188 investments in the gaming industry in 2021: the investment fever is gradually cooling down, and Metaverse drives investment in the VR industry

The investment boom in 2021 is even greater than last year. 

Tencent can be said to be the vane of investment in the gaming circle. It invested in 33 game companies last year and 77 companies this year, which more than doubled year-on-year. Netease , beep beep miles miles , byte beating other companies also have to sit still, a substantial increase in the number of the company’s investment in the game. 

According to 188 investment projects in the game circle based on public information statistics, 92% of the invested companies are R&D companies, and the remaining 8% of the business includes cloud game services, production of VR hardware, virtual human business, etc. Game research and development is still an ability valued by investment companies, and technology companies related to new technologies have also begun to receive attention. 


Judging from the number of investments that occur each month, the first half of this year has maintained a relatively stable investment enthusiasm. Since August, the number of investments that have announced changes in business information has continued to decline. Perhaps the reason for the suspension of the version number, the investment boom has cooled down due to the breaking of the industry’s stability rules. 


In general, this year has continued the investment boom of last year. There has been no major change in the direction of investment companies’ attention, and the pace of their steps has become more compact. 

Overseas companies and domestic stand-alone manufacturers are favored by major manufacturers

At present, Tencent NetEase is the leader in international influence, and multinational investment is also concentrated in these two major game companies. 

Tencent recently released a new overseas brand LEVEL INFINITE. In addition to the release of the end game “Edge of Rebirth”, it will also provide support for games independently released by third-party studios. The first lineup includes Fatshark’s “Warhammer: 40K Dark Tide”, Sharkmob’s “Vampire: Night Hunt-Blood Hunt”, “GTFO” by 10 Chambers, and Funcom’s “Metal: Hell Singer” are all terminal or online games that have attracted attention in overseas markets. 

These companies have successively received investment from Tencent from 2019 to 2021. It can be imagined that Tencent invests in overseas companies not only to introduce overseas products, but also to participate in overseas game publishing and expand overseas influence. 

Tencent’s surge in investment this year includes 15 overseas manufacturers. According to Tencent’s original statement in the financial report, it is “especially focusing on large and highly industrialized games that can attract global users.” This list includes Dontnod (“Life is Strange”) and Sumo Group (“Azabuzai Adventure”). The more famous big factories also cover more thoughtful studios such as Playload Studio and Wake Up. 

Under Tencent’s comprehensive coverage, regardless of the size of the team, as long as there is uniqueness, there are opportunities to obtain investment. 

Following Tencent, NetEase also revealed the goal of “overseas revenue accounting for 50% of its gaming business” this year, and its intention to expand overseas is even more obvious. On the one hand, he established the Japanese Sakura Studio, and on the other hand, he paid more attention to the investment and acquisition of Japanese studios. 

This year NetEase invested in Grasshopper Studio and Grouding in Japan. Grasshopper Studio was established in 1998. The company’s representative works include “Hitman 7” and “The Heroes Are No Longer”, etc., which have attracted many players from all over the world with action elements; in comparison, Grouding has a relatively small volume. Had the mobile game “Hyde Run” and NS’s “Doomsday Club”. The investment in the two companies is bound to enable NetEase to understand the Japanese market better. 

In addition, the expansion of overseas territory has also begun to set foot in the European and American markets. According to reports, the British company Kepler Interactive has received a US$120 million investment from NetEase, and its third-person action game “Master” will be released on February 8, 2022. 

Bytedance entering the game industry means that it will be “born to be global.” This year, he invested 5 million euros in Czech game company Madfinger Games. Its company announced that the next game will come to the computer. 

In addition to overseas manufacturers, investment support for domestic stand-alone games is also something major manufacturers (mainly Tencent) will do. 

This year Tencent has identified some domestic stand-alone game companies. The game science of “Black Myth: Wukong” is being produced, the Lancet technology of “Frontier” , the zero rhino information of “Lost Soul”, and the dark star technology that has produced “Road to Redemption” have all received Tencent’s this year. invest. 

NetEase has also invested in independent game studio Yueyang Studio, which is building a thriller narrative game “KARMA”, which is expected to be developed and launched in the second half of 2022. At present, the game has been selected to be published by Gamera Game, and NetEase’s investment will be used for the long-term planning of game IP. 

Whether it is an overseas game company or a domestic stand-alone game studio, quality and ideas are important factors that impress investors. Investors are increasingly willing to help creators for the long-term development of their businesses. 

Popular game categories are welcomed

Two-dimensional games and SLG continue to be hot in the game market, and their companies are still areas where the capital market pays more attention. 

The second dimension is still a hot category in the market. In the past, Tencent did not have a deep involvement in the core two-dimensional circuit. This year, it has invested in many two-dimensional game companies, including Baiao Family Interactive, Dawn Interactive , Chaolu Game, and Sanbo Network . 

Among them, Sanbang Network should be a relatively significant company in the field of two-dimensional mobile games. This year San burst network on the line “Girl Front: cloud Plan”, the next there is “little before 2: chase put” “less ago: deceitful territory” and “reverse collapse: bakery operations” will continue to focus on “Girl Frontline” IP were Development and operation. 

At present, Tencent holds 20% of the shares of Sanbang Network, and the investment level has reached the level of one billion. It is estimated that it is still the highest valuation of the two-dimensional team invested by Tencent. 

Po Xiao Interactive received investment from Tencent this year, with the latter holding 20% ​​of the shares. The company’s “Blue Realm”, which has developed gameplay, shut down its game server in 2019. The game was relaunched in June this year, and speculation has a certain relationship with the investment brought by Tencent. However, the performance of the game on the line is not good, perhaps because two years later, this type of gameplay has gradually fallen behind the trend. 

Although the core two-dimensional games invested by Tencent rarely appear in the top of the iOS best-selling list, under the trend of the two-dimensional boom, they are still betting on the two-dimensional category. 

There are other companies that want to get involved in the two-dimensional circuit. After the “Moore Manor” fire broke out this year, Giant Network said it planned to acquire 72.81% of Taomi Group. Taomi Group has an initial valuation of 1.5 billion yuan, which means that Giant Network will probably pay 1.09 billion yuan. Compared with its annual income of 2.2 billion in 2020, this can be regarded as a big expenditure. 

Taomi Group mainly has three IPs: “Moore Manor”, ” Sell Number” and “Little Flower Fairy”. At present, only “Moore Manor” released by Thunder Games has had relatively good results. Although the future game reserve “Plan Sear” still uses the “Sell” IP, it has a higher concentration of the second dimension from the perspective of the style of painting. 

It can be guessed that “Moore Manor” will not be the only factor that attracts acquisitions for the giant network that wants to move towards younger operations. 

The SLG R&D team is also a mining target for game companies. Kuaima Huyu has received investment from Kaiying Network this year . Its SLG “Homeland War” has been handed over to the game agent for tens of millions of agency money. The company also has a civilized SLG product under development, which has not yet been officially announced. 

Xingyue Interactive, which focuses on the research and development of pan-sci-fi theme SLG, also received investment from Kaiying Network last year. According to the company’s financial report, Kaiying Network hopes to invest in start-up studios, aiming to open up the two-dimensional, SLG and other segmented game markets. Now that there is a “high-hands-run team” in the second dimension, it is expected that SLG’s investment results will take longer. 

The emergence of new concepts attracts defensive investment

The top ten internet terms in 2021 have a place in “Meta Universe”. Although this emerging concept is still at a very early stage, for companies that want to live in the game circle for a long time, advance investment layout is not unnecessary. 

This year NetEase participated in 5 virtual person company-related investments, including virtual image technology company Genies , “Meta Universe” social platform Imvu , American live broadcast company Maestro that creates virtual interactive concerts , and ” Microsoft Xiaoice” parent company Red The next -generation culture of Mian Xiaobing and virtual idol IP content development and operation . 

ByteDance has A-Soul, Tencent has the “King of Glory” “Infinite Kings”, Mihayou also has Luming. In comparison, NetEase does not seem to have a special virtual image out of the circle. 

Tencent still attaches great importance to the company’s research and development capabilities, and this year invested in the box monster network and the era of magic . Zhang Hanlong, the major shareholder of Boxguai Networks, was once the legal person of Yunnan Tietou Network Technology Co., Ltd., and was involved in VR business. Therefore, there are speculations that Boxguai Networks will engage in VR game development business in the future. WMO Era launched the VR game “Eternal Warrior VR” in 2017, and launched the PC version of the game “Road to Awakening” this year. It also launched VR games and independent game business. 

In addition to investing in game developer Mengtu Information, ByteDance also acquired the VR hardware company Pico for a high price of 9 billion yuan. Pico’s research and development products include VR all-in-one machines, Pico UI, and C-end products for mobile assistants. According to a report released by IDC, Pico will rank first in China’s VR market share in 2020, and already has a certain market position in the VR field. 

Under the continuous hot state of Metaverse, the accompanying virtual human industry and VR industry may become the focus of the global market, and the emergence of defensive investment can be one of the rapid deployment methods. 

One company is chased by many

High-quality CP has become scarce, and it is not uncommon for a game company to obtain investment from many major manufacturers. 

Celadon Digital focuses on placement and Roguelike games. In addition to the previous gigabit investment, this year also attracted the participation of Tencent, Bilibili and Alibaba Interactive Entertainment, the latter three holding 3.37% of the shares. 

The futuristic interaction focuses on the visual novel track, and this year received investment from Dianhun Network and Bilibili. Its Traveler Project has released several interactive novel mobile games such as “The Evening Bell of Saint Goethe”, “Yeming of Chang’an”, “Miss Meng De and the Boy Who Blew Up”. 

Fat Pudding continues to launch puzzle games, and it also relies on its unique style of painting to gain a lot of fans. In addition to Lilith, this year also received investment from Tencent and Dreamland. Tencent holds 16.6% of its shares and is its second largest shareholder (Lilith holds 4.3%). 

Yinghuo Network launched the visual novel game “Sea Sand Wind and Cloud” this year, which received 98% praise on Steam. The company received investment from NetEase and atomic punk (a partnership held by Eagle Corner Network and Youxing Network) this year. 

This year the establishment of the venture capital firm promise but Wyatt is assembled together gigabit, Tencent, Netease, celadon digital, Eagle Point network, Shi Yong network, IGG and many game companies, this year invested 7 Ah wow Ronco technology, Six game development companies, including Xingkong Zhisheng and Chuyu Games. 

Among them, Xingkong Zhisheng’s horizontal ARPG “Era: Mutation” is one of the supporting works of Sony’s China Star Project. It was originally scheduled to be launched in December and is currently being postponed in the future; Chuyu Games’ “Candy Disaster” was launched in November this year. Launched on Steam and received 86% praise. The tower defense gameplay combined with organ traps is quite unique. 

Fast and prudent investment

Game companies are speeding up investment but not blindly investing. 

For the invested companies, many invested companies this year have a certain business background, and need to ensure that they have a deep enough understanding of the product and even the industry to be more likely to be favored by investors. 

Zhou Jian, the founder of Deep Blue Interactive, was previously the producer of “Food Language” and this year received investment from Tencent. Deep Blue Interactive is currently developing a two-dimensional retro style mobile game “Return to the Future: 1999” and a two-dimensional female-oriented project. 

Tai Le Fang’s chairman Ye Zhifei once developed a number of mobile games on the national war page such as “Siege of the City” in Ao Shitang, and his mobile games ranked between 100 and 200 on the iOS best-selling list. After the company was founded this year, it received investment from Alibaba Entertainment. 


Jiao Haiming, the founder of Xinghai Interactive Entertainment, has participated in the development of “Wen Dao” and served as a producer in the “Genghis Khan 2” and “Painted Skin World” project. Zilong game is released. Jiao Haiming started his business again this year and received investment from Zilong Games and Tencent. 

Synesthesia Brain is the parent company of Binary Games. Founder Jia Fei left Dragon Fist Storm to start his own business and set up Binary Games. Its idle Roguelike “Code Name: Jump Traveler” was tested this year. The Brain of Harmony received investment from Tencent and Dianhun.com this year. 

For investment companies, focusing on the track that they are good at and at the same time a popular category is also a path. 

Bilibili itself is the largest two-dimensional video content platform in China, and game users naturally prefer two-dimensional games. Therefore, among the 20 game companies invested this year, there are 8 two-dimensional game companies, including Skybox Technology and Yanguang Network. Gigabit is still keen to form a bond with independent game studios through investment. The previous “Maze of Unthinkable” and “Greed Cave” are all popular independent games. This year, Gigabit also invested in Songyue Network and Funny Interactive Entertainment. The products under research are “Attack on the Bastion” and “Big Thousand World” respectively. Both companies have not been established for two years. The speed of Gigabit’s search for independent game studios is also relatively high. Faster. 

Funplus began to focus on the SLG track through investment. This year, I invested in Totem Starry Sky and Unknown Matrix. Among them, “Project: Light Year” developed by Unknown Matrix is ​​a science fiction SLG that incorporates card, RTS, Roguelike and other elements. Funplus has successfully released “State of Survival”, “King of Avalon” and “Musket Era”. The sci-fi themes that the peers are laying out are the missing parts, and the future space and cyber themes are also the focus of Funplus. 

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