The prologue of the Metaverse has begun, and the battle for talent “grabbing” is underway

Since Arpanet first tried to interconnect computers in 1969, the Internet has undergone 52 years of development, although the Internet did not enter our lives until around 1994. At the moment we are enjoying the dividends brought by the Internet era, and at the same time its development speed is gradually slowing down. The industry seems to be in desperate need of a new opportunity to push the Internet to a higher level. The arrival of the “Metaverse” concept provides a new development path for Internet companies. The social network giant FaceBook changed its name to “Meta” and announced a full exploration of the Metaverse. The concept of “Metaverse” spread all over the world overnight and became a hot topic now.

The prologue of the Metaverse has begun, and the battle for talent "grabbing" is underway

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Bill Gates once said that if I can take away the Microsoft research team, I can recreate another Microsoft. As a cutting-edge technology Metaverse is an opportunity that Internet giants cannot miss, but the market and resources are limited. If they want to occupy a place, competition is inevitable. Among them, talent competition may be the key. Long before Meta’s name was changed, it was announced that it would create 10,000 high-paying jobs within the European Union to help establish Metaverse; after the official name change, it announced that it would provide employment opportunities for millions of creators and developers.

At present, Internet giants have started the competition mode of Metaverse talents “grabbing”.

According to foreign media reports, in the past few months, hundreds of Apple engineers have been poached by Meta. In order to avoid brain drain, Apple has offered high rewards. Engineers can receive up to US$180,000 in stock awards. These bonuses will It is issued in the form of restricted stock, and the vesting time is four years, which also means that once the award is accepted, it will remain in Apple within the last four years. Of course, Apple also poached some talents from Meta, mainly in the fields of VR/AR and smart watches.

The prologue of the Metaverse has begun, and the battle for talent "grabbing" is underway

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The Metaverse industry is still in the initial stage of development. The competition stems from the optimistic view of the Metaverse market, and the talent war is inevitable. Since Metaverse is an important application of Web 3.0 (Next Generation Internet), the technological and economic impact it will bring in the future is enormous.

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