Tang Rongxing, co-founder and COO of Liangfengtai: Metaverse thinking and practice

Under the normalization of telecommuting, as a new form of Internet application integrating virtual and real, Metaverse is opening a new digital era.

On April 28, the first keynote report of the “Metaverse and Virtual Reality Interaction Frontier Series Forum”, “Yuanqi: A Vision of the Pre-Metaverse Era”, was launched in the form of an online live broadcast.

This forum was hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Frontier Forum on Metaverse and Virtual-Reality Interaction, and co-organized by the Metaverse and Virtual-Reality Interaction Joint Innovation Center. The activity was supported by the National Intelligent Evaluation and Governance Experimental Base of Fudan University, the School of Information Management of Nanjing University, the Big Data Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, the Green Building and New Energy Research Center of Tongji University, Shibei High-tech, Shanghai Library, and the multimedia industry in Shanghai. Supported by the Association and the Guangdong Virtual Reality Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Association.

Tang Rongxing, co-founder and COO of the AR platform company Liangfengtai, was invited to participate and share a report with the theme of “Metaverse Thinking and Practice”. At the same time, participating in the report sharing was Zhao Zhao, deputy director of the National Intelligence Evaluation and Experiment Base, a professor at Fudan University. Star, Unreal Engine China Education Manager Chu Da and Huawei Shanghai Representative Office Industrial Ecology Director Zhang Zhongyang.

Metaverse is the next-generation productivity tool, driving industrial change

Zuckerberg believes: “It will take 10-15 years for the fruit of the Metaverse concept to land!” It is undeniable that, as the next-generation Internet, the Metaverse is a world where everything is interconnected and ubiquitous computing. In a symbiotic world, it will change the ultimate form of industry, public safety, and entertainment, improve people’s production, communication, and collaboration efficiency, and drive productivity improvement and industrial transformation.

The Metaverse is first and foremost a productivity tool, and industries can currently be described and constructed from three directions: consumer-level Metaverse, industrial-level Metaverse, and city-level Metaverse. – Tang Rongxing

At the meeting, Tang Rongxing went from Journey to the West and Zhuangzi’s traditional Chinese cultural imagination to the description of the “spiritual realm” with Chinese cultural characteristics by Qian Xuesen, a scientist with two bombs and one star, to the information technology imagination of Internet pioneers such as Jobs and Kevin Kelly. “Earlier prophets inspired early information technology and the more recent Internet; when we take a serious look at the development and evolution of the Internet, we can see the future better.”

Talking about the value of the Metaverse, Tang Rongxing believes: “The value of the Metaverse is not to let us get away from reality and indulge in the virtual world. The Metaverse needs to serve the real economy, the manufacturing industry, and the digital transformation of various traditional industries . Therefore , We need to promote the industrial Metaverse and provide better digital support for the real world by building a virtual space that is completely connected to the real world.” With the empowerment of new infrastructure, the next decade will be accelerated by the digital transformation of society In ten years, all industries are worth doing all over again.

Tang Rongxing, co-founder and COO of Liangfengtai: Metaverse thinking and practice

For example, the industrial Metaverse can connect visible people, equipment, production lines, and environments withinvisible “data, models, knowledge, and wisdom”, complete the closed loop of “perception-cognition-decision-execution”, and realize “seeing the invisible.” , to understand and understand, to make it impossible.”

Tang Rongxing, co-founder and COO of Liangfengtai: Metaverse thinking and practice

Whether it is a consumer-level, industrial-level or city-level Metaverse, the current Metaverse is not out of reach. AR/VR technology brings us an immersive experience, and AR interaction allows us to realize the symbiosis of virtual and reality in the Metaverse, and thousands of industries gradually Towards digital, intelligent and holographic.

Cultivate “New Metaverse Thinking”, Embrace Opportunities and Challenges

During the European Renaissance, the place where people met in different fields was called the “collision point of different fields”, and the amazing innovation that broke out from the collision of different fields was called the Medici Effect. The “Medici Effect” shows that when many different cultures, knowledge, and technologies are crossed and integrated in one place, it is easy to detonate breakthrough development. So is the Metaverse. The Metaverse is the integrated development and innovative breakthrough of various basic technologies. When it is combined with various scenarios and the industrial value is increasing, it will be inevitable to detonate a miracle.

Every generation of the Internet will have a new terminal, and everyone is looking forward to the emergence of the “iPhone” in the Metaverse era. The hardware terminal of the XR industry will bring about the upgrade of the electronics industry, and the value of the industry chain is of great significance; after the terminal is ready, all scenarios will be upgraded, and the explosion of the content industry will naturally occur. This will be an upgrade of technical standards, platforms and economic systems.

At the meeting, Tang Rongxing said: “There used to be a hot word called “Internet thinking”. In fact, in the face of the arrival of each generation of Internet, we need to grasp the essential changes to transform our cognition and realize the change of thinking mode, just like “Metaverse”. Thinking “needs to think about changes in technology, economy, community, industry, humanities, etc., and actively embrace changes, in order to innovate and grow.” He believes that the industry should embrace the coming huge digital economy incremental market with a new mindset.

Tang Rongxing, co-founder and COO of Liangfengtai: Metaverse thinking and practice

From the outlet to the landing, we are standing at the starting point of the next-generation Internet, which is a risky road full of opportunities. Standing on an unprecedented stage, we will surely be able to create the future together.

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