14 new projects Binance Labs Season 4 Global Incubation Program Project List

Recently, Binance Labs Season 4 Global Incubation Program has been officially launched. Through this program, it will continue to support more potential blockchain projects. In the incubation program of the past 3 seasons, many high-quality crypto platforms and protocols have been successfully selected and supported by Binance Labs, such as Polygon, Perpetual Protocol, Injective Protocol and Dune Analytics.

In the fourth quarter, more than 500 projects submitted applications, reflecting the growing and diversifying trend of the crypto industry. In the end, Binance Labs selected 14 projects with the most potential and most suitable for the plan, which were distributed in the Web3 infrastructure/tools, GameFi/Metaverse, DeFi and other tracks. Next, BlockBeats will introduce these projects one by one.

Web3 infrastructure/tools


FilSwan provides a complete decentralized storage and computing solution that enables Web3 developers to easily integrate decentralized storage, edge computing and payments across multiple chains.

In the Filswan project, a task can contain one or more offline transactions. Among them, the task types include public tasks and private tasks granted by the client. At the same time, public tasks are divided into two forms: automatic bidding and manual bidding, which is a transaction collection of public bidding.



NuLink has built a privacy-preserving solution for decentralized applications through APIs, making it easy for developers and startups to build their own applications and easily implement the best security and privacy.


Currently, NuLink is working with NuCypher and has received funding from the Polkadot Web3 Foundation, and version 1 of its core library and API will be released in the second quarter of 2022.


Starton is an API for building and extending Web3 applications, this API platform provides the simplicity and scalability of blockchain technology, connects any application to the blockchain, and allows developers to build faster, more Safely develop Web3 capabilities in their products.



Grindery is a middleware Web3 automation tool like Payroll with DAO for individuals and organizations to connect dApps and protocols to exchange data, payments and services etc.


In addition, Grindery built software to help DAOs increase productivity and transparency by simplifying payments and has released its first product on the Google Chrome Store as a Chrome extension. Grindery also took second place in the Finance & Operations category at The DAO Global Hackathon in December 2021.


Qwestive is a Web3 CRM (Community Relationship Management) platform that helps projects retain and grow their user base through token holder insights and Web3 native community management tools. Currently, Qwestive is rolling out a closed beta program to 100 communities.



Reveel is a platform for Web3 creators to track their portfolios, automate revenue sharing, and report on-chain revenue.


GameFi / Metaverse

Gamic Guild

Gamic Guild is currently the largest GameFi game guild in Africa, with a community of about 13,000 active players and mobile phone users, providing users with a variety of NFT games, aiming to change the lives of many African youth through playing games.


The best NFT games often require capital, which prevents players from accessing these most valuable games. Gamic Guild wants to turn their entertainment time into money and remove these barriers by giving players the necessary NFTs they need to play and earn money.


CoralApp is a blockchain-based fitness and social platform where users can experience health and fitness for themselves in the Metaverse powered by blockchain technology.


CoralApp will be built on multiple chains, including the BNB chain, Polygon, Avalanche (EVM), Solana, and Zilliqa platforms, with a beta product launch at the end of Q2 2022, and official project launch planned for early Q4 2022 release.


AlterVerse is the gaming Metaverse on the BNB chain. In the game, Sky City is the central hub of the AlterVerse, where players can make money by buying land, building, shopping, socializing, collecting resources, making NFTs, buying, selling, and trading, among other ways.


From Sky City, players can also go to one of the many OutPost servers. Set on a giant space station, OutPost is a first-person shooter-style game that also includes quests, mining, and crafting. And, players can own and customize your own crew room, fight by piloting the mighty XR75 fighter, as well as socialize and participate in various competitions.


Playbux aims to integrate existing exchanges, lending platforms and NFTs into the platform so that anyone can interact with other people or DeFi platforms in the Playbux Metaverse, as well as play games, participate in corresponding events, and the Metaverse friends in to hang out.



ChapterX is an immersive 3D platform, just using a crypto wallet, each user can have a unique 3D avatar and a decentralized identifier to interact with each other using their meta-identity. At the same time, ChapterX reimagines new ways for NFT projects to interact with users, especially GameFi and PFP projects, to create their own meta-economy through the platform’s infrastructure toolkit.


Additionally, ChapterX aims to bring Meta Identity to the Socialverse, enabling projects to design, build, and engage with communities in three-dimensional landscapes.


CODA Ventures

CODA Ventures is an on-chain yield generation protocol that provides users passive access to best-in-class sustainable yield generation strategies. Higher returns for users often require continuous monitoring, complex steps or a high level of understanding of derivatives, CODA Ventures aims to remove these high barriers and provide users with easy access.



Ambrosia is a French DeFi savings account that allows any user to invest their fiat savings in stablecoins and earn yield in an easy way. The annual interest rate is 6%, which is distributed daily and can be withdrawn at any time.



OpenLeverage is a permissionless lending and margin trading protocol deployed on the Ethereum and BNB chains, enabling traders to long/short any trading pair on a DEX.


The founding team of OpenLeverage comes from a background in financial securities trading and Crypto, and has many years of experience in derivatives trading and risk management, as well as building blockchain-based financial systems, and has worked with Goldman Sachs, HSBC and other institutions.

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