16,000 Dunhuang concept NFT skins were madly grabbed! Is it a gimmick or a fad?

The NFT is currently not tradable by users after purchase. Thus it is also unlikely to have the potential to add value.

Early in the morning of June 23, the circle of friends was swept up by 2 NFT skins, namely Dunhuang Flying Sky and Nine-Colored Deer skin. The global limited edition of only 16,000 copies.

Interestingly, the NFT is issued based on the ant chain and has a unique code exclusive to the ant chain. To purchase it, you need 10 ant points + $9.90.

NFT + Dunhuang concept + Ant Chain + Alipay + 16,000 copies, these two skins are likely to be snatched up instantly. The heat is unprecedented.

The first is that NFT may break the circle again, an Alipay applet called fan grain surfaced, which means that Alipay users can directly buy NFT with RMB. second, these NFT of the ant chain, from the official rules given by the introduction, and our perception of the blockchain NFT is somewhat different, on the contrary, some practitioners spit, where is this NFT, this It is JPG.


“Alipay payment skin” online, sold 158,400 overnight

These two NFTs are jointly offered by Alipay and Dunhuang Fine Arts Institute. Take Dunhuang Lucky Flying Skin for example, the total number of this skin is 8,000. It needs to be snapped up, but only costs 10 Alipay points and 9,9 yuan. This is definitely “cheap” compared to the price of several ETH in the blockchain world.

Currently, both skins have been sold out, which means that the project has sold a total of 158,400 RMB.

The reason why it is called a skin is because the NFT corresponds to the image of Dunhuang Flying Sky, which can be used as the image on the Alipay payment page. This means that after buying the skin, the user is definitely “one in a million” in the payment code page among Alipay users worldwide.

A friend lamented that with this skin, there is a little complacency when paying, almost impossible to “bump”, very interesting.


This is how Alipay introduces NFT (digital work), which refers to the digital work with original artwork copied in the storage space designated by Antchain and identified by the unique corresponding virtual credentials issued by Antchain platform.

The Antchain platform (or blockchain platform) refers to a platform that provides trusted depository technology services for the issuance/transaction of digital works and their virtual credentials through Antchain’s blockchain technology based on public cloud technology services.

Antchain “fan grain”, which will be the world’s largest NFT trading venue?

How do users buy these two skins? Open Alipay and search for “fan grain” and “NFT” keywords to see.

According to the official introduction, the fan grain is launched by the ant chain, users can support the love of digital works and artists through the platform, when the user has ant-technology supported NFT art collection, the fan grain can also provide the function of collection appreciation, show to friends and gift.

In a word, it’s an NFT trading and display platform built into Alipay! Moreover, users can directly purchase NFT digital artworks with Alipay.

At the moment, the applet is extremely simple. Roughly speaking, there are only two products currently available, one is the Dunhuang-Alipay payment skin. The other is some digital art. Currently, there are several artists’ digital artworks being auctioned on the platform. Let’s take artist Le Yi’s work “INSOMNIA” as an example, the highest bid for this digital artwork is currently $801 and 11 people have signed up. This digital artwork is also an NFT on Antchain.

Today, through the Dunhuang-Alipay payment skin, this product called Fan Grain is on fire in cryptocurrency circles, but it looks like the product is still very rough. It is early in its launch.

However, it is conceivable that based on the base of hundreds of millions of Alipay users, the convenience of direct Alipay payments, and the connection between NFT works and other Alipay products, if the product bursts into flames, does it have the potential to become the world’s largest NFT trading platform?


Fake NFT? Real JPG?

However, as far as the fan grain platform offers this Dunhuang-Paypal skin NFT look, how it makes people feel a little strange.

Let’s take a look at the official introduction to the rules of use of this NFT.

1, the NFT is a specific digital work that can be applied to the interface of specific business scenarios.

2, after obtaining the NFT, users can display, study, research, enjoy and download compressed images in the interface of specific business scenes. For example, as the payment code skin of Alipay.

3、The copyright of NFT digital works is owned by the publisher or the creator of the original work, and users are not allowed to use NFT digital works for any commercial purposes.

From these introductions, it can be seen that although the skin purchased by the user has NFT properties, but in fact still owns the right to use the digital work in a particular scene. It does not own the digital work itself corresponding to NFT. This is very different from the NFTs mentioned in the blockchain world. For example, the NFT cannot be traded by the user after purchase. Thus, it also does not have the potential to increase in value.

When we look at the rule descriptions of digital art NFTs that are currently being auctioned, we find that the copyright descriptions of those NFTs also mention that the copyright of the work is owned by the copyright holder and the user cannot make commercial use related to the copyright after purchase.

So the question arises, what is the point of users purchasing these NFTs?

From the introduction provided by the fan grain so far, yes, these works are on the chain, on the ant chain, and are NFT, but don’t take them as blockchain world tradable and copyrighted NFT for the works.

However, because the product is still in its early days, it may again present more possibilities as the features are iterated.

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