Metaverse, Autonomous Driving and Algorithm Supervision

What can technology bring us?

2021 is also the second year of the post-epidemic era. The epidemic has shaped a new era with a turbulent force. It imprisoned everyone’s pace, but stimulated everyone’s “imagination”. It was once written in elementary school. The imaginary “2020” has a basic outline.

With the help of capital and technology, 2021, the future has come.

Metaverse: the interweaving of romanticism and rational technology

Technology has become a particularly favored field this year, especially the term “Metaverse”, which detonated the enthusiasm of capital. This term full of romantic imagination and rigorous science has become a hot topic this year.

What is the Metaverse?

In fact, there is no officially recognized concept. After all, this “universe” is still in the conceptual stage. We can only clarify the logical concepts and carry out sporadic thinking based on the actual technical conditions. After the development of technology clusters, Metaverse is more like a network, including extended reality (XR), blockchain, cloud computing, digital twins, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

The recognized basic characteristics include immersive experience, virtualized clones, open creation, and strong social attributes.

In fact, the term was first proposed by science fiction writers. In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the metaverse in his novel “Avalanche” as follows: The way of avatar enters the virtual space that is simulated by computer and parallel to the real world.

To put it in a more understandable way, “Metaverse” is almost similar to the “oasis” in “Ready Player One”. It is the “second space” outside of human reality. We use certain equipment to enter this virtual space and carry out production. The series of activities, in short, is a new world of virtual space and real time.

Time and space are the two fundamental material dimensions that measure society. The “Metaverse” that has changed the relationship between time and space has also changed all aspects of society and created a lot of opportunities.

In March, Roblox, a U.S. stock game company called “Metaverse’s first share,” went public, and its market value soared 10 times, approaching $50 billion; in May, Facebook stated that it would transform into a Metaverse company within 5 years; in August, ByteDance has spent huge sums of money to acquire VR startup Pico.

In addition to the major Internet giants, governments of various countries have also actively taken action. On July 13, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan issued the “Survey Report on the Future Possibilities and Issues of the Virtual Space Industry”, which summarized the problems that Japan’s virtual space industry must solve urgently in order to occupy a leading position in the global virtual space industry. ; On August 31, South Korea’s Ministry of Finance released the 2022 budget, planning to spend 20 million US dollars on the development of the Metaverse platform.

How many bubbles are there in the Metaverse?

The crazier the capital, the more rational spectators should be. After all, standing in the context of the “cold” of the overall environment, looking back on capitalism to survive the economic crisis with double axes: technological revolution and aggression. In the story of the conspiracy of technology and capital, the most indispensable are myths and bubbles.

On the one hand, the reality is that the technical conditions and the technical support required by the “Metaverse” are far from each other. Artificial intelligence is still regarded as “artificial mental retardation” most of the time; on the other hand, the revolution of the Metaverse is also challenging the existing ones. Social organizations, political systems, etc. will also face strict policy control.

Autonomous driving: a group of heroes running wild

In the above paragraph, Musk, who raised the banner of Metaverse, encountered an unprecedented crisis in the Chinese market this year. From “car roof rights protection” to various traffic accidents, it was originally known as autonomous driving. The halo of the mythical Tesla’s head is slightly dim.

And domestic autonomous driving ushered in a blowout in 2021. The climax of the topic started with Huawei’s entry. Although Huawei’s car-making was in the ppt stage at the time, as the giants entered the game, technological capital continued to accumulate. “Fireworks” means.

In addition to new players, old players are also developing steadily. For example, on November 25 this year, the “Beijing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Policy Pilot Zone Autonomous Driving Service Commercialization Pilot Management Implementation Rules (Trial)” was released, Baidu and Xiaoma Zhixing became the first batch of enterprises approved to carry out commercialization pilot services. The country’s first commercialization pilot of autonomous driving travel services was implemented in Beijing, marking that domestic autonomous driving has moved from a test demonstration to a commercial pilot, and autonomous driving has officially entered the “second half”.

The entire industry has entered “scale development”, and the infrastructure for autonomous driving into the “fast lane” has been completed. On the one hand, provinces and cities are actively promoting computing centers, 5G, edge computing, vehicle-road collaboration, high-precision geographic data, and unmanned The progress of road testing and commercial practice. On the other hand, all kinds of L2-L4 self-driving vehicles have begun to walk out of the closed road test test field and embark on real urban roads. They are no longer just toys in the laboratory. The actual meaning.

The “autonomous driving” industry under the scale effect has already accumulated energy to develop in the “fast lane”.

Algorithm: the methodology of the machine, the arm of the platform

Scott Rush: In a society where media and code are ubiquitous, power is more and more in algorithms.

If the above technological development is still in the ascendant stage, the algorithm that has become the “infrastructure” of the Internet industry has officially encountered strong supervision this year. In September of this year, the National Cyberspace Administration and other nine departments stated that they would build an algorithm security supervision system to severely crack down on algorithm violations.

In recent years, algorithm-related topics have frequently aroused everyone’s heated discussion. In the food delivery platform, “Takeaway Riders, Stuck in the System” has shown us that in the algorithm that pursues “pragmatism”, the power of the rider’s life and safety has become The part that can be transferred; the information personalized algorithm strategy in the field of information content is also a commonplace talk; the online car-hailing industry, according to a survey by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, more than half of the online car-hailing counts the number of kilometers. There is also the phenomenon of “seeing the dishes on the mobile phone” or killing the familiarity of different mobile phone discounts.

Algorithms have become the best helper for profit-making on the platform, and at the same time have become a visible part of the squeeze of ordinary individuals. Ogburn once put forward the concept of “cultural lag”, which means that governance always lags behind the problem. However, after the problem becomes prominent, legislation and special actions often go hand in hand. While the algorithm helps the platform expand its power, it will definitely be affected. Strict supervision.

In 2021, the technology boom will be one after another. [Tide Business Review] selected three representative keywords to point to the surface, and at the same time represent the three important nodes of the combination of technology and capital. And then to the mature stage of supervision to better adapt to the pace of social development.

At the same time, we also see that behind the continuous efforts of capital on the new technology track is also a signal for the transformation and development of the overall Internet industry. Today’s Internet market needs a new story too much, and long-term technology accumulation will surely open up new prospects.

Technology as a tool has always helped society to develop in a better direction, but as Nicholas Carr said in “The Glass Cage”, when technology becomes an extension of ourselves, we also become an extension of technology. Therefore, especially when capital is creating an outlet for technology, we need to be wary of whose hands this “tool” is in, and what can it bring us?

And business is both the result and the process.

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