16 people of the year in the crypto industry worth remembering

Original title: “The Defiant’s Defiers of 2021”

Recently, The Defiant compiled a list of people who define DeFi and web3 of the year. These KOLs are founders, hackers, and investors who help advance the open economy; politicians and regulators who lay the foundation or threaten the industry and restrict its development; CEOs of DeFi-related industries and shape the crypto space with their global influence ; There are also artists and community builders who have further promoted encryption technology to mainstream culture.

The following is a specific list of 16 people of the year:

Pplpleasr, NFT Artist

For Pplpleasr (Emily Yang), this is an important year. She worked closely with projects in this field during the DeFi summer boom last year, so she is well known in this circle. Among them, she produced a promotional video for the launch of Uniswap V3, which greatly increased her reputation. The video clip version was sold as an NFT for more than $500,000. She then donated her income to the Stand With Asians movement. PleasrDAO is a team composed of DeFi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists, who established this organization with this purchase event. PleasrDAO has established a strong and public reputation by acquiring culturally significant works through charity.

Later in the same year, Emily created artwork for the Ethereum documentary “The Infinite Garden” and designed the cover for the August/September 2021 issue of Fortune, which was sold as a limited edition NFT for $1.3 million . She also collaborated with DJ Steve Aoki to create a work that was auctioned at Sotheby’s. This is the year of NFT. In the field of NFT, there is no artist more shining than Emily.

Samczsun, DeFi hero

“U up?”

These two words from Samczsun are what the founder of any DeFi project fears most, which means that he has found some catastrophic errors in the code produced by the team. But he did not use these loopholes for personal gain, but chose to help fix these errors to ensure the safety of DeFi users. He did get some compensation, but as he said in an interview in March 2020, he did it mainly for challenge and fun.

In October 2020, the anonymous white hat hacker joined the venture capital firm Paradigm as a research partner, but this did not stop him from cracking down on DeFi crimes. Earlier this year, he discovered a loophole in SushiSwap, one of the largest projects in the field. He found some vulnerabilities or potential vulnerabilities in projects including Curve Finance, ENS, Synthetix, Kyber Network, Nexus Mutual, Hegic Options, Aragon and Finance.

Nayib Bukele, President of Crypto 

In 2021, no head of state will shake up the crypto space more than the 40-year-old President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.When Bukele accepted Bitcoin and made it the legal tender of Central American countries, the grand plan of digital currency alternatives advocated by Satoshi Nakamoto took a step forward. Now, as Salvadorans adapt to using Bitcoin in their daily lives, the real test has begun, and there has been some resistance. Bukele still insisted on his position. On December 21, he tweeted showing the receipt of the purchase of 21 bitcoins.

Jack Dorsey, a stubborn Bitcoin believer


BTC extremists provided many interesting topics on the topic of Twitter encryption, saying that DeFi would never realize what it was doing, and put them in an embarrassing situation with their radical closed minds. They refuse to acknowledge all innovations (not cults) outside of Bitcoin. Among them is a believer whose intentional ignorance is particularly harmful, and he happens to be the central figure in Twitter: Jack Dorsey.

As the former head of Twitter and the CEO of Square (now known as Block), Dorsey, as a person who sees the potential of blockchain as the underlying architecture of the financial system and the Internet of Value, has a unique position in supporting web3. However, instead of embracing the value that DeFi has created, he chose to try to create only on Bitcoin.Time will tell whether he will successfully complete many projects that others have tried but failed.

Cooper Turley, full-time DAO expert

In the DAO field, Cooper Turley seems to be everywhere. He is a strategic planner for Audius, a decentralized music streaming platform, and a consultant for Variant Fund, but it’s more than that. His full-time DAO career began in 2018 and he has contributed to groups including MetaCartel and Moloch DAO. This led to the creation of the Fire Eyes DAO, where he helped web3 startups grow their communities and launch tokens.

Coopahtroopa attributed most of his success to writing. Through his contributions to various publications including this journal, he has continued to gain an in-depth understanding of the fields of DAO, DeFi and NFT. Through Fire Eyes, he was closely involved in the launch of Superare’s RARE and other tokens in the NFT market. He also participated in the creation of Friends with Benefits, a token threshold community unique to FWB holders. This is just a small part of the many projects he has suggested and invested in. In addition, he is an investor and advisor to The Defiant.

Chris Dixon, the ultimate DeFi VC


Dixon is the general partner of a16z. He will completely “stud” DeFi in 2021. He played a key role in raising a cryptocurrency fund of up to 2.2 billion U.S. dollars for venture capital firms. This is the company’s third fund. Projects supported by his team include Celo, OpenSea, and Compound. He led Andreessen Horowitz Crypto to become a “gravity” in the DeFi and web3 fields. The company has equity and/or token equity in almost every major project in every vertical field. Dixon also provided evangelism for DeFi related knowledge in many posts. In his latest article, he compared the emergence of “programmable blockchain” to the innovation of smartphones.

Do Kwon, innovator and ecosystem builder

Do Kwon is the co-founder of Terraform Labs, which is building the Terra ecosystem, which is a mature, self-sufficient alternative financial system. The core of the network is the UST stable currency, which relies on the incentive mechanism and algorithm system supported by LUNA tokens, which successfully maintains the peg to the US dollar to a large extent, but does not actually hold any legal currency. No other algorithmic stablecoin can do this for so long and successfully. This is a major feat. UST recently broke the $10 billion market value mark.

In addition to stablecoins, the Terra ecosystem also includes the currency market platform Anchor; the Mirror protocol that allows users to trade synthetic assets; a decentralized exchange, Astroport; and other projects that make up this DeFi galaxy, as well as users who call themselves LUNAtics. Terraform Labs has developed enough to attract the attention of the SEC, and the SEC is now reviewing the Mirror protocol. However, Kwon did not seem to be affected by it, and Terraform sued the US SEC for “failure to comply with its own rules.”

Daniele Sestagalli, serial entrepreneur

As an early Bitcoin believer, Sesta (he likes to be called Sesta) has maintained the habit of must-read Twitter comments after participating in the co-creation of three high-profile projects. Wonderland, which is forked from OlympusDAO, is a stable currency game supported by the vault; Abracadabra is a DeFi debt venture company; and Popsicle Finance, a revenue optimization platform. Popsicle Finance was hacked in August and lost $25 million. But Sesta later repaid the victims and distributed a 20% reward to those who held all of its ICE tokens.

His project and Olympus DAO launched a campaign called DeFi 2.0 to better coordinate the incentives between the project team and users.

Banteg, the ultimate hacker

Banteg is the incarnation of the ultimate DeFi hacker. An anonymous developer with a rabbit avatar, whose skills made the hacker a core member of the Yearn financial team. Under the leadership of Banteg, Yearn has always been one of the largest TVL DeFi protocols, and continues to innovate to provide users with the best benefits.

Banteg also showed enthusiasm for supporting a wider ecosystem, proposing that Yearn a certain percentage of fiscal expenses through Gitcoin grants to fund the public products of Ethereum, and recently advocated the agreement to contribute to a new DAO dedicated to the promotion of DeFi laws. .

Elon Musk, the king of worthless information communicators


Elon Musk holds several positions. For some people, he is Tesla’s Technoking, Dogecoin’s CEO, SpaceX’s co-founder, and the richest person in the world. Nevertheless, for the topic of encrypted Twitter, Musk is first of all its most useless information disseminator.

At the beginning of this year, when he stated that Tesla would accept BTC as a payment method and hold the token on its balance sheet, Bitcoin soared by 14%. Later, when he said on Twitter that Dogecoin was his favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin soared. In June, he changed his mind and tweeted that he had apparently broken up with Bitcoin, with a heartbroken emoji, and BTC dropped 7%. In October, when Musk tweeted that he did not own any Shiba Inu coins, its price plummeted. He seems to enjoy his influence, but for investors, his whimsy is an extremely thrilling behavior.

Cathie Wood, TradFi Queen


Cathie Wood’s ARK Web x.0 ETF was the first ETF to invest in Bitcoin through the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust in 2015. She has always advocated encryption. She told CNBC this month that with the influx of institutions, the price of Bitcoin may rise by $500,000, and Ethereum may be further undervalued. She is also following the launch of BTC ETF and is a supporter of web3. Nevertheless, this year is a test for Wood’s ARK innovative ETF, which targets companies such as Tesla. The fund fell 21%, which is the true status quo after the return rate of 152% in 2020. The real test for money managers is how they bounce back. In view of ARK’s performance this year, it will have ample opportunity to show her resilience in 2022.

Brian Armstrong, King of CeFi


It is difficult to achieve the best of both worlds in the crypto circle, but Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is working hard to become a centralized cryptocurrency company with a decentralized financial center. Together with Circle, Coinbase is the first to launch USDC, the most popular stablecoin in the field; it has launched its own non-custodial wallet and is working to provide DeFi-derived interest rates through its interface. Coinbase had a conflict with the US SEC when it wanted to launch lending products. On Twitter, Armstrong accused the SEC of “rude behavior” and suppression of innovation.

When you are under CeFi’s nose, you need to consider more rules and restrictions. In particular, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, is also a public company.

Mark Zuckerberg, the worst Web2

This is not because he accepted Metaverse and changed Facebook’s company name to Meta, although this is disgusting. It was not that he gave an incredible testimony to Congress in October when whistleblower Frances Haugen disclosed that Facebook ignored its employees’ demands to resolve the lies and racism that prevailed on this huge platform. No, Zuckerberg’s worst online moment was a video of him playing with a hydrofoil and holding the Stars and Stripes on July 4th. Nothing better reflects the 37-year-old billionaire’s arrogance and pretentiousness than this video. This “classic” will never go out of style.

Alexis Ohanian, Best Web2

The web2 social network led by Reddit co-founder Ohanian is taking the most important measures to integrate and support web3, and it cooperates with the Ethereum Foundation to provide development resources for extension tools. It also launched its community points on the Ethereum testnet. Reddit is also working with Layer 2 Arbitrum to explore whether it can launch its community points within it.

Since resigning from Reddit in 2020, Ohanian has actively invested in technology and blockchain companies. This year, his venture capital fund Seven Seven Six and Polygon announced a $200 million initiative to support the intersection of social media and Web3. Ohanian has long advocated for a more open Internet. He has spoken in Congress and lobbied the FCC to support net neutrality.

Gary Gensler, DeFi villain

The chairman of the US SEC is a rare role because he is a regulator who truly understands the complexity of the blockchain. This does not mean that he wants to be open to the encryption network, as he said, he used a series of measures to prevent the industry from operating “outside the border.”

He once vowed to “protect” investors from the dangers of airdrops, 10 times returns, and generous returns, while leaving enough room for imperfect financial instruments such as futures-based ETFs. The crypto circle countered this.

So far, this has mainly posed a threat, but Gensler does define almost all encryption products as securities or contracts regulated by existing laws. This is more than any other major regulatory agency has done.

Hester Peirce, the enlightened supervisor

US SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce is also known as “Crypto Mom”. She has always been one of the highest advocates for the establishment of a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. The framework will provide investors with the necessary protections without Will stifle innovation in this booming industry.

One of her greatest contributions is the token safe harbor plan she proposed. The plan will provide blockchain startups with a three-year grace period without worrying about being sued, allowing the project to have enough time to meet the agency’s requirements. That is to ensure that its network must be fully decentralized so that the corresponding token will not be regarded as a security.

This year, she will continue to promote more friendly encryption supervision. Earlier this month, Peirce stated that Gary Gensler’s regulatory agenda still fails to include clarifications on digital assets, which is very disappointing.

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