2021 Blockchain “Sand Sculpture News” selection begins

The year 2021, which will be recorded forever in history, is about to pass away. Whether you are cut off, stolen, or deceived in the industry, 2021 will definitely make you unforgettable. Similarly, there is a lot of sand sculpture news this year. Let’s see if this year can surpass last year’s trump card “The weather is too hot, cold, and the wallet becomes hot.”

I wish you all a happy new year and be rich in 2022.

Please contact the Public Security Bureau for withdrawal

On October 19, Radar Lab issued an announcement with the title “Preventing Virtual Currency Trading Hype”. It was very positive. It was only after reading the content that it was approved by the police and told users, “Because the police did not give time, we There is no time for the withdrawal. The police have already withdrawn the assets. If users want to withdraw their assets, please contact the Public Security Bureau.”


Man speculates in coins overnight

A male nurse in the United States bought a $20 Rocket Bunny from Coinbase. After one night, he found that the account had more than $183 trillion in assets, which was worth more than Bezos, the world’s richest man at the time.

When he was excited, Coinbase replied to him that it was a display error in the background and the problem was being fixed. Soon he could not see the 13 digits.


The Chinese start project team does not support Chinese content

The social platform Monaco Planet used an invitation code mechanism similar to “Clubhouse” to start a cold start with fake adult content big V accounts, but then the project announced that social content is only available in English for content mining, causing community dissatisfaction. Chaoyang people discovered that the project code contained Chinese and the domain name was registered in China. The community abandoned the project after cyber violent attacks.


Pudgy Penguins penguin eggs open blind box full of fishing rods

Pudgy Penguins announced in August that it would airdrop penguin eggs to Pudgy Penguins users, which will be opened on Christmas Day, triggering penguin price increases. Unexpectedly, after opening the egg on Christmas, I found that the egg was full of fishing rods. “Surrender, little penguin, there are all fishing rods outside.”


Hong Kong man traded bitcoins in his car, was robbed while counting money and kicked out of the car

At 8 o’clock in the evening on January 4, 37-year-old Li met with two South Asian men across from Xingmin Village, 188 Tai Tam Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, to deliver bitcoin worth about HK$3 million. The man surnamed Li boarded the other party’s private car to hand over Bitcoin, and the other party delivered 3 million Hong Kong dollars in cash at the same time.

While the man surnamed Li was counting money in the car, another private car drove over. Four South Asian men jumped out of the car and entered the car, snatched the cash and 2 mobile phones, kicked Li out of the car, and drove away. .

The Avatar Project Announces Head-on Confrontation Against CryptoPunks

The founder of the NFT trading platform Element posted to Moments that the launch of the MaskHuman project on the platform will confront CryptoPunks head-on. At present, the floor price of CryptoPunks, the leading avatar, is still above 65 ETH, and the price of MaskHuman, which is confronting it head-on, starts at 0.056 ETH.

The most interesting thing is that MaskHuman, which claims to have 7 attributes and 256 styles generated by algorithms, has a “Luffy”. I love the algorithm of watching anime.


The 700 USD reward was wrongly issued into 700 Bitcoins

On May 19th, the crypto lending company BlockFi sent event rewards, which were originally a stable currency worth 700 USD, but mistakenly sent 701 BTC as event rewards to users. Subsequently, BlockFi sent an email to inform the user to return the bitcoin, otherwise it will be sued.

KOL relatives’ internal volume

The project party began to look for KOL platforms to radiate traditional KOL, mainly around relatives and friends. According to reports, the founder of the Metis project was the best friend of God’s mother V, and the initiator of BigGreenDAO was Kimbal Musk, the younger brother of the world’s richest man Musk. Mother Maye Musk is also not idle, launching NFT works. This proves that cryptocurrency has begun to go out of the circle.

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