10 practical NFT projects worth paying attention to in 2021

There are currently 4 million NFTs on OpenSea, and millions of NFTs on other platforms (such as Rarible , Foundation, SuperRare , NBA Top Shot, etc.). Knowing that the NFT world is huge and expanding, it is safe to say that not all these assets will appreciate. So how to choose NFT project? We found that the usefulness of NFT (defined below) is a good introduction to NFT and its potential future uses.

Practical NFT: NFT is not only a work of art, but more importantly, it is used to distribute digital assets. A practical NFT can be a physical artwork that matches the purchased NFT; it can also be a special visit to an event, an exclusive membership or a prop (game props, etc.) to be used in the meta-universe in the future.

Below, the author will introduce 10 practical NFT projects that are familiar to everyone or that have just come out.



VeeFriends is the name of the NFT series created by well-known investor Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary hand-painted 268 stick figures as the basis for 10255 VeeFriend NFTs. These sketches come with exclusive benefits, such as gift boxes, mentor meetings and conference tickets. Use NFT technology and its smart contract functions to build a community around his creativity and business enthusiasm. Become a member of the VeeFriends community and have access to VeeCon by owning a VeeFriend NFT.

VeeCon is the world’s first NFT ticketed conference organization. VeeCon is a place where VeeFriends token holders come together as a community to build social networking, share opinions and learn together.

Crypto Baristas(cryptobaristas.com)


Crypto Baristas is the world’s first NFT-funded cafe.

The first season of Crypto Barista will launch 60 caffeine-loving characters. The ownership of these NFTs will help conceptualize and open the world’s first NFT-funded cafe. The owner of Crypto Barista can enjoy the benefits of coffee for life in all future cafe spaces and websites. The owner is also the decision maker of the “Barista Bank”. The coffee bank’s funds are set aside 15% of the project income for future use in the coffee field. Some potential uses of Barista Bank can support charitable organizations in the coffee field, promote the Crypto Barista project, or some new and innovative gameplay.

The goal of Crypto Baristas is to build a community of like-minded people who appreciate art, caffeine, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The goal of the project is to first open a physical space in New York with art and innovation at the forefront. In addition, the future of the crypto barista will depend on the holders and followers of the project. The Crypto Barista project aims to address three parts that are sometimes lacking in many NFT projects: governance, community, and ownership. The project will be developed through seasonal releases, each season focusing on new efforts in the coffee field, while providing allowances and governance powers to all holders.

Moon Boyz(moonboyz.net)

205nGQ0lBwoJqtDrD7crFP6qwVfeH7Sqn0rrsdYn.pngMoon Boyz living in Ethernet Square collection on the block chain of 11,111 unique role. With a unique 3D design, each NFT has a growing community and a formal membership with great utilities.

This is a very interesting project, using the introduction of its official website: “In 2021, 11111 millionaires who have degenerated into jpeg will encrypt their consciousness into the meta-universe, trying to escape our current A collapsed society. They are working together to achieve a common mission: to conquer different parts of the meta-universe and establish a new lunar order.” Moon Boyz intends to use the picture NFT to correspond to each holder, in order to establish a threshold In the community, 11111 people play a brain-hole game based on NFT.




MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generated Ethereum NFT digital artwork Mekas (a Gundam-like robot), containing hundreds of elements inspired by the Japanese Mecha universe. Each artwork is original, with its own color and style. The purpose of this is to make each Meka unique, so as to encourage players to prioritize quality over quantity.

Since Mekaverse opened its Twitter account in August 2021, its fans have approached the original NFT community myth-Bored Ape Yacht Club before the sale. At the same time, the materialization of Mekas has great potential. The Mekaverse team is passionate about 3D printing and hopes to use advanced materials to turn ideals into reality.


AtvxQzSPOkrCBT2BfObY523TkOSqpMo05X5m33KK.pngNouns, as an NFT project, is managed by the DAO organization. It tries to guide identity, community, governance and funding. The community can use it to create long-term value and project expansion. Nouns will pseudo-randomly generate images, combined with auctions, community governance, and a novel rendering technology. Each NFT is called a Noun (noun), and a Noun is cast every day for unlimited duration. The uniqueness of the Noun project lies in the formation of its own DAO fund library, which collects 100% of the funds from NFT sales. All Nouns are auctioned off, and sales proceeds go to the project vault. NounsDAO has been revised on the basis of the DeFi governance protocol, allowing Noun holders to create proposals for treasury funds and protocol upgrades, and vote on them.

Noun’s rendering is an eye-catching technique. It is an integer generated for each feature, which can call up an image stored in another smart contract named NounsDeor. The image is stored as a byte string in a lossless data compression format called RLE, and finally can be rendered as SVG through contract rendering. When the UI calls the tokenURI, the smart contract will return the SVG derived from these compressed RLE data. tokenURI returns all the data needed to render a high-fidelity image, without calling any objects off the chain. This method has not appeared in any blockchain art projects before, which is very interesting.

Creature World(creature.world)

u38ie5jF0A6sxT1QPg0XhLdzgMZzt6oGwiO9Tkvr.pngDanny Cole, a 21-year-old video artist from New York City, is committed to realizing his imagination through his “Biological World” project.

The project itself is a very mysterious existence in the field of NFT. Its website serves as an interactive space in which creatures guide visitors through virtual journeys. It is not clear whether the character purchased by the individual will eventually enter the virtual world or the overall intention of the project, but this very novel way of development, a “secret” NFT project, has made onlookers very curious.

Adam Bomb Squad(abs.thehundreds.com)

tXMe3xC7QGjbxQoykO9kSCT1J8tIZLxVv7fQRRvF.pngIf you are a fan of street fashion, then the Adam Bomb Squad project would be a very suitable choice. The Adam Bomb Squad project was created by The Millions (a famous streetwear brand launched in 2003). The project hopes to bring identity, community and ownership into the NFT space. “Adam Bomb” is hundreds of world famous signs/characters. The Adam Bomb project aims to record the 18-year history and use of this character. The dream of the project is to go beyond infrastructure and hope to use NFT to solve the ownership problem in promoting the brand.

Claylings (claylings.io)


The Claylings is a highly sought after NFT project and currently ranks No. 5 in overall trend trading volume. The Claylings project hopes to bring clay animation to the blockchain and intends to create 4,040 characters. One of the goals of the project is to produce a short film of Claymation, which will be cast as the actors through the NFT clay characters. If you are the holder of these “starred in” NFTs, you will surely make you feel when the short film is released. Very cool.

Autograph.io (autograph.io)


Autograph.io is more like a market than a project focused on athletes, entertainment, culture, and unique digital experiences. The project was founded by Tom Brady and received a lot of investment. It also has a representative advisory board including Naomi Osaka, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods and others.

Athletes promote Autograph.io’s current focus on NFT, including real signatures from professionals and private Discord channel access. Thanks to the support and support of all relevant personnel, it will be interesting to watch the unfolding of this project.


HLhfvOu3TmvOed0gIB5YWBQJRXTL2fuVXvurubwv.pngDecentraland is a virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain, which builds a virtual world on the chain for users. It is now one of the well-known NFT projects, and it continues to occupy an important position in the meta-universe circuit. When it comes to the corresponding virtual world on the blockchain, most people think of Decentraland.

In the main world of Decentraland, users can visit buildings owned by other players, participate in activities and games located in each building, trigger some special plots (picking up collectibles, etc.), and manipulate themselves through voice or text conversations with other encounter players Avatar to swim freely in this virtual world. Moreover, users can also use their creativity to create their own buildings through the Builder provided by Decentraland, place it in their own world or sell it externally.

It is not always easy to determine what NFT projects are worth paying attention to or what factors are worth investing in. When the author chose these 10 NFT projects, what I collected was not only items with artistic properties, but also focused on the practical value of NFT. When deciding to invest in NFT, please pay attention to find a practical project that can benefit you continuously. For example, Crypto Baristas is a coffee-themed NFT project that provides funding for a coffee shop in New York while providing holders with “caffeine benefits” (such as discounted coffee, free drinks, etc.). VeeFriends is another practical NFT, which is more of a social qualification, a qualification to listen to and participate in meetings of investment circle leaders.

Those blockbuster projects are often not so easy to see their potential in the early stage. Therefore, in addition to building models for evaluation through certain standards, you can pay more attention to the practical value of NFT, so as to help everyone find NFT projects worthy of attention and investment .

Risk Warning: None of the content of this article constitutes any form of investment advice or suggestion. This article does not make any guarantees or promises for the third-party services and products mentioned, and does not assume any responsibility. Digital asset investment has risks. Please carefully evaluate these investment risks and make your own decision after consulting relevant professionals.

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