record high; on December 29, the computing power of the entire Ethereum network reached 1PH/s this week, a record high.

Coinbase successfully listed

On April 15th, Coinbase officially entered the Nasdaq. The issue price was US$250, the opening price was US$381, and the highest intraday price rose to US$421. The market value once reached US$112 billion. It closed up 31.31% on the first day. It was in the US stock market on the same day. The turnover is second only to Tesla.

Many cryptocurrency investors around the world regard April 14 as a watershed in the field of digital assets. Coinbase’s successful listing on the traditional capital market has given new expectations for the compliance development of the cryptocurrency market, which can be called a milestone in the history of cryptocurrency. However, for Coinbase, compliant listing is only the first step in ecological construction. If it wants to occupy a place in the open financial system for one billion people, Coinbase still has a long way to go.

Digital RMB

In the Spring Festival of 2021, digital renminbi will enter the lives of the people as red envelopes. Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu and other places will send a certain amount of digital renminbi to personal digital renminbi wallets in the form of red envelopes through lottery. Individuals can be within the validity period. Go to designated merchants for consumption.

After the rain of red envelopes everywhere, the digital renminbi began to enter people’s daily lives, and currently covers various fields such as life payment, catering services, transportation, shopping and consumption, and government services.According to data released by CCTV News, as of October 22, 140 million digital renminbi personal wallets have been opened nationwide, the transaction amount has reached 62 billion yuan, and the pilot scenario has exceeded 3.5 million.

Mining and transaction clearance

In May of this year, the 51st meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council called for cracking down on Bitcoin mining and trading, and resolutely preventing the transmission of individual risks to the social field. Subsequently, the governments of Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Yunnan successively began to investigate and shut down illegal virtual currency mining activities. Under the strict control of policies, many mining platforms announced that they would stop providing related services in mainland China, and many domestic platforms have begun to move to overseas markets.

In September, ten ministries and commissions including the People’s Bank of China jointly issued the “Notice on Further Preventing and Disposing of the Risks of Virtual Currency Trading Speculation”, strictly prohibiting virtual currency exchange, buying and selling virtual currencies as a central counterparty, providing matching services and tokens for virtual currency transactions Illegal financial activities related to virtual currency such as issuance financing and virtual currency derivative transactions. With the further tightening of policies, many exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, BHEX, etc. announced the closure or restriction of services for users in China, and will close CNY trading at the end of the year.

China completely withdrew from digital currency mining and trading, further withdrawing from the world’s encryption industry arena.


In March of this year, the Wyoming State Senate Committee formally voted to pass the DAO Act, which allows the public to create an entity called “DAO” and use various statutory documents, legal agreements or smart contracts to organize affairs, even in the ether. This bill took effect on July 1, and the CryptoFed DAO was also recognized by Wyoming as the first legal DAO organization in the United States.

The full name of DAO is decentralized autonomous organization, which means decentralized autonomous organization. It is an organizational model based on the concept of decentralization and using blockchain technology. DAO uses smart contracts to establish rules and automatically execute decisions, and jointly promote the development of the organization through collective governance in the community. With the deepening of the wave of decentralization, the DAO organizational model has begun to be adopted by more and more organizations, and even by many people, “all things can be DAO”.

According to relevant data, there are currently more than 200 established DAOs in the entire crypto market, managing more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in assets. This year, Sequoia Capital, a well-known venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, once announced in a high-profile manner the All in DAO, DAO’s Fiery, is a microcosm of the highly sought after Web3.0.

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