13 Future Crypto Tracks You Must Follow

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In the crypto world, the timing of investing is critical, and getting into an emerging industry early may be your best chance for success. Here are some potential narratives that I think will see significant growth over the next few years:

1. Liquid pledge

The move to proof-of-stake (PoS) on the Ethereum mainnet will be an important inflection point for the crypto industry.

However, it also has certain limitations: users need to stake at least 32 ETH and need to lock their funds.

Using protocols such as Lido, users can deposit any amount of ETH and obtain equity certificates that can be freely traded.


2. Fragmented NFT

What if a million people could own the Mona Lisa?

This is certainly not possible with physical collectibles.

However, NFTs can be divided into thousands of pieces. This opens the doors of the art industry to more investors and removes high-cost barriers to entry for users.


3. Social Token

Social influencers need better ways to monetize their work and further engage with their fans.

At present, creators are limited by the platform and can only be forced to surrender their profits to these intermediaries.

Using social tokens, creators can tokenize the community and reward themselves and their fans for their efforts.


4. Options

In the stock market, nearly $500 billion in options is traded every day.

Throughout 2021, options trading between BTC and ETH alone will amount to $387 billion.

Options are an emerging industry in the crypto space and the industry is bound to grow exponentially as the market matures.


5. Zero-knowledge proofs

Buterin said that ZK Rollups will process the vast majority of Ethereum transactions for a long time in the future.

These technologies allow L2 public chains to confirm their status to Ethereum in a timely manner, and enable mass adoption of privacy protection and scalability.


6. DAO tools

From an operational and management perspective, DAOs still have many problems to solve, which require innovations in DAO tools.

Protocols that help address decentralization, accountability, legal, and contribution issues in DAOs are likely to be a hot area in 2022.

7. Cross-chain bridge

Today’s top blockchains store trillions of dollars of value, yet these ecosystems are separated from each other.

As these ecosystems continue to grow, the need for protocols that facilitate asset cross-chain, data scalability, and decentralization will become more apparent. (Rhythm Note, the current cross-chain bridge solution is relatively risky, readers need to make their own judgments)


8. Foreign exchange market

The value of the foreign exchange market is estimated at $2.4 trillion, and despite its enormous size, it is largely held in the dollar system, and the crypto industry has barely captured this value.

The popularity of non-USD stablecoins will be a key driver for billions of users to join the crypto ecosystem.


9. DAO non-governance

As DAOs have grown, their limitations have become more apparent.

As long as a control system involves human intervention, there is a counterparty risk.

A potential solution to this is the non-governance introduced by Reflexer, which aims to gradually remove the control of the human factor over time.


10. Airdrop

Airdrops are an effective way to help the protocol build a community.

Recently, airdrops have become a vampire attack tool against other platforms, such as the LOOKS airdrop.

I hope these vampire attacks will increase the level of reliance on users trying to replace centralized organizations.

11.PoS MEV

The transaction ordering process in ETH 2.0 will be the same as the current PoW mechanism, which means that there is still an MEV opportunity in ETH 2.0, the only difference is that the validator replaces the miner and is responsible for the transaction ordering process.



Rollups will play an increasingly important role in ETH 2.0 after the switch to PoS, after Ethereum’s roadmap for Rollup-centric development is finalized.

The merger with PoS will make it the most secure and decentralized consensus layer, while data sharding and Rollup will be able to support throughputs of up to 100,000 TPS.

13. Tokenized community gate

The de-platforming nature of the crypto world allows some interesting use cases to be incorporated.

Guild.xyz, for example, allows users to create gated access to any platform with advanced logic requirements, such as NFTs, properties, tokens, whitelists, and more.


The blockchain ecosystem is still innovating and evolving rapidly, and while no one can predict the future, we can at least deduce the way forward.

Advances in areas such as NFTs, DAOs, and interoperability protocols are the emerging representatives of this Pentium era.

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