Xinhua News Agency: Taiwan’s hot ramming of “Metaverse”

At the end of the year in Taiwan, “Metaverse” has become the hottest industry topic: people in the technology industry have expressed their optimism about the prospects and business opportunities of Metaverse; the stocks of listed companies with related concepts continue to rise; Cosmos Express.

With the change of Facebook’s name to Meta, Metaverse has also become the focus of attention from all walks of life in Taiwan. Experts pointed out that the next 10 years will experience the combination of real and virtual worlds. Augmented reality (AR) may replace mobile phones, and virtual reality (VR) may replace computers (PC). For hardware devices to be as popular as mobile phones, weight, volume, and resolution sensors are the development directions of related products, which will surely promote semiconductor innovation to follow progress.

According to Taiwan TrendForce’s analysis, driven by the Metaverse issue, more brand manufacturers will enter the VR and AR markets and drive the rapid growth of global shipments of related devices. Next year, the scale is expected to reach 12.02 million units, an annual increase of 26.4%. .

According to the reporter’s observation, in December, “Metaverse” became a hot word in Taiwanese media. Whether in forums, seminars, or the “tail teeth” of enterprises, “Metaverse” is a technology company. People like this topic.

Shi Zhenrong, founder of the Acer Group, said that Metaverse realizes virtual content through hardware construction. Taiwanese companies can play a key role in the hardware equipment and IC parts required in this process.

Shi Zhenrong pointed out that Metaverse can realize applications in various situations, and that “people-oriented” should be taken as the goal of developing applied technology. He believes that it is necessary to give more space to cultural and creative personnel so that they can show their imagination and create a metaverse with oriental cultural characteristics and a western direction.

Taiwan’s HTC started to deploy the virtual world many years ago. Wang Xuehong, chairman of Hongda Electronics, said that the development of Metaverse is imperative. She invites everyone to join the Metaverse and use positive thinking to contribute to the society and the next generation.

TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin believes that the best technology, manufacturing, and economic and ecological operation are the decisive factors for the future semiconductor industry. Taiwan should be able to drive the global semiconductor industry into a more exciting decade. The invention of integrated circuits for more than 60 years has occupied an indispensable position in human life, making the future full of infinite possibilities.

The theme of Metaverse is also “fever” in the Taiwan stock market, and the stock prices of concept stocks continue to rise. The market is enthusiastic about supply chain business opportunities such as VR and AR hardware equipment and chip factories. Analysis believes that artificial intelligence, foundry, social platforms, games, finance and other elements will all play a key role in the blue ocean of the Metaverse.

The reporter observed a sign that foreign brokerages had already entered the Metaverse-themed investment opportunities ahead of time. Morgan Stanley Securities semiconductor industry analyst Zhan Jiahong believes that electronics supply chain manufacturers are an indispensable and important role in entering the Metaverse.

A listed company legal person stated that under the concept of Metaverse, future games are no longer just entertainment functions, but integrate virtual and real worlds to provide a new form of life, allowing the game industry to go out of the entertainment circle and extend to education and work. And other fields to expand commercial value.

In the development of the Metaverse, it is talents that determine success or failure. Geng Xuan, chief producer of Yahoo TV, an audio-visual platform, believes that content-based talents, technical talents, and integrated talents are urgently needed by Metaverse.

Taiwan’s Shih Hsin University recently built a 470 ping (1 ping is approximately 3.3 square meters) “intelligent filming base”, with a 270-degree ring-screen studio with a zenith. While the actors experience the immersive performance, elements such as the environment’s realistic light source, color, and image reflection can be completed in real time, which greatly shortens the production process and time, and also gives the director and actors a more intuitive and real-time display. Wu Yongqian, president of Shih Hsin University, said that the school will plan 13 related courses from the next semester to promote the improvement of Taiwan’s overall content production capacity.

It is understood that Taiwan Yishou University has also incorporated Metaverse into teaching and equipment. Sun Zhibin, director of the school’s Department of Mathematical and Media, said that E-University has used the Metaverse digital teaching courses to lighten the research results, such as integrating creativity and Metaverse, and turning the ancient myth “Shan Hai Jing” into a VR e-sports game. Cooperate with entertainment company industry and academia to integrate the blockchain game design concept into the Metaverse course module of the Digital Media Department. It is expected that next year will separately recruit outstanding students in key sports, and add “sports dance” and “e-sports” projects to cultivate more Many talents related to the e-sports industry.

People in Taiwan’s science and technology circles believe that the mainland is undoubtedly the blue ocean for the development of the metaverse, and they look forward to the two sides of the strait working together to expand the vast world of the metaverse. At the 7th Chinese Culture Forum Cloud Conference held a few days ago, Metaverse became a hot topic of discussion among cultural scholars on both sides of the strait. Xu Ruowei, chairman of Star International, said that she believes that the film and television industries on both sides of the strait will deepen integration in the Metaverse trend and create a win-win situation.

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