11 companies hold over 160,000 ETH

June 7 (Xinhua) — The overall mainstream coins in the cryptocurrency market rose slightly today. As of press time, BTC is at $36286.31, up 1.34% intraday, ETH is at $2784.172, up 2.68% intraday, LTC is at $178.372, up 1.14% intraday; OKB is at $16.380, up 0.73% intraday; DeFi section is up generally, the top three intraday gainers on OKEx platform are. SRM (+7.49%), DAO (+6.54%), AUCTION (+5.93%).


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[Data] 11 companies hold over 160,000 ETH

Data from Crypto Treasuries shows that 32 companies hold a total of about 325,013 bitcoins, which is valued at about $11.7 billion. As for ethereum, 11 companies hold 169,279 ETH, which is worth about $470 million.

[Industry] JPMorgan Chase Onyx Blockchain Head: Is Closely Watching the Evolution of DeFi

JPMorgan Chase Onyx blockchain team leader Umar Farooq said JPM Coin runs alongside the Liink payment network of 400 banks and provides services such as securities settlement (repo trading) to JPMorgan Chase’s customer base. The chief added that “we are closely watching the evolution of DeFi,” Farooq added: “While it is currently very active in the public crypto space, DeFi will have a much bigger future as other assets start to be placed on the blockchain.

[Industry] Bank of England simulates introduction of digital currency scenario, says massive cash redistribution may affect currency markets

The Bank of England said in a discussion paper on digital currencies that a large portion of consumer deposits at retail banks could shift to digital currencies if the government starts offering them. The bank modeled the impact of introducing digital currencies on the retail banking sector and considered what would happen if one-fifth of deposits became digital. The Bank of England said any large-scale redistribution of cash could affect money markets. The bank said digital currencies could boost economic activity by facilitating faster, cheaper and more efficient payments, but hinted that this would require a transition period.

[Industry] Paraguay to Open Important Projects Related to Bitcoin, Paypal

Carlitos Rejala, Paraguay’s national token, tweeted today, “As I was saying a long time ago, our country needs to go hand in hand with the new generation. This moment has come, and this is our moment. This week we will start an important project that will allow Paraguay to innovate and put Paraguay at the forefront of the world. A real to the moon”. The tweet ended with Bitcoin and Paypal hashtags, as well as a photo of a laser eye associated with the crypto community Meme.

Industry] Two Departments: Cultivate a Number of Internationally Competitive Blockchain “Famous Enterprises”

On June 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Central Network Information Office issued guidelines to accelerate the promotion of blockchain technology applications and industrial development. The “Guidance” proposes to cultivate a number of blockchain famous products, enterprises and parks, build open source ecology, adhere to the short board and forging the long board and accelerate the creation of a complete blockchain industry chain. Specific initiatives include: building industry-level alliance chains, creating a number of blockchain “famous products” with advanced technology and strong driving effect; cultivating a number of blockchain “famous enterprises” with international competitiveness, cultivating and incubating blockchain startups, and encouraging the creation of unicorn enterprises; combining the “regulatory sandbox” concept with the “blockchain industry” and the “blockchain industry”. “It also supports the construction of blockchain industry “famous parks” in parks with good basic conditions.

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